Colloquium Archive: Fall 1982 - Spring 2000

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Date Lecturer Title  
01-May-00 Daniel Fisher, Harvard A Statistical Physicist's Look at Earthquakes  
24-Apr-00 Gerard 't Hooft, Utrecht University The Glorious Days of Gauge Theory  
17-Apr-00 Ashoke Sen, Mehta Research Institute Duality and Supersymmetry  
10-Apr-00 Lisa Randall, Princeton The Shape of Gravity with Extra Dimensions  
3-Apr-00 Bertram Batlogg, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies Cuprate Superconductors: Physics beyond High Tc  
20-Mar-00 Tony Tyson, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies Tomographic Imaging of dark Matter: New Tests of Cosmology  
13-Mar-00 Stuart Freedman, UC Berkeley Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem on the Ground  
28-Feb-00 Gerald Garielse, Harvard Observation of a Quantum Cyclotron with One Electron  
14-Feb-00 Sidney Nagel, University of Chicago Physics at the Breakfast Table  
07-Feb-00 William Nellis, Lawrence Livermore National Labs Minimum Metallic Conductivity of Fluid Hydrogen and other Molecular Fluids at Megabar Pressure  
20-Dec-99 Donald Eigler, IBM Almaden Res. Ctr., San Jose, CA. Quantum Mirages: The Projection of Electronic Structure to Remote Locations  
13-Dec-99 Evan Evans, U. British Columbia Unexpected Complexity of Ligand-Receptor Bonds in Biology  
06-Dec-99 Seth Fraden, Brandeis University Engineering Entropy: Phase Behavior of Virus Suspensions  
22-Nov-99 Emily Carter, UCLA From Inter Facial Chemistry to Mesoscopic Physics: New Directions in Condensed Matter Theory  
15-Nov-99 John Bachall, IAS Where Do We Stand With Solar Neutrinos  
08-Nov-99 Mark Kasevich, Yale Macroscopic Quanatum Interference Experiments with Bose-Einstein Condensed Atoms  
01-Nov-99 Les Rosenberg, MIT The Search for Dark Matter Axions  
25-Oct-99 Saul Perlmutter, UC Berkeley Supernovae, Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe  
18-Oct-99 Sebastian Balibar, l'Ecole Normale Superieure Crystal Surfaces: From Facets to Crystallization Waves  
04-Oct-99 Stanislas Leibler, Harvard TITLE NOT AVAILABLE  


Date Lecturer Title  
10-May-99 Mark Bowick, Visiting Professor, Harvard Cosmology in the Laboratory: The Formation of Topological Defects  
03-May-99 David Mermin, Cornell Nonlocality and the Absurd  
26-Apr-99 AJ (Jim) Hudspeth Physical principles of transduction, tuning, and transmission by hair cells of the inner ear  
19-Apr-99 Eli Zeldov, Weizmann Insitute How does the vortex lattice melt? Study of vortex matter phase transitions in high temperature super conductors  
12-Apr-99 Hans Specht and Gunter Dosch, Heidelberg Musical Harmony: Physics, Physiology and Psychology [Loeb Colloquium]  
05-Apr-99 Paul Horowitz, Harvard Optical SETI  
22-Mar-99 Kip Thorne , Cal Tech. Gravitational Waves and Black Holes: A Personal View  
15-Mar-99 David Moncton, Argonne Beginning the Second Century of X-Ray Research  
08-Mar-99 Peter Galison, Harvard Einstein's Clocks: Fundamental Theory and Lowly Technology  
01-Mar-99 Albert Libchaber DNA Mode D'Emploi: Reading , Editing, and Translating [Loeb Colloquium]  
22-Feb-99 Lene Hau, Rowland Bose-Einstein Condensation and Light Speeds of 38 miles/hour [also available on DVD]  
15-Feb-99 John Doyle, Harvard Magnetic Trapping of Atoms and Molecules  
08-Feb-99 Juan Madacena, Harvard QCD, Strings and Black Holes: The large N limit of Field Theories and Gravity  
04-Jan-99 Nima Arkani Hamed, SLAC. New Sub-Millimeter Dimensions and Quantum Gravity Around the Corner  
14-Dec-98 Eric Ippen, M.I.T. Femtosecond Optics  
07-Dec-98 C. Bertozzi, UC Berkeley Chemical Modulation of Cell Surface Interactions  
30-Nov-98 David DiVincenzo, IBM What is needed to build a Quantum Computer?  
23-Nov-98 M. Velasco, CERN Use Crystals to solve the nucleon's 'Spin Crisis' TODAY, and look for Physics beyond the standard model TOMORROW," M. Velasco, CERN.  
16-Nov-98 Robert Angel, University of Arizona Searching for Spectroscopic Signs of Primitive Life on Extra-Solar Planets: A Realistic Goal for NASA [Loeb Colloquium]  
09-Nov-98 J. Joannopulos, M.I.T. The Almost Magical World of Photonic Crystals  
02-Nov-98 W. Bialek, NEC. From Photons to Perception  
26-Oct-98 Leo Kouwenhoven, Delft, Netherlands Single Electron Transport through Quantum Dots  
19-Oct-98 E. Gwinn, UC Santa Barbara Surprises in 2D Electrical Transport  
05-Oct-98 D. DeRosier, Brandeis University The Structure of Molecular Motors  
28-Sep-98 Ed Kearns, Boston University Evidence for Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillation from the Super-Kamiokande Experiment  
21-Sep-98 L. Susskind, Stanford The Holographic Principle: A New Paradigm for the Foundations of Physics [Loeb Colloquium]  

1997/1998: no information available

Spring 1997: no information available

Fall 1996

Date Lecturer Title  
16-Dec-96 Harald Fritzsch, Werner-Heisenberg-Institute, University of Munich The Problem of Mass in Physics  
09-Dec-96 Ruth Sime, Sacramento City College Lise Meitner and the Discovery of Nuclear Fission  
02-Dec-96 Cumrun Vafa, Harvard New Developments in String Theory  
25-Nov-96 Konstantin K. Likharev, SUNY Stony Brook Ultrafast Computing using Flux Quantization in Superconductors  
18-Nov-96 Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT Study of a Bose-Einstein Condensate- Kick it, Shake it, Drop it, Cut it  
04-Nov-96 Humphrey Maris, Brown University Nucleation of Bubbles in Quantum Liquids  
28-Oct-96 Paul Chaikin, Princeton Hard Spheres in Space: Colloidal Crystals in Microgravity [Loeb Colloquium]  
21-Oct-96 The Hon. Vernon J. Ehlers, Member, United States Congress (R-Michigan) A Physicist in Congress: A Clash of Two Cultures [Loeb Lecture]  
7-Oct-96 Eric Norman, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory On the Road to the Solution of the Solar Neutrino Problem  
30-Sep-96 Yuri Kagan, Kurchatov Institute Formation of a Bose-Einstein Condensate and Macroscopic Quantum Properties [Loeb Colloquium]  
23-Sep-96 Dale van Harlingen, Urbana Symmetry of the Superconducting Pairing State: Direct Experimental Evidence for d-Wave Pairing in High T c Superconductors  

1995/1996: no information available


Date Lecturer Title  
01-May-95 Hans Chang The Agendas of the Physics Communities in Western Europe  
24-Apr-95 A. Muller, UC Berkeley Ice Ages and the Earth's Orbit: Most Theories are Wrong  
17-Apr-95 R. Hallock, U Mass, Amherst. Helium on cesium: Novel Wetting Behavior  
10-Apr-95 Linn Mollenauer, ATT Bell Laboratories Long Distance Transmission for the Information Age: Solitons in Optical Fibers [Loeb Colloquium]  
03-Apr-95 R. Shankar, Yale Renormalization Group for Fermions: An Intro  
20-Mar-95 Robert Grace, Grace, Shurson, Moore, and Associates Putting out Oil Fires in Kuwait  
13-Mar-95 David Bishop, ATT Bell Laboratories Magnetic Vortices in Type II Superconductors- Why all the fuss?  
06-Mar-95 Bohdan Paczynsk, Princeton Gamma Ray Bursts: Facts and Speculation [Loeb Colloquium]  
27-Feb-95 Gordon Baym, University of Illinois Neutron Stars: Observing the Properties of Matter at High Density  
06-Feb-95 Bernard Sadoulet, Center for Particle Astrophysics, UC Berkeley. Search for Dark Matter  
30-Jan-95 Eric Carlson, Harvard Astrophysical Limits on Light Pseudoscalors  
09-Jan-95 George Benedek,, M.I.T. The Physics of Self-Assembling Helical Ribbons and the Problems of Cholesterol Crystallization  
12-Dec-94 Heidi Hammel, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. The Great Comet-Jupiter Debate  
05-Dec-94 Herman Feshbach, M.I.T. Emeritus; Victor E. Weisskopf, Inst. Prof/Phys. Emeritus, Roy Glauber Mallinckrodt Prof/Phys, Paul Martin, Harvard Remembering Julian Schwinger (1918-1994), A Symposium  
28-Nov-94 Andrew Zangwill, Georgia Institute of Technology Atoms with Attitude: Epitaxial Growth for Physicists  
21-Nov-94 Alvaro de Rujula, Boston University and Theoretical Study Division CERN, Geneva Brown Dwarfs and Other Microcleansing Candidates  
14-Nov-94 Karl Berkelman, Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell University The Future of CP Violation  
07-Nov-94 Alex Pines, UC Berkeley Some Magnetic Moments [Loeb Colloquium]  
31-Oct-94 Oct 31, 1994: "Hot electrons, cold electrons, and cryogenic elementary particle detectors," Michael Nahum, Harvard University. Hot electrons, cold electrons, and cryogenic elementary particle detectors  
17-Oct-94 Robert P. Kirshner, Harvard University Center for Astrophysics Taking the Measure of the Universe  
03-Oct-94 Arthur Chu, Harvard Let there be Dark: Laser Manipulation of Three Level Atoms  
26-Sep-94 Seth Putterman, UCLA Nature's Most Nonlinear Oscillator: Synchronous Picosecond Sonoluminescence  

1993/1994: no information available


Date Lecturer Title  
26-Apr-93 Steven Weinberg, University of Texas Effective Field Theories [Loeb Colloquium]  
19-Apr-93 Stanislas Leibler, Princeton Membranes, Molecular Motors, Microtubules, Mitosis: Mytacism or More? [Loeb Colloquium]  
12-Apr-93 Frank Sciulli, Columbia University, Nevis Laboratories. Colliding Electrons and Protons with Hera and Zeus  
05-Apr-93 Douglas Gough, University of Cambridge Helioseismology: Measuring the Inside of the Sun [Loeb Colloquium]  
22-Mar-93 Allen L. Sessoms, Deputy Chief of Mission American Embassy, Mexico. The Reflections of a Physicist on Foreign Policy  
15-Mar-93 Krishna Kumar, Harvard Precision Parity- Violating Neutral Current Experiments  
08-Mar-93 Efthimios Kaxiras, Harvard The World of Clusters: A Scientist's Legoland  
01-Mar-93 Jacqueline N. Hewitt, MIT Gravitational Lenses, Time Delays and Hubble's Constant  
22-Feb-93 James Anderson, Harvard Free Radicals, Solid State Lasers and Ozone Catalysis  
08-Feb-93 Bernard Gottschalk, Harvard University Cyclotron Lab Clinical Use of Medium Energy Protons at the Harvard Cyclotron Lab  
11-Jan-93 Roger Koch, IBM Vortex-Glass Superconductivity  
14-Dec-92 Pierre Meystre, University of Arizona Cavity Quantum Optics  
07-Dec-92 Emilio Picasso, La Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa The Gyromagnetic Ratio of the Muon  
30-Nov-92 Barbara J. Grosz, Harvard Nearly Singleton Sets: Women in Science  
23-Nov-92 Frank Wilczek, Institute for Advanced Study, School of Natural Sciences Peeking Inside the Event Horizon; Quantum Hair and Moving Mirrors  
16-Nov-92 Bertrand Halperin, Harvard The Quantum Hall Effect - Quantized and Unquantized  
09-Nov-92 Boris Yerozolimsky, Harvard Free Neutron Beta-Decay  
02-Nov-92 Gerson Goldhaber Lawrence, UC Berkeley. The Study of Supernovaae and the Quest for Omega  
26-Oct-92 David Farrell, Case Western Reserve University Flux Lattice Melting in High Tc Superconductors  
19-Oct-92 Peter Goldreich, California Institute of Technology TITLE NOT AVAILABLE  
05-Oct-92 Mar A. Kastner, MIT The Single-Electron Transistor and other Arificial Atoms  
28-Sep-92 Eric Heller, University of Washington. Post Modern Quantum Mechanics: Chaos and the Holy Grail  


Date Lecturer Title  
04-May-92 David Nelson, Harvard Boson Localization, Supersolids and Correlated Pinning in High Temperature Superconductors  
27-Apr-92 Barry Barish, California Institute of Technology Particle Astrophysics; An Underground Perspective  
20-Apr-92 Sau Lan Wu, University of Wisconsin Challenging the Standard Model with 2 Million Z o Decays at LEP  
13-Apr-92 Per Bak, Brookhaven National Laboratory Catastrophes and Self-Organized Criticality  
06-Apr-92 Cecilia Jarlskog, University of Stockholm On Neutrinos  
30-Mar-92 Pierre-Gilles deGennes, ESPCI, Collège de France Physics of Soft Interfaces [Loeb Colloquium]  
16-Mar-92 David A. Kay, The Uranium Institute Iraq and Beyond: Challenges in Controlling Nulear Proliferation  
02-Mar-92 Alain Aspect, Institut d'Optique Théorique et Appliquée Experimental Tests of Quantum Mechanics with Bell's Inequalities [Loeb Colloquium]  
24-Feb-92 Yakir Aharonov, BU,, University of South Carolina , Tel Aviv University A New Formulation of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Time Machines  
10-Feb-92 Leonard Mandel, University of Rochester Violations of Locality and Classical Probability in Optical Interference  
03-Feb-92 Charles Knobler, UCLA Phase Transitions and Defects in Langmuir Monolayers: Star Defects and Chiral Symmetry Breaking  
06-Jan-92 Jonathan Dorfan, Stanford University Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Understanding the Origin of CP Violation: A Proposed B Factory  
16-Dec-91 Victor F. Weisskopf, M.I.T. Mountain Heights, Water Waves, and Leaky Roofs  
09-Dec-91 Yakov Sinai, Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics, Academy of Science, USSR Random Fractals in Hydrodynamics  
02-Dec-91 Roy Schwitters, Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory Status of the Supercollider  
25-Nov-91 Steven Kivelson, UCLA Electronic Correlation Effects and Superconductivity in Doped Fullerenes  
18-Nov-91 Paul Bamberg, Harvard Resonances, Spectograms and Hidden Markov Models in Large-Vocabulary Speech Recognition  
04-Nov-91 Nathan Isgur, CEBAF Where's the Glue?: Comments on a Puzzle in Strong Interaction Spectroscopy [Loeb Colloquium]  
28-Oct-91 Pekka Sinervo, University of Toronto What have we learned from High Energy Proton-antiproton Collisions?  
21-Oct-91 Jay Apt, NASA F=ma: Personal Observations, a Report of Space Shuttle Mission 37  
07-Oct-91 James Faller, JILA and University of Colorado Fifth Force Physics and the Gravity of Spinning Tops  
30-Sep-91 Clifford M. Will , Washington University How Right is General Relativity?  
25-Sep-91 Peter Meyers, Princeton Things that (Almost) Don't Happen: K + ? v v As a Test of the Standard Model  


Date Lecturer Title  
06-May-91 Mikhail Anisimov, Moscow Oil and Gas Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences Critical Phenomena in Soft Matter  
29-Apr-91 Lawrence Sulak, Boston University From Supernova to Supercollider  
22-Apr-91 Gerald Holton and Gerhard Sonnert, Harvard Gender Differences in Scientists' Careers; An Empirical Study  
15-Apr-91 Lene Hau, Harvard University. Bound States of Guided Matter Waves- An Atom and a Charged Wire  
08-Apr-91 Carl Wieman, University of Colorado at Boulder TeV Physics on an eV Budget: Measurement of Parity Non-Conservation in Atomic Cesium [Loeb Colloquium]  
01-Apr-91 Anton Zeilinger, Technical University of Vienna and University of Innsbruck "One Particle, Two Particles, Three. Local and Non-Local Quantum Interferometry  
18-Mar-91 John Simpson, University of Guelph Neutrino Masses and Mixings- the 17 KEV Neutrino  
11-Mar-91 Mar 11, 1991: "Two Dimensional Melting," Cherry Ann Murray, Bell Laboratires. Mar 11, 1991: "Two Dimensional Melting," Cherry Ann Murray, Bell Laboratires.  
04-Mar-91 Paul Steinhardt, University of Pennsylvania Cosmology at the Boiling Point [Loeb Colloquium]  
25-Feb-91 Aharon Kapitulnik, Stanford Optical Tests for Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry and the Search for Anyons in High-Temperature Superconductors  
11-Feb-91 Bertrand Halperin, Harvard Quantum Antiferromagnets in one and two Dimensions  
04-Feb-91 Vladimir Braginsky, Moscow University High Precision Measurements of Single Macroscopic Objects  
14-Jan-91 Daniel Kleppner, M.I.T. Eigenstates of Chaos  
17-Dec-90 Robert Cousins, UCLA Searching for New Forces of Nature in Rare Kaon Decays and Related Processes  
10-Dec-90 John S. Briggs of Albert-Ludwig-Universitat Correlated Motion in Highly-Excited Atomic and Molecular States  
03-Dec-90 Chris H. Greene, University of Colorado Non-Perturbative Effects of a Static Field in Photoabsorption  
26-Nov-90 William Phillips, National Institute of Stand. & Technology. The Coldest Atoms Ever  
19-Nov-90 Ronald Pindack, Bell Laboratories Twisted Crystals: Defect Lattices in Chiral Smectics  
29-Oct-90 Richard Webb, IBM Low Temperature Physics as an Aid for the Quantum Mechanic  
22-Oct-90 Kay Kinoshita The b-Quark: Confronting the Standard Model in the 1990's  
15-Oct-90 Pierre Hohenberg, Bell Laboratories Non-Equilibrium Pattern Formation  
01-Oct-90 Jack M. Wilson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Issues in Pre-College Physics Education  
24-Sep-90 Timothy Chupp, Harvard Physics with Laser-Polarized Nuclei  


Date Lecturer Title  
07-May-90 Albert Libchaber, University of Chicago Thermal Turbulence  
23-Apr-90 Melissa Franklin, Harvard Triton among the Minnows: The Big Quark  
19-Apr-90 Sekhar Chivukula, Boston University What's the Matter in the Universe?  
09-Apr-90 Karl Berkelman, Cornell The Beautiful Quark [Loeb Colloquium]  
02-Apr-90 Eric Mazur, Harvard Light on Surfaces and Surfactants  
19-Mar-90 Norman Ramsey, Harvard Experiments on Time Reveral Symmetry and Parity  
12-Mar-90 Roger Cashmore, Univeristy of Oxford Lepton-Hadron Scattering: From the Post to the Future at HERA  
05-Mar-90 Steven Ahlen, Boston University Probing the Cosmos with High Altitude Balloon Experiments  
12-Feb-90 David Gross, Princeton The State of the String  
05-Feb-90 Herbert Walther, Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Single Atom Experiments and the Test of Quantum Physics [Loeb Colloquium]  
08-Jan-90 John Imbrie, Harvard Self-Avoiding Walks and Related Problems- A Path Integral Approach  
11-Dec-89 Alexander Polyakov, Princeton Strings, Superconductors, and Mathematics  
04-Dec-89 Fractional Statistics," Bertrand Halperin Fractional Statistics  
27-Nov-89 Masatoshi Koshiba, Tokai University and University of Chicago Observational Neutrino Astrophysics  
20-Nov-89 David Pritchard, MIT. Atom Traps: Progress and Prospects  
13-Nov-89 Gary J. Feldman, SLAC. Production and Decay of Z Bosons: Results from the Mark II at SLC  
06-Nov-89 Stephen Olsen, University of Rochester Challenging the Standard Models ant TRISTAN  
30-Oct-89 Carlos Stroud, University of Rochester Towards the Classical Atom: Localized Electron Wave Packets on Kepler Orbits  
23-Oct-89 Boris Altshuler, Leningrad Nuclear Physics Institute & M.I.T. Quantum Coherence Effects in Small Disordered Conductors  
16-Oct-89 N. David Mermin, Cornell Quasicrystals, Symmetry, and Fermat's Last Theorem: Adventures of a Stubborn Theorist  
02-Oct-89 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard Cryogenic Antiprotons Cooled by Electrons: A New Measurement of the p Mass  
25-Sep-89 Alexander Zamolodchikov, Landau Institute Quantum Field Theory in Two Dimensions and Critical Phenomena [Loeb Lecture]  

1988/1989: no information available


Date Lecturer Title  
09-May-88 Roy Schwitters, Harvard The Tevatron and SSC; New Tools for High Energy Physics  
02-May-88 Steven Weinberg, University of Texas, Austin The Cosmological Constant Problem [Loeb Colloquium]  
25-Apr-88 Allan Sandage, Carnegie Institution of Washington Time Cosmology, and Grand Unification  
18-Apr-88 Scott Tremaine, University of Toronto The Mass of Our Galaxy [Loeb Colloquium]  
11-Apr-88 Hendrick de Waard, University of Gronigen Isolated Molecules in Metals  
04-Apr-88 Philip Busbaum, AT&T Bell Laboratories The Strange Properties of Intense-Field Ionization  
21-Mar-88 David Nelson, Harvard Physics of Polymerized Membranes  
14-Mar-88 Howard Georgi, Harvard Flavor SU (3) Symmetries in Particle Physics  
07-Mar-88 Steven Chu, Stanford Topics in Laser Spectroscopy at the Lunatic Fringe [Loeb Colloquium]  
29-Feb-88 David Wilkinson, Princeton Cosmic Microwave Radiation - What's New?  
08-Feb-88 Richard Silver, Los Alamos National Laboratory Theory and Experiment of Deep Inelastic Scattering  
11-Jan-88 William Skicpol, Boston University Quantum Physics Experiments in Silicon Nanostructures  
14-Dec-87 Jeremy Mould, Cal. Tech. Evidence for a Large Scale Deviation from the Hubble Flow  
07-Dec-87 Leo Kadanoff, University of Chicago Measuring Fractals; Holding a Ruler to the Infinitesimal [Loeb Colloquium]  
30-Nov-87 Timothy E. Chupp, Harvard Precision Measurement with Polarized Noble Gas Atoms: Tests of Lorentz and Time Reversal Invariance  
23-Nov-87 Michael Witherell, Santa Barbara Weak Decay of Charmed Quarks  
16-Nov-87 David Vanderbilt, Harvard The Silicon 7x7 Surface Reconstruction: Establishing a Motive  
09-Nov-87 Costas Papaliolios, Harvard "Out Damned Spot! Out I say!" , SUPERNOVA SN1987A and COMPANION  
02-Nov-87 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard Antiprotons in an Ion Trap  
26-Oct-87 Frank Wilczek, ITP, Santa Barbara Mechanics Without Intertia  
19-Oct-87 A.D. Linde, Lebedev Physical Institute. Basic Principles of Inflationary Cosmology  
05-Oct-87 Volker Soergel, DESY. The Physics of e-p Collisions at HERA-Status of the Project  
28-Sep-87 Humphrey Maris, Brown Solar Neutrinos and Low Temperature Physics  


Date Lecturer Title  
11-May-87 Klaus Winter, CERN Neutrino Interactions and the Electroweak Mixing Angle  
04-May-87 Nicholaas Bloembergen, Harvard The American Physical Society Study on Directed Energy Weapons  
27-Apr-87 Roger Cashmore, University of Oxford Electroweak Interactions - Past, Present, Future  
20-Apr-87 Daniel Kleppner, M.I.T. Physics with Giant Atoms [Loeb Colloquium]  
13-Apr-87 Claudia Tesche, IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center D.C. Squids: From Monopoles to Macroscopic Quantum Coherence  
06-Apr-87 Lawrence Sulak, Boston University The Birth of a New Astronomy: Observation of Neutrinos from Supernova 1987A  
23-Mar-87 Paul Horn, IBM, T. J. Watson Research Center Are Quasicrystals Crystalline?  
16-Mar-87 C. W. Chu, University of Houston Superconductivity above Liquid Nitrogen Temperature  
09-Mar-87 Pierre Darriulat, CERN A Future for Experimental Particle Physics? [Loeb Colloquium]  
02-Mar-87 John Wilkerson, Los Alamos National Laboratory Limits on the Electron Antineutrino Mass  
23-Feb-87 Dudley R. Herschbach, Harvard Chemistry for Physicists  
09-Feb-87 Stephen Geer, Harvard Physics from the CERN Proton-Antiproton Collider  
15-Dec-86 Alexander J. Glass, KMS Fusion Inc. Progress and Prospects for Inertial Fusion  
08-Dec-86 Dale Schaefer, Sandia Laboratories Fractal Structures in Synthetic Materials  
01-Dec-86 R.J. Birgeneau, M.I.T. Synchrotorn Radiation and Condensed Matter: Why the Excitement? [Loeb Colloquium]  
24-Nov-86 John Clarke, UC Berkeley Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling and Quantized Energy Levels in a Josephson Junction  
17-Nov-86 Malvin Kalos, Courant Institute Monte Carlo Methods for the many Fermion Problem  
10-Nov-86 R. Wilson, Harvard Chernobyl and Its Aftermath  
03-Nov-86 Rujula, CERN and Boston University The 6 th or 7 th Force  
27-Oct-86 E. Witten, Princeton Fields and Strings [Loeb Colloquium]  
20-Oct-86 M. Tinkham, Harvard Noise and Chaos in Josephson Junctions  
06-Oct-86 H. J. Kimble, University of Texas, Austin Squeezed States of Light  
29-Sep-86 Daniel Fisher, AT&T Bell Laboratories Real Spin Glasses  
22-Sep-86 David Schramm, University of Chicago The Structure of the Universe: Fractals, Strings, and Neutrinos  


Date Lecturer Title  
05-May-86 S. Weinberg, University of Texas at Austin Why Strings? [(Loeb Colloquium]  
28-Apr-86 Margaret Geller, Harvard Observatory Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble  
21-Apr-86 G. Toulouse, Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles Ultrametricity in Physics & Biology  
14-Apr-86 James W. Rohlf, Harvard University Using High-Energy Hadron Collisions to Study the Strong and Weak Interactions  
07-Apr-86 G. Parisi, Instituto Nazionale de Fisica Nucleare Why Spin Glasses are Interesting [Loeb Colloquium]  
31-Mar-86 Michael Peskin, SLAC. Conformal Mapping Comes of Age  
17-Mar-86 Frank Laloe, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris Spin Polarized 3He  
10-Mar-86 Thomas Mossberg, Harvard Atoms in Strong Transient Optical Fields: Stationary States to Optical Memories  
03-Mar-86 J.G. Dash, University of Washington Between 2 and 3 Dimensions  
24-Feb-86 Albert Libchaber, University of Chicago From Quasiperiodicity to Chaos in a Rayleigh-Benard Experiment  
10-Feb-86 James Faller, University of Colorado and JILA Eotvos Re-Revisited  
03-Feb-86 Dikran Antreasyan, Harvard Spectroscopy of the Heavy Quarks  
06-Jan-86 Kosta M. Tsipis, M.I.T. Technical and Operational Considerations of the Strategic Defense Initiative  
16-Dec-85 John Z. Imbrie, Harvard Finding Order in Disordered Magnets: Theory, Experiment, Mathematics  
09-Dec-85 Gerald Gabrielse, University of Washington Fundamental Physics with a Single Trapped Particle  
02-Dec-85 Steven Chu, AT&T Bell Laboratories Cooling and Trapping of Atoms with Laser Light and Potential Applications  
25-Nov-85 Peter Milonni, University of Arkansas Chaos, and its Role in Laser-Matter Interactions  
18-Nov-85 Neil Sullivan, University of Florida A Proposed Search for the Experimental Axion  
04-Nov-85 Gordon Thomas, DAS and AT&T Bell Laboratories Localization: An Electronic Phase Transition  
28-Oct-85 Fritz Haake, University of Essen "Macroscopic Fluctuations and the Decay of Unstable States  
21-Oct-85 Victor F. Weisskopf Niels Bohr: The Quantum and the World [Loeb Colloquium]  
07-Oct-85 Paul Ginsparg, Harvard Superstrings: Magic, Coincidence, Recreation, and Desperation in the 80's  
23-Sep-85 J. A. Golovchenko, AT&T Bell Laboratories A Look at the World through the Tunneling Microscope  
23-Sep-85 Wolfgang Paul, University of Bonn Neutron Storage in bottles and Rings  


Date Lecturer Title  
06-May-85 Peter Galison, Stanford The Origin of Large Scale Experimentation in High Energy Physics  
29-Apr-85 John Simpson, University of Guelph Evidence of Heavy Neutrino Emission in Beta Decay  
22-Apr-85 Robert Westervelt, Harvard Nonlinear Dynamics and Noise in Semiconductors  
15-Apr-85 Philip Marcus, Harvard The Great Red Spot of Jupiter  
08-Apr-85 Howard Georgi, Harvard Particle Physics and Metaphysics in the 1980's  
01-Apr-85 Patrick Thaddeus, Goddard Institute for Space Studies Molecular Clouds in the Galaxy  
18-Mar-85 Heini Rohrer, IBM Zurich Laboratory Microscopy and Spectroscopy in the Atomic Range: The Scanning Tunnel Microscope  
11-Mar-85 Edward Fahri, M.I.T. Strange Matter  
04-Mar-85 Stephen Wolfram, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Towards a Theory of Complexity in Physics  
25-Feb-85 John Hopfield, Cal Tech. The Physics of Biological Computation  
11-Feb-85 Arthur Jaffe, Harvard What's New in Mathematical Physics  
04-Feb-85 Paul Horowitz, Harvard The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence  
14-Jan-85 Alan Krisch, University of Michigan Large Spin Effects in Hard P-P Collisions  
07-Jan-85 Peter Pershan, Harvard Synchrotron Radiation Study of Liquid Surfaces  
10-Dec-84 Lawrence J. Hall, Harvard Unusual Events at the CERN Collider  
03-Dec-84 Mitchell Feigenbaum, Cornel Scaling and Chaos  
26-Nov-84 David Nelson, Harvard Pentagonal and Icosahedral Order in Nature  
19-Nov-84 Allen Mills, Bell Labs Antimatter in the Laboratory: Positron Studies of Atoms and Surfaces  
05-Nov-84 John Schwarz, Caltech Towards a Unified Field Theory of All Interactions  
29-Oct-84 Norman Ramsey, Harvard Experiments on Time Reversal Symmetry and Parity  
15-Oct-84 Edward Fredkin, MIT Physics and Information Processes  
01-Oct-84 Carleton Pennypacker, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Automated Search for Supernovae and the Solar Companion Star Nemesis  
24-Sep-84 Leo Kadanoff, University of Chicago Snatching Chaos from Order: Complex Results from Simple Systems  


Date Lecturer Title  
30-Apr-84 Steve Weinberg Physics in Higher Dimensions  
23-Apr-84 Jurg Frohlich Disordered Systems  
16-Apr-84 Joseph Taylor Pulsars: Natures's Most Precise Clocks- Experimental Relativity, Timing the Binary Pulsar  
09-Apr-84 Gerd Bergmann Time-of-Flight Experiments with Conduction Electrons; an Application of Weak Localization  
02-Apr-84 Stephen Hawking The Origin of the Universe  
19-Mar-84 F.I.B. Williams Observation of Shear Waves in the Two Dimensional Electron Solid  
12-Mar-84 Roman Jackiw Quantization of Physical Parameters  
05-Mar-84 Anthony Leggett Quantum Mechanics and 'Common Sense'  
27-Feb-84 Sam Williamson Neuromagnetism: A New Frontier in Brain Research  
13-Feb-84 William Edelstein The Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Human Subject  
06-Feb-84 N/A 1/f Noise  
09-09-84 Masatoshi Koshiba Results from KAMOIKA Nucleon Decay Experiment  
12-Dec-83 David Pritchard, M.I.T. The Naked Truth about Dressed Atoms  
05-Dec-83 Lawrence Krauss Anti-Neutrinos from Heaven and Earth  
28-Nov-83 Nigel Weiss, Joint with Astrophysics Periodic and Chaotic Stellar Dynamos  
21-Nov-83 Paul Bamberg Speech Recognition by Computer  
14-Nov-83 Toichiro Kinoshita Recent Developments of Quantum Electrodynamics and High Precision Determination of the Fine Structure Constan  
07-Nov-83 Pau Chaikin Classical Wigner Crystals, Glasses and Liquids from Polyballs  
31-Oct-83 Alan.R. Mackintosh Quantum Correlations and Measurements  
24-Oct-83 E Norval Fortson Measuring Parity Violation and Testing Time-Reversal Symmetry in Atoms  
17-Oct-83 DeRujula Search for Monopoles, Gravitational Waves, and Newtorites  
26-Sep-83 Robert Laughlin, Livermore Laboratory Anomalous Quantum Hall Effect  


Date Lecturer Title  
2-May-83 Isaac Silvera New Phases of Molecular Hydrogen at Ultra-High Pressure  
25-Apr-83 Alan Guth The New Inflationary Universe  
18-Apr-83 Richard Wilson. Analyzing the Daily Risks of Life  
11-Apr-83 Larry Sulak Waiting for the Proton to Decay  
04-Apr-83 Peter Galison How the First Neutral Current Experiments Ended  
21-Mar-83 Douglas Eardley Sources of Gravitation and Radiation  
14-Mar-83 Carlo Rubbia Search for Intermediate Vector Bosons  
07-Mar-83 Panofsky Colliding Particle Beams: The Present and the Future  
28-Feb-83 W.D. Philips, National Bureau of Standards Laser Cooling of an Atomic Beam  
14-Feb-83 J.A. Golovchenko Wave Optics at 1 A  
10-Jan-83 David Wineland, National Bureau of Standards Cooled-Ion Clocks  
13-Dec-82 Michael Salour, M.I.T. Ultrafast Optical Interactions in Semi-Conductors  
06-Dec-82 Anthony Thomas, University of British Columbia and CERN Chiral Symmetry and the Bag Model of Hadronic Structure: A New Way of Looking at Nuclear and Particle Physics  
29-Nov-82 Brian Kincaid, Bell Laboratories The Uses of Synchrotron Radiation  
22-Nov-82 Scott Kirkpatrick, Watson Lab, I.B.M. Statistical Mechanics and the Traveling Salesman  
15-Nov-82 Douglas J. Scalapino, UC Santa Barbara Pictures of a Many-Particle Ground State  
08-Nov-82 Hans Bethe Supernovae General I  
01-Nov-82 June Matthews, M.I.T. Energetic Photons and Fast Protons  
25-Oct-82 Carson Jeffries, UC Berkeley Experimental Evidence for Universal Chaotic Behavior  
18-Oct-82 J.K. Dickens, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Pauli's Little Neutral One: Fifty Years of Hide and Seek  
04-Oct-82 George Field Astronomy for the 1980's  
27-Sep-82 Carlo Rubbia Antiproton-proton Collisions at Very High Energy