Physics 253: Quantum Field Theory Lectures by Sidney R. Coleman

Recorded in 1975-1976.

The videos shown here were transferred to DVD in 2007 straight from surviving VHS tapes, which were, in turn, copied from the original source tapes. As such, the quality of the image has suffered and is as good as currently feasible without resorting to an expensive remastering process. Made in 1975-1976, the videos were shot using a black and white tube video camera. The black halo or vignette effect you see around the image is caused by the camera's Image Orthicon pickup tube.

Harvard affiliates have the option of borrowing DVDs of these lecture from Physics Research Library. Please note, however, that the resolution on the DVDs is comparable - or only marginally better - to that of the online video archive files.

Professor Coleman's wit and teaching style is legendary and, despite all that may have changed in the 35 years since these lectures were recorded, many students today are excited at the prospect of being able to view them and experience Sidney's particular genius second-hand.

small arrowThe lectures have been transcribed and published as a book in 2019:

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