Senior Lecturer

Dr. Walsworth   Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Mail Stop 59
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

 Research Group

Administrative Assistant: Hannah Belcher
Jefferson 244 • (617) 496-3968 • hbelcher@fas.harvard.edu

Ron Walsworth leads an interdisciplinary research group with a focus on developing precision measurement tools and applying them to important problems in both the physical and life sciences: from AMO physics, astrophysics and nanoscience to bioimaging, brain science and medical diagnostics.

Current areas of research include: nanoscale magnetometry and spin physics with Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond; the use of laser frequency combs as improved optical wavelength calibrators for astrophysics, with applications to the search for Earth-like exoplanets; precision tests of fundamental physical laws and symmetries using maser atomic clocks; super-resolution optical imaging and functionalized electron microscopy for brain science and other bioimaging applications; and the development of novel NMR and MRI tools, with applications to basic spin physics and medical imaging.

 List of Publications