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The Physics Department is delighted to announce the promotion of Matthew Schwartz to Professor of Physics with tenure. Matt received his B.A. in Mathematics and Biophysics and M.A. in Mathematics from University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and Ph.D. from Princeton in 2003. After doing postdoctoral work at Berkeley and at Johns Hopkins, he joined Harvard as an Assistant Professor in 2008.

Fig. 1: The experimental setup
Magnetic resonance techniques not only provide powerful imaging tools that have revolutionized medicine, but they have a wide spectrum of applications in other fields of science such as biology, chemistry...

Fig. 1
Light-driven chemical reactions on semiconductor surfaces have potential for addressing energy and pollution needs through efficient chemical synthesis; however, little is known about the time evolution of excited states...

Tomo Lazovich, Ruffin Evans, and Aaron Kabcenell
Physics graduate students Aaron Kabcenell, Tomo Lazovich, and Ruffin Evans win this year's NDSEG asnd Merit scholarships...

Lecture I: "Surveying the Southern Skies with the SkyMapper Telescope"
Colloquium: "Type 1A Supernovae, the Accelerating Cosmos, and Dark Energy"
Lecture II: "After the Dark Ages: The First Stars"

Fig. 1
Prof. Xiaowei Zhuang and members of her group have devised a method of visualizing RNA molecules inside cells so that the identity, location, and abundance of more than 1,000 different RNA species can be determined at the same time...

Fig. 1
Atom- and site-resolved experiments with ultracold atoms in optical lattices provide a powerful platform for the simulation of strongly correlated materials. In Rapid Communication in Physical review A*...

Fig. 2
The intersystem crossing (ISC) is an important process in many solid-state atomlike impurities. For example, it allows the electronic spin state of the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond to be initialized and read out using optical fields at ambient temperatures...


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