Equity & Inclusion

On June 10, 2020, the Department held a special department-wide meeting of the Equity & Inclusion Committee for a discussion focusing on how we can increase the number of African American physicists. Read the introductory comments by Department Chair, Prof. Subir Sachdev.

The Harvard Physics Department is committed to building and improving a culture of equity & inclusion. A committee has been formed to brainstorm and implement the promotion of these goals. The committee is chaired by Profs. Lene Hau and John Huth, and Benita Wolff.

The Charge:

To create a long-term (e.g., five-year) strategic plan that is based on data and best practices, for increasing the diversity of the Harvard physics department and cultivating a more equitable and inclusive environment for all community members. The plan will: outline how the Harvard physics department defines diversity, equity, and inclusion; articulate a rationale; and formulate specific, measurable goals. The committee will develop strategies and programs to advance the goals, and will assist with the systematic implementation of the plan. In addition, the committee is charged with creating opportunities for community-wide engagement and feedback, as well as continuous assessment and updating of the Harvard Physics Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan.

The committee will initially be composed of 3 sub-committees:

Recruitment & Access:
Goals: Establish practices that recruit a diverse pool of faculty, students, postdoctoral researchers, and staff, both by diversifying the applicant pool and by equitably selecting, recruiting, and supporting the transition of all individuals into the Harvard physics community.

Retention & Success:
Goals: Promote and support the academic and professional excellence of all faculty, students, postdoctoral researchers, and staff. Develop strategies that enhance a culture of inclusion and belonging for all members of the Harvard physics community.

Assessment & Tracking:
Goals: Develop and oversee a continuous assessment plan that evaluates campus climate, monitors trends and effectiveness of programs, and reports information to Harvard physics community.

Contact us: equity@physics.harvard.edu

small arrow Slides from the Introductory Forum, June 7, 2018.

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