Physics TF Guide

This is a small collection of tips and information which will help make your teaching in physics enjoyable and effective for both you and your students. If you are starting your first semester of teaching, you will automatically get a paper copy.

  • The Physics TF Handbook (PDF), written by David Morin, Assistant Head Tutor and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, who over the course of many years of teaching has accrued a great deal of knowledge on the subject. This guide contains lots of helpful advice on how to TF in physics department and how to organize your teaching so that it become a source of enjoyment rather than stress.
  • Section planning tipsheet (PDF): This Bok Center tipsheet has brief & down-to-earth advice on how to put together a good science lesson, including ideas for how to get people to talk more in section. It also includes a worksheet to help you struture your section planning.
  • First day of class tip sheet (PDF): The first day is important in many ways. Here are a few hints on how to get well through your first hour "on stage".
  • A set of sample section notes (PDF): These are meant to be just one example of how to structure a section. They are overly explicit and quite long, since they attempt to include a lot of elements (analogies, lists, examples, etc.) that can be useful in section. Don't be intimidated by their length: your actual section notes will probably be a lot shorter. These notes are certainly not a template you have to copy: you might have your own - and very different - style and approach.

There is more information related to TFing on our Resources page. In addition, the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning has a lot of materials on all aspects of teaching, from helping you improve your English for teaching to dealing with difficult students.