Undergraduate Physics and ChemPhys Advising

This page contains useful advising links for the Physics and Chem/Phys concentrations. All of the information here is relevant to both students and faculty. The format and goal of the Physics and Chem/Phys advising system is described here.

Links to Advising Resources:

Undergraduate Advising Network Portal (Harvard Key required, extremely useful!)
Information for potential concentrators 
Discussion topics for advisor/advisee meetings
Frequently asked questions
Sample programs
Physics and Chemistry and Physics concentration requirements
The Advising Programs Office webpages contains many useful links on the left-hand side of the page, including:

Other links:

Registrar home page
Undergraduate student photo directory (pin requred)
Campus map
Searchable course catalog (all Harvard Schools)
Information about math courses (and concentrations)
Higher Degrees in Physics
Freshman Dean's Office
Cross registration

The most important of the above links is the first one, the Advising Network Portal. Advisors will find a list of all of their advisees, complete with pictures, contact info, academic record, a list of the students' various other advisors, and many other features and helpful bits of information. Students will find much of the same information.