ICTP Interview with Prof. Sachdev

May 14, 2019
Interview with Subir Sachdev

Prof. Subir Sachdev, one of the three physicists who shared the 2018 International Center for Theoretical Physics Dirac Medal for cross-disciplinary approaches to many-body systems, was at ICTP on March 28, 2019, for award ceremony, and sat down to discuss his career, his approach to research, and his future research plans.


Researchers Solve Magic Angle Mystery

March 21, 2019

Moiré pattern (Courtesy: Alex Kruchkov).

Exactly a year ago, researchers at MIT reported on observing superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene – a new experimental platform engineered on two misaligned graphene layers – at "magic angles" near 1.1°. The origin of these angles was a mystery, however. A team at Harvard University has now shown that they appear to be fundamentally connected to quantum Hall wave functions.


Gauge Theory for the Cuprates Near Optimal Doping

February 25, 2019

Figure 1: Schematic phase diagram of SU(2) gauge theory with adjoint Higgs fields for the hole-doped cuprates.*
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Recent experiments have revealed remarkable new features of the optimal doping state of cuprate superconductors, namely, a peak in the specific heat for the hole-doped case and a state with Fermi pockets but only fluctuating antiferromagnetic order for the electron-doped case.