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An international group of researchers, including Professor L. Mahadevan, has developed a quantitative computational model for the development of villi in the gut of humans and other species.

The ATLAS Standard Model group workshop will be held in Harvard, 19-21 September, 2013. The first day of the workshop is an open session with invited theory talks. The second and the third days are for ATLAS internal discussions.

This workshop is dedicated to the memory Adilet Imambekov (1981-2012).
Participants include Lev Ioffe (Rutgers), Jun Kono (Rice), Matteo Rizzi (Mainz), Alexei Tsvelik (Brookhaven), Vladimir Gritsev (Fribourg)...

Schedule of Events:

9:00 – 10:00 am Breakfast in the G1 area (and G1 desk assignments)
10:00 – 11:30 am Orientation in Jefferson 356...

Nanothermometer for the Living Cell

Researchers from Harvard, MIT, and the City University of Hong Kong, led by Professors Mikhail Lukin and Hongkun Park, developed a new approach for nanoscale temperature control inside a living cell...

A team of MIT, Harvard, and the Vienna University of Technology scientists built an all-optical transistor. Using ultracold atoms researchers were able to demonstrate that a single gate photon can control the transmission of hundreds of signal photons...

Prof. Melissa Franklin lead a group of physics students in building a small boat, from raw materials to its successful launch on Charles River...

Monday, June 10 • ​Northwest Building, B101, 52 Oxford Street
9:00   Jeremy England, Asst. Professor of Physics, MIT, "A game of musical chairs: the simple physics of protein conformational change"

Dr. Barandes

Each year, the undergraduate members of Alpha Iota, the Harvard College chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Soclety, award Excellence in Teaching Prize to three members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences...

60 students who participated in Prof. Eric Heller's "Why You Hear What You Hear: The Science of Music and Sound" class (SPU13) presented their demos of original sound/music-related projects.


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