Committee on Higher Degree Petitions

In place of demonstrating proficiency by satisfactory course performance, a student may demonstrate proficiency by submitting evidence of satisfactory work in appropriate courses taken at other institutions, or by other means deemed satisfactory by the Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD). Students wishing to utilize this option should submit a petition to the Committee on Higher Degrees before the end of their first year of Harvard graduate school. The general requirements outlined under Course Requirements are a minimum standard and students will usually take additional courses in their selected fields and in other fields. A student need not fulfill these requirements before beginning research.

As a result of an exchange agreement between the universities, graduate students in physics at Harvard may also enroll in lecture courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The procedure is outlined at this link. Courses taken at MIT will be listed on Harvard transcripts along with the grade received.

Most MIT courses are automatically accepted for credit by the Harvard Physics Department.


Include general description of the equivalent course including the text used, instructor and syllabus.

 Online Form for Submitting CHD Course Petitions