Harvard Physics Student Awards

Gertrude and Maurice Goldhaber Prize

This prize is awarded annually to the outstanding theoretical and experimental graduate students who have passed their qualifying oral examinations in the preceding year.

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David J. Robbins Prize

From the income of a fund established in 1956 by Dr. and Mrs. Milton E. Robbins in memory of their son, David J. Robbins, A.B. 1955, two equal prizes will be awarded annually to two needy students, preferably graduates of Harvard College, who are students in physics in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The purpose of the prize is to provide the recipients with the means for some of the cultural activities and recreation that enriched David J. Robbins' short life. The prizes are awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Physics and may be used to supplement other awards.

Jack T. Sanderson Memorial Prize in Physics

From the gift of family, friends, and colleagues in memory of Jack T. Sanderson '58, A.M. '67, an annual prize is awarded to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average in Physics.

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White Teaching Prize

The White Prize is awarded by the Physics Department for excellence in teaching introductory courses.

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Merit Scholarship

The Harvard Merit/Term Time Research Awards are available to outstanding GSAS students in all fields, including GSAS departments in the natural sciences. These fellowships are normally to be held in the fourth or fifth year, or earlier, and are for the purpose of allowing the students to devote a greater portion of their time to research, fieldwork, and writing than would otherwise be possible if they have a heavy teaching load or other employment. Students must have passed Generals and have an approved dissertation prospectus at the time of nomination, or be scheduled to have approval by the time the award begins (the award otherwise will be forfeited if approval does not materialize).

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Gertrude and Maurice Goldhaber Prize

2017 Shannon Harvey, Shiang Fang None
2016 Michael Coughlin, Christopher Frye None
2015 Dennis Huang, Siyuan Sun, Bo Liu, Shu-Heng Shao None
2014 Florian Huber, Ilya Feige None
2013 Norman Yao, Nicholas Schade None
2012 Ashwin Rastogi, Benjamin Spaun None
2011 Susanne Pielawa, Vivek Venkatachalam None
2010 Michael Kagan, Tracy Slatyer None
2009 Dionysios Anninos, Maxim Metlitski, Adam Pivonka Paul Martin
2008 Ben Smith, Kirill Korolev, Alexey Gorshkov None
2007 Jacob Krich, Yiming Zhang None
2006 Naomi Ginsberg, Natalia Toro Michael Tinkham
2005 Lillian Childress, Jess Thaler None
2004 Can Kili, Andrew Speck Sheldon Glashow
2003 Daniel Podolsky, Liang Yang Henry Ehrenreich
2002 Jiri Vanicek, Nathaniel Bowden Costas Papaliolios
2001 Brian D’Urso, Alexander Maloney William Paul
2000 Carter Hall, Marcus Spradlin Richard Wilson
1999 David Lubensky, Alexey Ershov Gerald Holton
1998 None  
1997 Rosalba Perna, Paul Callan Karl Strauch
1996 Shilpa Jain, Carol Livermore Nicolaas Bloembergen
1995 Daniel Eisenstein, Mark Eriksson Norman Ramsey
1994 Vladimir Sadov, Charles Black Kenneth Bainbridge, Edward Purcell

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Sanderson Award

2017: Henry Lin
2016: Olivier Simon
2015: John Sturm
2013: Wien, Jason
2012: Szasz, Aaron
2011: Frankel, Zachary
2010: Hsieh, Timothy
2009: Cong, Lin
2008: Grosvenor,Kevin
2007: Byrnes,Steven
2006: Blazek, Jonathan
2005: Weil, Kevin
2004: Gorshkov, Alexey
2003: Labaziewicz, Jaroslaw

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White Prize

Spring 2017
Anderegg, Loic
Bauch, Erik
Chan, Stephen
Chen, Mingyue
Coughlin, Michael
Frost, William
He, Temple
Huang, Dennis
Langellier, Nicholas
Lovchinsky, Igor
Memet, Edvin
Milbourne, Timothy
Miller, Olivia
Nande, Anjalika
Plumb-Reyes, Thomas
Shi, Yichen (Lily)
Turner, Matthew

Spring 2015 & 2016
Bauch, Erik
Drayna, Garrett Korda
Feige, Ilya Eric Alexander
Frost, William Thomas
Harvey, Shannon Pasca
Huang, Dennis
Kivlichan, Ian David
Klales, Anna M.
Lee, Jae Hyeon
Munoz, Philip
Nguyen, Mai Thi
Pittman, Suzanne
Phelps, Gregory Alan
Phillips, Katherine
Russell, Jonathan
Saklayen, Nabiha
Shi, Yichen

Spring 2014
Santiago, Marina
Bracher, David Olmstead
Spearman, William R
Fang, Shiang
Goodknight, Joseph Sean Cahill
Callaghan, Kristina Marie
Phelps, Gregory Alan
Fang, Jieping
Langellier, Nicholas Ryan
DiPetrillo, Karri Folan
Popa, Cristina
Mitra, Prahar
Wang, Tout
Miller, Kelly
Klales, Anna
Loschak, Paul

Spring 2013 (2012 academic year)
Barr, Matthew (PS 3)
Dimiduk, Thomas (Phys 15c)
Fung, Jerome (Phys 15b, 15c)
Kestin, Greg (SPU 27)
Mashian, Natalie (PS 2)
Murdaugh, Kimberly (SPU 27)
Nicolaisen, Lauren (SPU 26)
Nowojewski, Andrzej (SPU 27)
Patton, Matthew (PS 2, 3)
Russell, Emily (Phys 15b)
Sher, Meng-Ju (Renee) (Phys 15b)

Spring 2012 (2011 academic year)
Bruneaux, Luke (SPU 26)
Chew, Justin (PS 2)
Farhi, David (Phys 16)
Gotlieb, Kenneth (PS 3)
Kahawala, Dilani (PS 3)
Petersen, Sierra (SPU 26)
Setiawan, Widagdo (PS3)
Shuve, Brian (PS 2)
Tsoncheva, Evelina (Phys 11a)
Vlassarev, Dimitar (PS 3)
Wintz, Daniel (PS 2)
Xu, George (PS 2)

Spring 2011 (2010 academic year)
Aubrecht, Donald (SPU 27)
Bruneaux, Luke (SPU 20)
Churchill, Hugh (SPU 13)
Fogwell, Shannon (PS 3)
Gardel, Emily (SPU 27)
Hou, Jennifer (SPU 27)
Kestin, Gregory (Phys 16)
Pivonka, Adam (Phys 15b)
Visbal, Elijah (Phys 15b)
Wissner-Gross, Zachary (Phys 15a)
Young, Adrian (SPU 20)

Spring 2010 (2009 academic year)
Benjamin, David (Georgi, Phys 16)
Bittner, Jonathan (Feldman, SA 39)
Chung, Hyeyoun (Gabrielse, SPU 15)
Dowd, Jason (da Costa, Greiner, Phys 11a)
Foletti, Sandra (Franklin, SPU 20)
Hill, Alison (Manoharan, McCarty, PS 2)
McGorty, Ryan (Morii, Phys 15c)
Millman, Eleanor (Franklin, SPU 20)
Peng, Amy (Morin, Phys 15c)
Peterson, Courtney (Morin, Phys 15a)
Sanders, Jacob (Huth, PS 3)
Shuve, Brian (Morii, Phys 15b)
Zou, Sirui (Huth, PS 3)

Spring 2009 (2008 academic year)
Benjamin, David (Manoharan/McCarty, PS2)
Connolly, Colin (Guimaraes da Costa/Silvera, 11a)
French, Timothy (Manoharan/McCarty, PS2)
Gillen, Jonathon (Manoharan/McCarty, PS2)
Jeanty, Laura (Morin/Samuel, 15a)
Jensen, Katharine (Heller, SA49)
Klein, Mason (Hoffman, 15c)
Lau, Billy (Franklin/Morii/Samuel/Whitesides, PS3)
Lee, Corry (Manoharan/McCarty, PS2)
McCord, Rachel (Manoharan/McCarty, PS2)
Qi, Yang (Franklin/Morii/Samuel/Whitesides, PS3)
Sorenson, Nils (Guimaraes da Costa/Silvera, 11a)

Spring 2008 (2007 academic year)
Dibos, Alan (Franklin, Stone, PS2)
Hoogerheide, David (Morii, Whitesides, Samuel, PS3)
Kagan, Michael (Morii, Hoffman, 15b)
Kats, Yevgeny (Georgi, 16)
Klein, Mason (Morii, Whitesides, Samuel, PS3)
Lau, Billy (Franklin, Stone, PS2)
Lee, Corry (Franklin, Stone, PS2)
Main, Elizabeth (Greiner, 15c)
Pahk, Joon (Morii, Whitesides, Samuel, PS3)
Pinnaduwage, Dilini (Greiner, Hayes, 15c)
Winkler, Mark (Georgi, Hayes, 15c)

Spring 2007 (2006 academic year)
Cheung, Clifford (Mazur, 1b)
Goldman, Joshua (Gabrielse, SA-45)
Hatch, Kristi (Morii, 11b)
Kats, Yevgeny (Greiner, 15b)
Kolthammer, William Steve (Gabrielse, SA-45)
Krich, Jacob (Heller, SA-49)
Pashin, Andrii (Hayes, 15c lab)
Pepper, Rachel (Gabrielse, SA-45)
Peterson, Courtney (Morin, 15a)
Real, Esteban (Morin, 15a)
Seo, Jihye (Morii, 11b)
Wissner-Gross, Alexander (Morin, 15a)

Spring 2006 (2005 academic year)
Copete, Antonio
Ernebjerg, Morten
Goldman, Joshua
Grant, Lars
Guise, Nicholas
Larson, Daniel
Pashin, Andrii
Rousseau, Suzanne
Seo, Jihye
Svacha, Geoffry
Vitelli, Vincenzo

Spring 2005 (2004 academic year)
Bowles, Anita
Dolivet, Yacine
Gero, Peter
Guise, Nicholas
Hailu, Girma
Mahbubani, Rakhi
Mathey, Ludwig
Saraikine, Kirill
Sherman, Daniel
Subin, Zachary
Tao, Winston

Spring 2004 (2003 academic year)
Bowles, Anita
Cyrier, Michelle
Doret, Stephen Charles
Gero, Jonathan
Glenday, Alexander
Liu, Jiayu
Pastras, Georgios
Real, Esteban
Rousseau, Suzanne
Serej, Shaun
Thambyahpillai, Shiyamala
Tsai, Leo

Spring 2003 (2002 academic year)
Hanneke, David
Robinson, Mike
Marsan, Joe
Kilic, Can
Jones, Greg
Sherman, Daniel
Mahbubani, Rakhi
Gershow, Marc
Gardel, Margaret
Carey, Jim
Cyrier, Michelle

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Merit Scholarship

2016: Shubhayu Chatterjee and Monica Pate
2015: Ruffin Evans and Tomo Lazovich
2014: Jerison, Elizabeth, and Chowdhury, Debanjan
2013: Novitski, Elise
2012: Chang, Chi-Ming, and Maurer, Peter
2011: Schlafly, Eddie, and Cordova, Clay

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