FAQs for Concentrators

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  1. When are Howard Georgi's and David Morin's office hours?
  2. How do I sign up to be a Physics or Chem/Phys concentrator?
  3. Who are my fellow concentrators?
  4. How does the Physics Dept advising system work?
  5. Who signs my study card?
  6. How is the level of honors calculated for graduating seniors?
  7. Can I take Astro 191r instead of Physics 191r?
  8. Do cross-listed courses count for concentration credit?
  9. How can I tell if a course counts for concentration credit?


  11. Which fields offer secondaries?
  12. How does a secondary field affect my honors calculation?
  13. How do I remove the "1C" label from a course?

  14. MASTER'S:

  15. How do I declare Advanced Standing?
  16. How does the AB/AM program work?
  17. How do I bracket a course?


  19. How do I find a lab to work in?
  20. How do I sign up for Phys 90r or 91r?
  21. Can I get paid for doing research during the academic year?
  22. How do apply for summer research jobs?
  23. How do I go about writing a thesis?


  25. How can I study for the Physics GRE?
  26. What fellowships are available for grad school?
  27. Do graduate schools want me to have research experience?
  28. Whom should I ask to write my rec letters?
  29. How many schools should I apply to? Where should I apply?
  30. Do I have to know exactly what subfield I want to pursue?
  31. What should I write about in my "personal statement"?
  32. What do grad schools base their admissions on?
  33. Which is more important, the overall quality of a school, or the specific professor you end up working for?
  34. How important is it to visit schools that I'm admitted to?
  35. Can I take year off before grad school?

  36. JOBS:

  37. Are there grading positions available for undergrads?
  38. Are there TA positions available for undergrads?
  39. How do I get paid?


  41. How does study abroad work?
  42. How do I go about obtaining letters of recommendation?
  43. How do I sign up for the Society of Physics Students mailing list?
  44. How do I cross register at MIT?
  45. Where can I get a Physics Dept bumper sticker?

We hope that you find these FAQs helpful. But if you would like some more personal advice, don't hesitate to email us or stop by our office hours:
(Head Tutor) Howard Georgi: email, office hours
(Assistant Head Tutor) David Morin: email, office hours

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