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Prof. Eric Mazur

Prof. Eric Mazur is the first winner of the Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education. In recognizing Dr. Mazur for his significant contributions to improving higher education, the Minerva Academy specifically noted his development of Peer Instruction...

Schematic of the high-DOS regions which contribute to QPI
Superconductivity arises from pairing of electrons on the Fermi surface. Professors Jenny Hoffman and Subir Sachdev, with colleagues from Harvard, MIT, Nagoya University, and Northeastern University report in Science...

D-wave bond order

Professors Hoffman, Sachdev are at the forefront of cutting-edge research on high-energy superconductors.  Read: N. Wolchover, "Decoding the Secrets of Superconductivity," Quanta Magazine (20 April 2014).

Dr. Dalla Torre
Dr. Dalla Torre was awarded the Alon Fellowship for young faculty members by the Israeli Council for Higher Education. He is currently a post-doctorate fellow at the Department of Physics, in the group of Prof. Eugene Demler, and an ITAMP fellow. Next year Dr. Dalla Torre is...

On April 15, students in Andy Strominger’s Spring Freshman Seminar, Black Holes, String Theory and the Fundamental Laws of Nature, met with recent David M. Lee Historical speaker and Nobel laureate Francois Englert and his wife, pictured here with the students after a relaxed evening of questions and answers.  Munching on ribs and cornbread, Dr.

Prof. Sachdev

Congratulations to Professor Subir Sachdev for being elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences!

Book Cover
Professor Eric Mazur has published a groundbreaking, modern introductory physics textbook that builds up physics from conservation principles: Principles & Practice of Physics (Pearson, 2014)...

Quantum optical switches are important elements of quantum circuits and quantum networks, analogous to transistors in classical electronic circuits. Operated at the fundamental limit where a single quantum of light or matter controls another field or material system...

New MRI technique provides subnanometre spatial resolution in three dimensions, with single electron-spin sensitivity...

Colloquium (Apr 28): "The spin glass cornucopia"
Lecture I (Apr 29): "Phase transitions in hard computer science problems"
Lecture II (Apr 30): "Occam’s razor in massive data acquisition: a statistical physics approach"


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