PGSC 2015-2016 Agenda (Tentative)

Drafted on June 22, 2015

The present document is a tentative agenda of the 2015-2016 Council1. The Council welcomes any suggestions or comments on its agenda.

I. Summer

1. Ice cream party

  • Council member in charge: Olivia

2. Desk assignment in the G2 area

  • Council member in charge: Joe* and another student
  • For this year, Lisa Cacciabaudo will make nal decisions on the desk assignment in the G2 area in consultation with two volunteering students, one from a rising G2 class and the other from a group of students who already has a desk in the G2 area and uses it as his or her primary working environment.

3. New G1's informal orientation

  • Council member in charge: Olivia

4. Graduate school progress/professional development checklists

  • Council member in charge: Jae

II. Fall

1. G1 orientation kickball

  • Council member in charge: Olivia
  • Olivia may organize activities other than the kickball for this year.

2. Department-wide buddy program

  • Council member in charge: Jae*, Joe*, Anna*
  • Details to be discussed at July monthly meeting (7/20)

3. Survey

4. Feedback session

5. Mental health information session (with excerpts from anonymous essays)

1An asterisk (*) next to the name of the Council member in charge of an activity means tentative.