Other Resources & Information for Teaching Fellows

A useful compact collection of teaching tips specifically for physics, as well as a set of example section notes, can be found in our online Physics TF guide. Below are further resources and information that you can draw on:

  • The Bok Center for Teaching and Learning:
    The website has information about all the services and resources offered by the Center, as well a series of tip-sheets for various kinds of teaching situations. The Center can also help you put together a teaching portfolio for job applications. In the physical world, the Bok Center is located on the third floor of the Science Center. 
  • A selection of online section evaluation forms for early evaluation is available on the Bok Center homepage. Early evaluation is an excellent way to improve your teaching skills quickly. It is a good idea to go over the results of the evaluation with someone who can give you objective feedback. The teaching consultants will be happy to help (see the People page).
  • Presidential Instructional Technology Fellows (PITF) program
    PITF recruits and trains undergraduate and graduate fellows in conjunction with Harvard's Schools to work with faculty  to develop digital course materials with immediate educational benefits. 
  • GSAS Resources for Teaching Fellows
    This is the offical GSAS information. It is extensive (albeit less-physics specific) and covers all aspects of teaching, whom to contact, etc. It also includes the offical Code of Conduct for all TFs.