A Faster Diamond Magnetometer

October 1, 2018

The spin state of a diamond defect known as a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center is highly sensitive to a magnetic field. As such, NV centers can be used as tiny magnetometers. However, sequential measurements are needed to detect each spatial component of a magnetic field, limiting the use of these devices. Now, Dr. Ronald Walsworth and colleagues from Harvard Center for Brain Science have created an NV-center magnetometer that simultaneously measures all three spatial components of a magnetic field. The new device is 4 times faster than existing diamond-defect magnetometers and can measure fields that are 2 times smaller in strength...


Fish-Eye Lens May Entangle Pairs of Atoms

September 6, 2018

Fig. 1 from J. Perczel et al., Phys. Rev. A (2018)

Nearly 150 years ago, the physicist James Maxwell proposed that a circular lens that is thickest at its center, and that gradually thins out at its edges, should exhibit some fascinating optical behavior. Namely, when light is shone through such a lens, it should travel around in perfect circles, creating highly unusual, curved paths of light.