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image of stems and shoots
It is well known that as plants grow, their stems and shoots respond to outside signals like light and gravity. But if plants all have similar stimuli, why are there so many different stem shapes? Why does a weeping willow grow downwards while nearby poison ivy shoots upwards?...

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Dr. David Morin's new book, Special Relativity: For the Enthusiastic Beginner, is written for high school and college students learning about special relativity for the first time. It will appeal to the reader who has a healthy level of enthusiasm for understanding how and why the various results of special relativity come about...

Time crystals are hypothetical structures that pulse without requiring any energy — like a ticking clock that never needs winding. The pattern repeats in time in much the same way that the atoms of a crystal repeat in space...

Two Harvard graduate students want to make curing blood cancer or HIV as easy as pressing a button. Ph.D. candidates Nabiha Saklayen and Marinna Madrid have launched a startup to develop a simple, push-button device...

Photo of Naomi Oreskes
The Scientist as Sentinel
Wed, March 29, 2017 @7:00pm
Science Center Hall B
One Oxford St., Cambridge, MA

Galileo called mathematics the “language with which God wrote the universe.” He described a picture-language, and now that language has a new dimension. Prof. Arthur Jaffe, postdoc Zhengwei Liu, and researcher Alex Wozniakowski have developed...

Harvard Physics Monday Colloquium
February 27, 2017 @ 4:15PM
Lecture by Ramamurti Shankar,
John Randolph Huffman Professor of Physics, Yale University

In a new Nature Nanotechnology article, Hongkun Park and Donhee Ham (SEAS) groups describe a new tool they developed which is capable of high-precision electrophysiological recording of a large network of electrogenic cells...

Two-dimensional materials offer a promising platform for exploring condensed matter phenomena and developing technological applications. However, the reduction of material dimensions to the atomic scale poses a challenge...

Prof. Bertrand Halperin

On January 31, 2017, Harvard Physics celebrated Prof. Bertrand Halperin's 75th birthday. Watch the talks by Jim Eisenstein, Nigel Cooper, Catherine Kallin, Chandra Varma, Yuval Oreg, Pierre Hohenberg, and Partha Mitra


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