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Date Lecturer Title
11/04/19 Zhi-Xun Shen, Stanford Angle-Resolved Photoemission – a Many-Body Spectroscopy for Quantum Materials [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
10-28-19 James Napolitano (Temple University) Precision Electroweak Experiments at GeV Energies
10-21-19 Daniel Jafferis (Harvard) Traversable Wormholes
10-14-19 No Colloquium  
10-07-19 John Bohn (JILA - U Colorado) The Electric Beaker: Prospects for Controlling Chemistry in Ultracold Gases
09-30-19 No Colloquium  
09-23-19 Gerard ‘t Hooft (Utrecht University) Exotic Physics Explaining the Quantum Properties of Black Holes [no video]
09-16-19 Yann LeCun (Facebook; NYU) The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Learning [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
09-09-19 Carlo Rubbia (CERN) The Future of Energy [no video]


Date Lecturer Title
04-29-19 Christopher Monroe (U Maryland) Quantum Computing with Atomic Ions
04-22-19 No Colloquium  
04-15-19 No Colloquium  
04-08-19 Matthew Fisher (UC, Santa Barbara) Quantum Processing in the Brain?
04-01-19 Roxanne Guenette (Harvard) Neutrinos: From Zeros to Heroes?
03-25-19 Lawrence Sulak (BU) Weak neutral currents, supernovae and oscillating neutrinos, Methuselah protons…it all began here at Harvard
03-18-19 No Colloquium  
03-11-19 Marcelle Soares-Santos (Brandeis) Dark Energy Research with Cosmic Surveys and Gravitational Waves
03-04-19 Donna Strickland (U Waterloo) From Nonlinear Optics to High-Intensity Laser Physics [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page] Video of this lecture will not be posted.
02-25-19 Monika Schleier-Smith (Stanford) Choreographing Quantum Spin Dynamics with Light
02-18-19 No Colloquium  
02-11-19 Nathaniel Fisch (Princeton) Exploiting Plasma Oscillations [Due to equipment malfunction, the audio of this tape is compromised. We apologize for the inconvenience.]
02-04-19 Cora Dvorkin (Harvard) New Frontiers in Cosmology
01-28-19 Susanne Yelin (Harvard) Controlling Light and Matter Using Cooperative Radiation
12-10-18 to 01-21-19 No Colloquium  
12-03-18 Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (MIT) Magic Angle Graphene: A New Platform for Strongly Correlated Physics*
11-26-18 Matthew Reece (Harvard) Fundamental Physics from Underground to the Sky
11-19-18 Aharon Kapitulnik (Stanford) Transport in Strongly Correlated Bad Metals
11-12-18 No Colloquium  
11-05-18 Reina Maruyama (Yale) Testing DAMA/LIBRA’s Claim for a Discovery of Dark Matter
10-29-18 Robert Kleinberg (Columbia) mKto km: How Millikelvin Physics is Reused to Explore the Earth Kilometers Below the Surface
10-22-18 Jun Ye (JILA) Quantum matter and atomic clocks [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
10-15-18 Damon Clark (Yale) Dissecting Neural Computations in the Fly Eye
10-08-18 No Colloquium  
10-01-18 Stefan Soldner-Rembold (Manchester U) DUNE – an International Neutrino Observatory
09-24-18 Subir Sachdev (Harvard) Strange Metals and Black Holes
09-17-18 Brad Marston (Brown) El Niño as a Topological Insulator: A Surprising Connection between Climate and Quantum Physics
09-10-18 Kyle Cranmer (NYU) What does the Revolution in Artificial Intelligence Mean for Physics?


Date Lecturer Title
04-30-18 Holger Mueller (UC Berkeley) Measurement of the fine structure constant as test of the standard model
04-23-18 William Unruh (UBC) Measurement of Hawking Radiation in Analog Systems
04-16-18 Atac Imamoglu (ETH Zurich) Polaritons in two dimensional systems
04-09-18 No Colloquium  
04-02-18 Jenny Hoffman (Harvard) Imaging the Surface States of a Strongly Correlated Topological Insulator, SmB6
03-26-18 Hiroshi Ooguri (Caltech) Constraints on Quantum Gravity
03-19-18 Gilbert Collins (U Rochester) Matter at Extreme Energy Density: Exotic Solids to Inertial Fusion
03-12-18 No Colloquium  
03-05-18 Werner Riegler (CERN) Future Circular Colliders
02-26-18 Mark Halpern (UBC) CHIME: Measuring the Expansion History of the Universe
02-19-18 No Colloquium  
02-12-18 Special Colloquium:
Howard Georgi (Harvard),
Walter Gilbert (Harvard),
Sheldon Glashow (BU),
Daniel Kleitman (MIT), and
Roy Glauber (Harvard)
Memories of Julian: A Celebration of the Centennial of the Birth of Julian Schwinger

For more information, please see the announcement.
02-05-18 Isaac Silvera (Harvard) Metallic Hydrogen and Deuterium
01-29-18 Eleni Katifori (UPenn) The Spectrum of Efficient Venation Phenotypes
12-4-17 to 01-22-18 No Colloquium  
11-27-17 Edo Berger (Harvard) Rattle and Shine: The Joint Detection of Gravitational Waves and Light from the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817
11-20-17 Anthea Coster (MIT) Lise Meitner: Her Discovery of Fission and Dramatic Escape from Nazi Germany
11-13-17 David Albert (Columbia) Why is the world quantum-mechanical?
11-06-17 Asimina Arvanitaki (Perimeter Institute) Particle Physics Beyond Colliders
10-30-17 Wolfgang Rueckner (Harvard) The puzzle of the steady-state rotation of a reverse sprinkler
10-23-17 Srini Turaga (HHMI Janelia) From Biological Neural Networks to Artificial Neural Networks
10-16-17 Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) SESAME - Opening a Source of Light in the Middle East
10-09-17 No Colloquium  
10-02-17 Natalia Toro (Perimeter Institute) Dark Matter Hiding under Our Noses — and Accelerator Experiments to Sniff It Out
09-25-17 Achim Rosch (U Cologne) Whirls in Magnets: from Skyrmions to Magnetic Monopoles (video not available)
09-18-17 Eric Cornell (JILA) No Physicist is an Island: Looking for TeV Physics in a peV Transition
09-11-17 Sidney Nagel (U Chicago) Exploiting Disorder


Date Lecturer Title
04-24-17 Benjamin Wandelt Connecting Theory and Data in Cosmology (video not available)
04-17-17 Steve Shenker (Stanford) Quantum Gravity and Quantum Chaos
04-10-17 No Colloquium
04-03-17 L. Mahadevan (Harvard) Folding Matters - from Origami to the Brain
03-27-17 Scott Dodelson (Fermilab) Myth-Busters: Dark Energy Survey and South Pole Telescope
03-20-17 Cindy Regal (JILA) Interferometry in a Strong Light (video not available)
03-13-17 No Colloquium  
03-06-17 Jun Ye (JILA) Atomic clock based on quantum matter
02-27-17 Ramamurti Shankar (Yale) The Tragic Tale of the Mathematician Ramanujan
02-13-17 / 02-20-17 No Colloquium  
02-06-17 Daniel Jafferis (Harvard) A Journey Through Quantum Gravity: From the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence to Traversable Wormholes
01-30-17 Sebastian Seung (Princeton) In Search of the Brain's Learning Algorithms
12-5-16/ 01-23-17 No Colloquium  
11-28-16 David DeMille (Yale) Probing physics at the TeV scale - and above - with room-scale experiments
11-21-16 Ania Jayich (UCSB) Diamond Spins for Quantum Sensing, Imaging, and Hybrid Quantum Networks
11-14-16 Zohar Komargodski (Weizmann) Second-Order Phase Transitions: Beyond Landau-Ginzburg Theory
11-07-16 Peter Onyisi (U Texas) Studies and Searches with the 13 TeV Large Hadron Collider
10-31-16 Ali Yazdani (Princeton) Spotting the Elusive Majorana under the Microscope [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
10-24-16 Ignacio Cirac (Max Planck) Tensor Networks: A Quantum Information Perspective to Many-Body Physics
10-17-16 Mariangela Lisanti (Princeton) Hunting for Dark Matter in the Gamma-Ray Sky
10-10-16 No Colloquium  
10-3-16 Tanya Zelevinsky (Columbia) High-precision physics and chemistry with ultracold diatomic molecules
9-26-16 Gregory Eyink (Johns Hopkins) What’s So Surprising About Fluid Turbulence?
9-19-16 David Nelson (Harvard) Non-Hermitian Localization in Biological Networks
Please note: several slides on this video are not captured properly. If you wish to view the slides as a pdf file, please consult this document.
09-12-16 Mark Kasevich (Stanford) Quantum mechanics at macroscopic scales (video not available)

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Date Lecturer Title
05-02-16 Yasser Roudi (NTNU) Learning and Inference When There Is Little Data
04-25-16 Alison Sweeney
(U Pennsylvania)
Living Photonic Devices: Protein-Based Self-Assembly of Optical Materials in Mollusks
04-19-16 Moty Heiblum (Weizmann Institute) Robust Electron Pairing in the Integer Quantum Hall Effect Regime
04-11-16 Tony Heinz (Stanford) Two-Dimensional Materials - Graphene and Beyond
04-04-16 No Colloquium  
03-28-16 Eric Mazur (Harvard) Flat Space, Deep Learning [also YouTube]
03-21-16 Juan Maldacena (Princeton) Black Holes and the Structure of Spacetime[Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
03-07-16 Eric Heller (Harvard) Spectroscopy for the Masses (of Carbon Atoms)
02-29-16 Andrey Chubukov (U Minnesota) Superconductivity from Repulsion
02-22-16 No Colloquium  
02-08-15 Daniel McKinsey, (UC Berkeley) Who Has Seen The WIMP? Neither I Nor You
02-01-16 No Colloquium  
01-25-16 Bonnie Fleming (Yale) Nu Measurements, New Physics: Short and Long Baseline Electron Neutrino appearance
12-07-15 James Analytis (UC, Berkeley) Weyl Wiggles: Quantum Oscillatory Studies of Exotic Surfaces States in the Dirac Semimetal Cd3As2
11-30-15 Joshua Shaevitz (Princeton) Phases Transitions in Active Matter: Lessons From The Social Bacterium Myxococcus Xanthus**
11-16-15 Markus Greiner (Harvard) New Physics in the Quantum Gas Microscope – From Measuring Entanglement Entropy to Fermi-Hubbard Systems
11-09-15 Sean Eddy (Harvard MCB) Biological Sequence Comparison Using Probabilistic Modeling
11-02-15 Henriette Elvang (U Michigan) Exciting new Approaches to Scattering Amplitude
10-26-15 Kevin Hand (JPL) Ocean Worlds of the Outer Solar System
10-05-15 Marc Kamionkowski (Johns Hopkins) Symmetry, Geometry, Cosmology
09-28-15 Matthew Reece (Harvard) Particle Physics After the Higgs: What’s Next?
09-21-15 Matthew Evans (MIT) Gravitational Wave Detection with Advanced LIGO

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Date Lecturer Title
05-04-15 Itai Cohen (Cornell) Flight of the Fruit Fly
04-29-15 Brian P. Schmidt (The Australian National University) The Accelerating Universe [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
04-27-15 May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser (NTNU, Norway) Grid Cells and Neural Maps for Space
04-20-15 Logan McCarty and Louis Deslauriers (Harvard) Increasing Learning, Engagement, and Personal Interest: A Research-Based Transformation of a Large Introductory Physics Course for Life Science Concentrators
04-13-15 David Spergel, Princeton Cosmology after Planck: Or What Will We Learn from Polarization?
04-06-15 John Martinis, UC, Santa Barbara State Preservation by Repetitive Error Correction in Superconducting Qubits
03-30-15 Vinothan Manoharan, Harvard Entropy and the Humble Colloidal Particle
03-23-15 Wojciech Zurek, Los Alamos Decoherence and Quantum Theory of the Classical
03-16-15 No Colloquium  
03-09-15 Katherine Freese, Nordita; U Michigan The Dark Side of the Universe
03-02-15 Edward Hinds, Imperial College, London Measuring Nothing But Learning Something
02-23-15 Holger Mueller, UC, Berkeley Atom Interferometry Measurements in Fundamental Physics
01-26-15 Isaac Silvera, Harvard A First-Order Transition to Metallic Hydrogen
12-02-14 Yifang Wang, Institute of High Energy Physics, China SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM:
Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment and the Future Nutrino Program in China
12-01-14 Jasna Brujic, NYU Biomimicry, Self-Assembly and Motility of Functionalized Droplets
11-24-14 Ady Stern, Weizmann Institute The Making and Breaking of Non-Abelian Anyons in Electronic Systems
11-17-14 Jorge Kurchan, École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles From Glasses to Darwinian Evolution and Back
11-10-14 Sarah Demers, Yale Chasing the Fundamental: An Experimentalist’s Perspective, from CERN to FNAL
11-03-14 Matthew Schwartz, Harvard Blood from a Stone: Precision Jet Physics at the LHC
10-27-14 Paul Chaikin, NYU Self-Replication, Exponential Growth, Selection and Competition in Artificial Systems**
10-06-14 Marcela Carena, Fermilab Particle Physics after the Higgs
09-29-14 Xi Yin, Harvard An Anatomy of Holography
09-22-14 Joel Moore, UC Berkeley How Non-Abelian Gauge Fields and (maybe) Non-Abelian Particles Emerge in Solids
09-15-14 Erel Levine, Harvard Interactions and Complexity in Small RNA
09-08-14 Ashvin Vishwanath, UC Berkeley Quantum is Different: Topology and Entanglement in Solids

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Date Lecturer Title
05-05-14 Atac Imamoglu, ETH, Zurich Interfacing Single Photons and Condensed Matter Systems
04-28-14 Marc Mézard, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris The Spin Glass Cornucopia [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
04-21-14 Paul McEuen, Cornell Föppl, Fluctuations, and Feynman: Nonlinear Mechanics with Graphene and Nanotubes
04-14-14 J.C. Seamus Davis, Cornell Solving the Mystery of High Temperature Superconductivity
04-07-14 Andrea Cavalleri, MPSD Optical Control in High Tc Superconductors
03-31-14 Subir Sachdev, Harvard Unveiling the Order of the High Temperature Superconductors
03-24-14 David Kaplan, UMW Testing Gravity with Millisecond Pulsars
03-10-14 Peter Abbamonte, UIUC Attosecond Imaging with X-rays
03-03-14 Tadashi Tokieda, Cambridge Toy Models
02-24-14 Joao Guimaraes da Costa, Harvard Physics at the Large Hadron Collider: The Higgs Boson and Beyond
02-03-14 Rob Phillips, Caltech The Other Bohr and Biology's Greatest Model
01-27-14 Steven Kivelson, Stanford Quenched Disorder and Vestigial Nematicity
12-02-13 Richard Gaitskell, Brown U. LUX: Noble Travails: First Dark Matter Search Results from the Large Underground Xenon Detector (alt)
11-25-13 Joseph Polchinski, KITP The Black Hole Information Paradox, Alive and Kicking
11-18-13 Peter Pesic, St. John's College Max Planck’s Cosmic Harmonium
11-04-13 David Kleinfeld, UCSD How Blood Flows in the Brain**
10-28-13 Cristina Marchetti, Syracuse U. Hydrodynamics and Topological Defects in 'Living Liquid Crystals'
10-21-13 Masashi Kawasaki, U-Tokyo Breathing New Life in the Quantum Era into an Old Material ZnO**
10-07-13 Zvi Bern, UCLA Harmony of Scattering Amplitudes: From Quantum Chromodynamics to Supergravity
09-30-13 Joseph Redish, U-MD How Should We Think About How Our Students Think About Physics?
09-23-13 Ashvin Vishwanath, UC, Berkeley Entanglement, Topology and the Quantum Phases of Matter*
09-16-13 Qi-Kun Xue, Tsinghua University, China Quantization of Anomalous Hall Effect**
09-09-13 Nigel Goldenfeld, UIUC Phase Transitions in Early Life: Clues from the Genetic Codes**

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Date Lecturer Title
04-29-13 John Doyle, Harvard Particle Physics and Chiral Detection using Cold Molecules
04-22-13 Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Challenges and accomplishments of the Large Hadron Collider[Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
04-08-13 Ben Simons, University of Cambridge Tissue Maintenance: A Laboratory for Statistical Physics
04-01-13 Carter Hall, UMD Why Are Neutrinos So Light?
03-25-13 Karin Dahmen, UIUC Unifying Theory for Tuned-Critical Quake Statistics: From Compressed Nanopillars to Earthquakes
03-04-13 Michelangelo D'Agostino Physics and Presidential Politics: The Role of Data on the Obama Campaign
02-25-13 Raymond Laflamme, U Waterloo Experimental Quantum Error Correction
02-18-13 No Colloquium  
02-11-13 Philip W. Phillips, UIUC Is Strongly Correlated Electron Matter full of Unparticles?
02-04-13 Jeff Lichtman, Harvard Connectomics: What, Why and How*
12-10-12 SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM:Ali Yazdani, Princeton Visualizing and Manipulating Topological Quantum States in Novel Materials and Nanostructures
12-02-12 Martin Weitz, Bonn University Bose-Einstein Condensation of Photons
11-26-12 Daniel Dessau, U Colorado Dynamics of Electron Interactions, The Origin of Fermi Arcs, and Pairing in Cuprate Superconductors
11-20-12 SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM: David Goldhaber-Gordon, Stanford Model Many-Body Systems Based on Quantum Dots
11-19-12 Thierry Giamarchi, U Geneva Deconstructing the Electron: Quantum Physics in One Dimension
11-12-12 Michael Peskin, Stanford U The Higgs Boson: From Expectation to Reality
11-09-12 SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM: Yoichi Ando, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University Topological Insulators and Superconductors: Materials Frontier
11-05-12 Carl Bender, Washington U in St. Louis PT-Symmetrice Quantum Mechanics
10-30-12 Juerg Froehlich, ETH Zurich The Role of Gauge Symmetries in the Discovery of Novel States of Condensed Matter [see lecture slides]
10-22-12 Juan Jose Gomez-Cadenas, IFIC/U Valencia Ettore Majorana Through The Looking Glass
10-15-12 Edward E. Prather, U Arizona How Teaching Earth, Astronomy and Space Science can Reshape Our Nation's Understanding of the Role of Science in Society
10-01-12 Suchitra Sebastian, U Cambridge Quantum Oscillations as a Tool to Crack the Mystery of Unconventional Superconductivity
09-24-12 Philip Kim, Columbia U Bloch, Landau, and Dirac: Hofstadter's Butterfly in Graphene [Loeb Colloquium; see also Loeb Lectures page]
09-17-12 John Huth, Harvard The Search for the Higgs Boson: Results
09-10-12 L. Mahadevan, Harvard On Growth and Form: Geometry, Physics and Biology*

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Date Lecturer Title
04-23-12 Jenny Hoffman, Harvard The Effect of a Single Atom on High-Tc Superconductivity
04-16-12 Brad Marston, Brown U The Quantum and Fluid Mechanics of Global Warming
04-09-12 No Colloquium  
04-02-12 Vinothan Manoharan Self-Assembly of Colloidal Particles at Liquid Interfaces
03-26-12 Terry Hwa, UCSD Bacterial Growth Laws: Origins and Consequences
03-19-12 John Clarke, UC Berkeley The Ubiquitous SQUID: Then and Now [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
03-05-12 Theodor W. Hänsch, University of Munich Laser Spectroscopy of Hydrogen[Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
02-27-12 Serge Haroche, Collège de France and ÉcoleNormaleSupérieure, Paris Juggling with Photons in a Box to Explore the Quantum World
02-13-12 Andrew Foland, L-3 Communications Bombs, Math and X-Rays
02-06-12 Joao Guimaraes da Costa, Harvard The Road to the Higgs Boson
12-5-11 Zhi-Xun Shen, Stanford Bridging the Gap in High Temperature Superconductor
11-30-11 Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy Atom Interferometry, Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity
11-21-11 Mohit Randeria, Ohio State University Viscosity of Strongly Interacting Fermions
11-14-11 Ken Dill, Stoney Brook University. Maximum Caliber: An Approach to Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Few-Particle Systems
11-7-11 Paul J. Steinhardt, Princeton Once Upon a Time in Kamchatka: The Search for Natural Quasicrystals
10-31-11 Xiang Zhang, Berkeley Optical Metamaterials: Superlens, Invisibility Cloak and Plasmon Lasers
10-24-11 Juan Collar, U Chicago Certainty And Uncertainty In Dark Matter Searches
10-17-11 Matthew Schwartz, Harvard The Emergence of Jets at the Large Hadron Collider
10-3-11 Mara Prentiss, Harvard New Insights into Homology Recognition and Strand Exchange with Implications for Artificial Self-Assembly and Protein Folding
9-19-11 Matt Strassler, Rutgers Searching for Answers at The Large Hadron Collider
9-12-11 Bertrand Halperin, Harvard Defects with Character-Majorana States in Condensed-Matter Systems

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Date Lecturer Title
5-2-11 Michael Brenner, Harvard Linear Algebra and Darwin's Finches
4-25-11 Juan Maldacena, Princeton The Gravity Field Theory Duality: Black Holes as Ordinary Fluids
4-18-11 Dam Thanh Son, University of Washington Viscosity, Quark Gluon Plasma, and String Theory [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
4-11-11 Rolf Heuer, Director-General, CERN, Geneva The Large Hadron Collider LHC: Entering a New Era of Fundamental Science
4-4-11 David Ceperley, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne Hydrogen and Helium at High Pressure as Revealed by Simulations
3-28-11 Jack Harris, Yale New Measurements of Persistent Currents in Resistive Metal Rings
3-7-11 Steven White, U.C., Irvine The First Realistic Quantum Spin Liquids
2-28-11 Dan Stamper-Kurn, U.C., Berkeley Simulating a Gravity-Wave Observatory with a Few Thousand Atoms
2-14-11 Zoltan Ligeti, UC, Berkeley Beauty for Valentine's Day: From B Factories to the Large Hadron Collider
2-7-11 Chris Jarzynski, University of Maryland Irreversibility and the Second Law of Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale
1-31-11 Boris Shraiman, KITP, UCSB Unexpected Physics in Biology [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
1-24-11 Frederik Denef, Harvard Black Holes as Black Boxes
12-6-10 Douglas Finkbeiner, Harvard Giant Gamma-ray Bubbles in the Inner Galaxy: AGN Activity or Bipolar Galactic Wind?
11-22-10 Ian Stewart, MIT Mastering Jets: New Windows into the Strong Interaction and Beyond
11-15-10 Andrea Damascelli, Univ. of British Columbia Superconductivity: Deep Superficial Insights
11-8-10 Robert Swendsen, Carnegie Mellon University Footnotes To The History of Statistical Mechanics: In Boltzmann's Words
11-1-10 Avi Loeb, Harvard How Did the First Stars and Black Holes Form?
10-25-10 Erik Verlinde, University of Amsterdam Emergence of Gravity
10-18-10 Sandip Trivedi, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research Accelerating Universes and the Emerging Landscape in String Theory
10-4-10 Keith Ellis, Fermi Lab QCD for the LHC
9-27-13 Eva Andrei, Rutgers University Graphene: a Relativistic Electron in Carbon Flatland
9-20-10 Zlatko Tesanovic, Johns Hopkins U. Superconductivity in the Iron Age
9-13-10 Andrew Strominger, Harvard Black Holes-The Harmonic Oscillators of the 21st Century

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Date Lecturer Title
5-3-10 David Nelson, Harvard Gene Surfing and Survival of the Luckiest
4-26-10 Steven Gubser, Princeton Applied String Theory for the Impatient
4-19-10 Gabriel Kotliar, Rutgers University Strongly Correlated Electron Materials: A Challenge for the 21'st Century
4-12-10 Louis Taillefer, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research The Two-Way Interplay of Magnetism and Superconductivity
4-5-10 Graham Fleming, UC Berkeley Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy: Coherence, Entanglement and Photosynthesis*
3-29-10 Jenny Hoffman, Harvard Gott Mott? Nanoscale Explorations of Electronic Transition
3-22-10 Daniel Gottesman, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo Spin Glasses and Computational Complexity
3-8-10 Phillip Schewe, AIP Bottled Lightning: Modernizing the Electrical Grid
3-1-10 Matthew P.A. Fisher, Caltech Quantum Crystals, Quantum Choreography and Quantum Computing [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
2-22-10 Jelena Vuckovic, Stanford Quantum Dots in Photonic Crystals: From Cavity QED to Optical Switches and Quantum Gates
2-8-10 Catherine Kallin, McMaster University Explorations in Exotic Superconductivity
2-1-10 Aravi Samuel, Harvard How Worms and Maggots Navigate Temperature Gradients
1-25-10 Neil Weiner, New York University Illuminating Dark Matter
12-7-09 Meg Urry, Yale University Teaching Physics a New Way: What Yale Can Tell Harvard about Innovative Teaching
11-30-09 Antonio Castro Neto, Boston University Drawing Conclusions from Graphene
11-23-09 Edward Farhi, MIT A Quantum Computer Can Determine Who Wins a Game Faster Than a Classical Computer
11-16-09 Gilbert Collins, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Recreating Core States of Giant Planets in the Laboratory, A New Generation of Condensed Matter Science
11-9-09 Gregory Boebinger, Florida State U and U Florida Director; National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Energy, Environment and Health: The Sometimes Hidden Role of High Magnetic Fields and Invisible Light
11-2-09 Neil Cornish, Montana State University Listening to the Universe
10-26-09 Partha Mitra, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Darwin In The Lab: Experimental Evolution Studies in Finches and Fruitflies
10-12-09 Markus Greiner, Harvard Physics Quantum Gas Microscope - A Next Generation Quantum Simulator*
10-5-09 Daniel Eisenstein, University of Arizona A New Decade of Cosmic Structure [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
9-28-09 Eric Mazur, Harvard University Confessions of a Converted Lecturer
9-21-09 Larry Abbott, Columbia University Controlling Chaotic Activity in Neural Networks
9-14-09 Shoucheng Zhang, Stanford University Quantum Spin Hall Effect and Topological Insulators

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Date Lecturer Title
05-18-09 Paul Ginsparg, Cornell University and Radcliffe Open Access: Myth, Paradox, Recreation and Transformation in the 00's.
[also download this video as Quicktime1]
05-11-09 Roy Schwitters, University of Texas Imaging Large Objects with Cosmic Rays: Lessons Being Learned in the UT Maya Muon Project.
05-04-09 Allan McDonald, University of Texas Exciton Superfluidity.
04-27-09 Harry Atwater, Caltech Light Matter Interactions for Terawatt Scale Solar Energy Conversion.
[also download this video as Quicktime1]
04-20-09 David Kaplan, University of Washington Nuclear Physics from Effective Field Theory* [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
04-13-09 Carl Wieman, University of British Columbia When the Virtual World is Better than Reality; Teaching Physics with Interactive Simulations
04-06-09 Tilman Esslinger, ETH Zurich Synthetic Quantum Many-Body Systems
30-Mar-09 Ann Nelson, University of Washington Beyond the Standard Model in the LHC Era [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
16-Mar-09 Gabriella Sciolla, MIT Dark Matter is from Cygnus: in search of a wind of Dark Matter in the Milky Way
09-Mar-09 William Zajc, Columbia The Fluid Nature of Quark-Gluon Plasma
02-Mar-09 Philippe Cluzel, Harvard From Random Walks to Predictive Biology
23-Feb-09 Peter Michelson, Stanford A New View of the High-Energy Universe: Results from the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope's First 6 Months in Orbit
09-Feb-09 Tom McLeish, Durham University, UK. The Tangled Tale of Polymer Melt Dynamics
02-Feb-09 Christopher Stubbs, Harvard Confronting the Dark Energy Crisis in Fundamental Physics
15-Dec-08 Cumrun Vafa, Harvard. Stringy Predictions for Particle Physics*
08-Dec-08 J. Seamus Davis, Cornell Complex Quantum Matter in Bosonic Crystals: A Superglass State in Solid 4 He [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
01-Dec-08 Deborah Jin, University of Colorado Making Ultracold Polar Molecules (CD only)
24-Nov-08 Ignacio Cirac, Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching Tensor Networks, Many-body Systems, and Quantum Information
17-Nov-08 Harold Hwang, University of Tokyo Atomic Engineering Oxide Heterointerfaces*
10-Nov-08 Rashid Sunyaev, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics Clusters of Galaxies, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and Cosmology [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
03-Nov-08 Edo Berger, Harvard. Gamma-Ray Bursts
27-Oct-08 Ronald Walsworth, Harvard From Astrophysics to Bioimaging: New Applications of Physics Tools
20-Oct-08 M. Zahid Hasan, Princeton University Observation of a New Class of Topological States of Quantum Matter
06-Oct-08 Douglas Scalapino, University of California, Santa Barbara The New Iron Age of Superconductivity
29-Sep-08 Frederik Denef, Harvard The String Theory Landscape
22-Sep-08 Andy MacKenzie, Univ. of St. Andrews. Quantum Oscillations in Metals: Old Dog, New Tricks

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Date Lecturer Title
05-May-08 Nergis Mavalvala, MIT Quantum Mechanics on Giant Scales
28-Apr-08 Paul McEuen, Cornell Nano Carbon: From Terahertz Transistors to Atomic Membranes
21-Apr-08 Isaac F. Silvera, Harvard Which Path to Metallic Hydrogen: High or Low Temperature
14-Apr-08 Howard Georgi, Harvard, Unparticle Physics
07-Apr-08 Joseph Polchinski, UCSB The Black Hole Paradox, Past and Future
31-Mar-08 Marian Scully, Texas A&M Univ and Princeton Univ. The Photon Sheds Light on the Quantum: Fluctuations and Correlations Tell the Story [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
17-Mar-08 Alan Litke, UCSC. What Does The Eye Tell The Brain: A Journey from High Energy Physics to Neural Systems
10-Mar-08 Rainer Weiss, MIT. The Search For Gravitational Radiation
03-Mar-08 Michael Thorpe, Arizona State University The Flexibility Window in Materials
25-Feb-08 Steven M. Block, Stanford University Single Molecule Biophysics: Reading the Genetic Code [Loeb Colloquium; see also the Loeb Lectures page]
18-Feb-08 No Colloquium  
11-Feb-08 Barry Barish, Caltech. The Next Great Particle Accelerator: A Linear Collider
04-Feb-08 Peter Zoller, University of Innsbruck, Austria. Quantum Optics with Cold Atoms
28-Jan-08 Max Tegmark, MIT. New Clues about Inflation, dark matter and Dark Energy
17-Dec-07 Stefan Hell, Max Plank Institute (Gottingen) Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy
10-Dec-07 Don Eigler, IBM There's Plenty of Room in the Middle: A View from the Bottom [Loeb Colloquium]
03-Dec-07 Peter J. Lu, Harvard Quasicrystals in Medieval Islamic Architecture
26-Nov-07 Amir Yacoby, Harvard Spins and Charges in Low dimensions
19-Nov-07 Seamus Davis, Cornell The Complexity of Electronic Matter in High-Tc Superconductors
12-Nov-07 Leo Kadanoff, University of Chicago The Good the Bad and the Awful - Scientific Simulation and Prediction
05-Nov-07 David Weitz, Harvard New Insights into Hard Problems with Soft Materials
29-Oct-07 Alan Kostelecky, Indiana University. Testing Relativity
22-Oct-07 Mark Kasevich, Stanford. Atom Interferometry
15-Oct-07 Lisa Randall, Harvard Warped Geometry: Consequences and LHC Signatures
01-Oct-07 Dimitar Sasselov, Harvard The Path To Extrasolar Earths
24-Sep-07 Adam Cohen, Harvard. Trapping and Manipulating Single Molecules in Solution
17-Sep-07 Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard Sea Sponges: A Textbook in Materials Physics

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Date Lecturer Title
14-May-07 Geoffrey West, Los Alamos. Universal Scaling Laws from Genomes and Cells to Ecosystems and Cities; Towards a Unified Quantitative Theory of Biological Structure and Organization
30-Apr-07 Subir Sachdev, Harvard Quantum Phase Transitions
23-Apr-07 Michael Sipser, MIT. Beyond Computation: The P versus NP Question
16-Apr-07 Jean Dalibard, ENS, France. Cold atoms in Flatland
09-Apr-07 Avi Loeb, Harvard Three Astrophysical Laboratories for Particle Physics
02-Apr-07 Richard Wilson, Harvard
Bruno Coppi, MIT.
The Scientific Work of Andrei Dmitreyvich Sakharov
19-Mar-07 Jun Ye, JILA, U. Colorado The Art of Light-Based Precision Measurement
12-Mar-07 John Pendry, Imperial College, London. A Cloak of Invisibility: Harry Potter Does Electromagnetism
05-Mar-07 Mara Prentiss, Harvard Phase Transitions in DNA:Temperature Matters
26-Feb-07 Joseph Kroll, U-Penn Matter-Antimatter Transformations at 3 Trillion Hertz
12-Feb-07 Phuan Ong, Princeton. FVorticity and high-Tc Superconductors
05-Feb-07 Maria Spiropulu, CERN. Discovery Physics at the LHC
18-Dec-06 Alfons van Blaaderen, Utrecht Colloids in Electric Fields
11-Dec-06 Rocky Kolb, University of Chicago. Taking Sides on the Dark Energy Issue [Loeb Colloquium]
04-Dec-06 Joerg Wrachtrup, Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany Defects in Diamond: New Hardware for the Quantum World?
27-Nov-06 Andre Geim, Univ. Manchester, UK QED in a Pencil Trace
20-Nov-06 Robijn Bruinsma, UCLA . Physics of Viruses
13-Nov-06 Masahiro Morii, Harvard Searching for New Physics in CP Violation with BABAR
06-Nov-06 Eric Adelberger, Washington U. Testing the Gravitational Inverse-Square Law below the Dark-Energy Length Scale
30-Oct-06 David Charbonneau, Harvard Extrasolar Planets: Seeing the Light
23-Oct-06 Albert-Laszlo Barabas, Notre Dame Complex Networks: From the Web to the Cell
16-Oct-06 Aharon Kapitulnik, Stanford Search for Yukawa-Type Gravity-like Forces at sub-mm distance
09-Oct-06 No Colloquium  
02-Oct-06 Ian Shipsey, Purdue Univ. Bringing Hearing to the Deaf, Cochlear Implants: A Technical and Personal Account
25-Sep-06 Philip H. Bucksbaum, Stanford Ultrafast Quantum Control
18-Sep-06 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard A new measurement of the electron magnetic moment and the fine structure constant

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Date Lecturer Title
15-May-06 David Kestenbaum, National Public Radio The 17th Street Canal: Anatomy of an Engineering Disaster
08-May-06 Greg Boebinger, Ntl. Magnetic Lab The Cusp at Optimum Doping in the Low-Temperature Hall Number of the High-Temperature Superconductors
01-May-06 Blayne Heckel, U-Washington Torsion Balance Tests of Gravity at Short Distances & Spin Coupled Forces
24-Apr-06 Bruce Rosen, MGH/Harvard Medical School Multi Modal Functional Brain Imaging
17-Apr-06 Donald Candela, University of Massachusetts Looking Inside The Sand Pile
10-Apr-06 Elizabeth Lada, U Florida Embedded Clusters: Laboratories for Understanding the Origin of Stars and Planets
03-Apr-06 Lawrence Krauss, Case Western Reserve University Science Under Attack
20-Mar-06 Persis Drell, SLAC Quantum Universe
13-Mar-06 Frank Wilczek, MIT The Origin of Mass and the Feebleness of Gravity
06-Mar-06 John Preskill, Caltech Putting Weirdness to Work: Quantum Information Science
27-Feb-06 Keith Baker, Hampton University Extra Dimensions, ATLAS, and COSM
13-Feb-06 Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT New Forms of Quantum Matter Near Absolute Zero Temperature
06-Feb-06 Chetan Nayak, UCLA Topological Quantum Computation
19-Dec-05 Peter Galison, Harvard DAssassin of Relativity
12-Dec-05 Ann Nelson, Univ. of Washington, Seattle The Neutrinos as a Window into the Dark
05-Dec-05 Stefan Westerhoff, Columbia Univ. The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
21-Nov-05 Alexey Vihklinin, Harvard Smithsonian Ctr. for Astrophysics Cosmology from X-ray observations of galaxy clusters
14-Nov-05 Moses Chan, Penn State U. Superfluidity in Solid Helium and Solid Hydrogen
07-Nov-05 Eric Heller, Harvard What Do Semiconductor Electrons and Freak Waves Have In Common?
24-Oct-05 Lars Samuelson, Lund Univ., Sweden Physics of Semiconductor Nanowires
17-Oct-05 Atac Imamoglu, ETH Zurich The Quantum Optics with Quantum Dots
03-Oct-05 David DeMille, Yale Tabletop Probes for TeV Physics
26-Sep-05 Markus Greiner, Harvard Fermi Condensates
19-Sep-05 David Nelson, Harvard. DNA Unzipping & Motor Proteins: Effect of the Genetic Code

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Date Lecturer Title
18-Apr-05 Robert Schoelkopf, Yale Quantum Optics with Superconducting Circuits
11-Apr-05 Savas Dimopoulos, Stanford University Particle Physics Circa 2010
04-Apr-05 Eli Yablonovitch, UCLA The End of the Semiconductor Roadmap: The Collision of Physics, Economics, and Sociology
21-Mar-05 Christopher Schaffer, UCSD Nonlinear Optics in Vivo
14-Mar-05 George Chapline, LLNL Quantum Criticality and Event Horizons
07-Mar-05 Amir Yacoby", Weizmann Institute Electron in 1D
28-Feb-05 Cumrun Vafa, Harvard Quantum Foam and Melting Crysta
14-Feb-05 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard Quantum Cyclotron Yields New Value for the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant
07-Feb-05 Robert Goldston, Princeton Magnetic Fusion Science and ITER
13-Dec-04 Philip Nelson, Pennsylvania University Mechanics of DNA at High Curvature
06-Dec-04 Daniel Ruger, IBM Almaden Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
29-Nov-04 Peter Zoller, Innsbruck University Quantum Information Processing with Atoms and Ions
22-Nov-04 Daniel Kleppner, MIT NBoost-Phase Intercept and the National Missile Defense
15-Nov-04 Daniel McCleese, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Exploration
08-Nov-04 Giorgio Gratta, Stanford The Quest for the Mass of the Neutrino
01-Nov-04 Andrew Kiruluta, Harvard From NMR to the Imaging of the Diffusion Tensor Field in the Brain and Beyond
25-Oct-04 Marvin L. Cohen, Berkeley A Standard Model for Solids
04-Oct-04 James Hudspeth, The Rockefeller University. Mechanical Amplification in the Ear
20-Sep-04 Eugene Demler, Harvard Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices and Magnetic Microtraps

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Date Lecturer Title
03-May-04 Mark Konishi, Caltech. How Auditory Space is Represented in the Brain
19-Apr-04 Angela Belcher, MIT. Virus Based Hybrid Materials [NSCE Lecture]
12-Apr-04 Freeman Dyson, IAS Princeton Looking for Life in Unlikely Places
05-Apr-04 David Wineland, NIST Quantum Entanglement With Atoms
22-Mar-04 Gerard Meijer, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. Cold Molecules
15-Mar-04 Leonid Glazman, Minnesota University Transport in a Luttinger Liquid
08-Mar-04 David Awschalom, UC Santa Barbara Semiconductor Spintronics
23-Feb-04 Paul McEuen, Cornell "Carbon Nanotubes-Electons in a 1D World
09-Feb-04 Thomas Witten, Chicago University Anomalous Focusing in Elastic Sheets
12-Jan-04 Hongkun Park, Harvard Transport & Scanned Probe Investigations of Chemical Nanostructures
15-Dec-03 Paul Chaikin, Princeton Jammed Ellipsoids Beat Jammed Spheres
08-Dec-03 Fred MacKintosh, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam Polymer Physics and the Cell
01-Dec-03 Georg Maret, Konstanz University The Physics of Light Transport
24-Nov-03 Alvaro De Rujula, CERN and BU. Towards a Complete Theory of Gamma-Ray Bursts
17-Nov-03 Sekazi Mtingwa, North Carolina A&T State University and Harvard An Update on the Linear Collider
10-Nov-03 Christopher Quigg, FNAL Double Simplex: Envisioning
03-Nov-03 Gary Feldman, Harvard Neutrino Oscillations: What We Know, What We Want to Know, and How We Get From Here to There
27-Oct-03 Douglas Hofstadter, Indiana University How Analogy Drives Physics
20-Oct-03 Leonid Levitov, MIT. Pattern Formation in a Cold Exciton System
29-Sep-03 Barbara Jacak, SUNY On the Trail of the Quark Gluon Plasma at RHIC
02-Sep-03 Helen Quinn, Stanford Why Keep Doing B Physics?

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Date Lecturer Title
12-May-03 Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich Seeing Particles Beneath Waves
05-May-03 Steve Kivelson, UCLA Locally Crystalline Electron Liquids
14-Apr-03 Ellen D. Williams, UMD. Fluctuations of Nanoscale Structures
07-Apr-03 Jeff Kimble, Caltech The New Science of Quantum Information
17-Mar-03 Ian Affleck, BU 1D Antiferromagnets: A Laboratory for Low Dimensional Quantum Field Theory
10-Mar-03 Boris Shklovskii, Univ. Minnesota Charge Inversion and Gene Delivery
24-Feb-03 James Eisenstein, Caltech Surprises in 2 Dimensions: From the Quantized Hall Effect to Exciton Condensation
10-Feb-03 Michael Turner, U-Chicago Making Sense of the New Cosmology
16-Dec-02 Robert Dijkgraaf Quantum Physics and Mathematics
09-Dec-02 Hitoshi Murayama, Berkeley Big World of Small Neutrinos
02-Dec-02 Seigo Tarucha, University of Tokyo QD-Spin
18-Nov-02 A.C. Gossard, UC Santa Barbara Semiconductor Nanostructues
04-Nov-02 Krishna Rajagopal, MIT The Condensed Matter Physics of QCD
28-Oct-02 Gerald Gabrielse, Havard Background-free Observation of Cold Antihydrogen with a First Glimpse of Its Atomic State
21-Oct-02 Eric Chaisson, Tufts The Rise of Complexity in Nature
07-Oct-02 Amnon Aharony, Tel Aviv University What Is Really Measured in the Mesoscopic Aharonov-Bohm Interferometer
30-Sep-02 David DiVincenzo, IBM Prospects for Quantum Computation
23-Sep-02 Raphael Bousso, Harvard The World as a Hologram

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Date Lecturer Title
13-May-02 Michel Devoret, Yale ManipulatioMonColloqArchiven of Quantum State of Electrical Circuit
06-May-02 Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Stanford Generation of Photons from a Quantum Dot
29-Apr-02 S. Weinberg, U-TX Anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background: The Short Course [Loeb Colloquium]
]22-Apr-02 Leon Balents, UC Santa Barbara Splitting the Electron
15-Apr-02 Michael Roukes, CalTech Mechanical devices for single-molecule and single-quantum nanoscience
08-Apr-02 Zhi-xun Shen, Stanford Many Body Physics in Cuprate Superconductors
01-Apr-02 Daniel Lathrop, U-Maryland AJets, Rogue Waves, Turbulence and Tornados
18-Mar-02 John Huth, Harvard The Physics of Musical Instruments
11-Mar-02 George Benedek, MIT Elastic Properties Biological Springs
04-Mar-02 Dirk Kreimer, BU Quantum Fields and Numbers
25-Feb-02 Abraham Loeb, Harvard The First Sources of Light in the Universe
11-Feb-02 John Carlstrom, Univ. Chicago Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background and the South Pole DASI Experiment
04-Feb-02 Cherry Murray, Bell Labs. Physical Science Research at Bell Labs
07-Jan-02 Boris Shraiman, Lucent Modeling Genetic Networks
10-Dec-01 G. Whitesides, Harvard Self Assembly
03-Dec-01 Dec 3, 2001: "Massive Thoughts", Young-Kee Kim, Univ. CA., Berkeley. Massive Thoughts
26-Nov-01 Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard President Science and Public Policy
19-Nov-01 Steven M. Girvin, Yale DC Transformer and DC Josephson(-like) Effect in Quantum Hall Bilayers
05-Nov-01 P. Zoller, Innsbruk Quantum Information with Quantum Optics
29-Oct-01 W. Ketterle, MIT Bose-Einstein Condensation
22-Oct-01 J. Marko, U. Illinois OMicromanipulation Study of Physical Properties of DNA and Chromosomes
15-Oct-01 S. Sachdev, Yale Competing Orders and Quantum Phase Transitions in the Cuprate High Temperature Superconductors
01-Oct-01 A. McDonald, Queen's The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory: Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem
24-Sep-01 N. Arkani-Hamed, Harvard Deconstructing Dimensions: Adventures In Theory Space
17-Sep-01 C. Lieber, Harvard Nanowires as Building Blocks for Nanoscale Science and Technology

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Date Lecturer Title
07-May-01 Costas Papaliolios, Harvard New Ways to Find New Planets
30-Apr-01 David Grier, U. Chicago Macroionic Mysteries: Many-body Interactions in Strongly Coupled Classical Systems
23-Apr-01 Lisa Randall New Dimensions to Einstein's Gravity
16-Apr-01 Carl Wieman Quantum Explosions and Implosions in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
09-Apr-01 Shri Kulkarni, California Tech. Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Brightest Explosions in the Universe
02-Apr-01 David Nelson, Harvard Viruses, Vesicles and Multi-electron Bubbles: the Thomson Problem Revisited
12-Mar-01 Robert Carey, Boston U. A New Precision Measurement of the Muon (g-2) Value at the level of 1.3 ppm
26-Feb-01 Susan Coppersmith, Chicago U. The Complexity of Materials
12-Feb-01 Bertram Batlogg, ETH Zurich and Bell Laboratories Organic Molecular Crystals: Amazing New Opportunities for Science and Technology
05-Feb-01 Mark Meister, Harvard. The Neural Code of the Retina
04-Dec-00 Thomas Greytak, MIT Bose-Einstein Condensation in Atomic Hydrogen
20-Nov-00 Mikhail Lukin, ITAMP, Smithsonian Ctr. for Astrophysics Coherence and Quantum Information in Modern Optic
13-Nov-00 Kathryn Ann Moler, Stanford Mesomagnetic Tests of Mechanisms of Superconductivity
06-Nov-00 Blayne Heckel, Univ. of Washington in Seattle Were Newton and Einstein Right?
30-Oct-00 Phillip Platzman, Lucent Technologies Quantum Computing Using Electrons Floating On Liquid Helium
23-Oct-00 Fritz Haake, University of Essen Decoherence, or Why the Macroworld Behaves Classically
16-Oct-00 Peter Fisher, MIT Stretching the Vacum: Precision Measurements of the Weak Interaction and the Search for the Higgs Boson
02-Oct-00 Joseph Polchinski, UC Santa Barbara String Duality and D-Branes [Loeb Colloquium]
18-Sep-00 Norman Ramsey, Harvard Exploring the Universe with Atomic Clocks

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