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 General behaviour observed in the topological Josephson junction

Topological insulators are a newly discovered phase of matter characterized by gapped bulk states surrounded by conducting boundary states. Since their theoretical discovery, these materials have encouraged intense efforts to study their properties and capabilities...

A number of methods have been proposed recently which exploit multiple highly-correlated interpretations of events, or of jets within an event. For example, Qjets reclusters a jet multiple times and telescoping jets uses multiple cone sizes...

Prof. Adam Cohen
The Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists supports and honors outstanding scientists and engineers by encouraging and accelerating innovation through unrestricted funding and by recognizing their extraordinary achievements as vital contributions to science and society.

Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center

WHEN: Thursday, September 18, 2014
8:00AM - 8:00PM
WHERE: Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center, North Andover, MA

All-optical electrophysiology—spatially resolved simultaneous optical perturbation and measurement of membrane voltage—would open new vistas in neuroscience research. Professor Adam Cohen and colleagues from Harvard, MIT, University of Alberta, Canada, and Beijing Genomics Institute–Shenzhen, China...

Patterns Formed by Shadows of Spheres

Motivated by colloidal lithography, Harvard Physics Grad Student Sarah Kostinski, SEAS Postdoc Elizabeth Chen, and Professor Michael Brenner studied the problem of characterizing periodic planar patterns formed by shadows of spheres. The set of patterns accessible to shadow lithography spanned by lattice types...

fellowships winners

Congratulations to Harvard Physics graduate students Elizabeth Jerison and Debanjan Chowdhury who won the Harvard Merit Scholarship and Nabiha Saklayen who was awarded an International Student Research Fellowship by the Howard Hughes...

Prof. M. Morii

The Department of Physics would like to congratulate Professor Masahiro Morii on his appointment as Department Chair.

World-wide quantum clock network
A quantum network of atomic clocks could create even more accurate and stable time-keeping devices than present atomic clocks, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Physics. Such a network could have technological applications as well as provide a resource for Earth science studies and fundamental tests...

Prof. M. Franklin

Melissa Franklin, an experimental particle physicist, has had a career of firsts, some scientific, some social. Read an Interview with Prof. Melissa Franklin in the Harvard Gazette.


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