Two Professors Win the Physics Frontiers Prize

November 5, 2013

Professor Vafa's image curtesy of Hayward Photography.

Professors Andrew Strominger and Cumrun Vafa have been awarded  the Physics Frontiers Prize by the Fundamental Physics Prize Committee for their "numerous deep and groundbreaking contributions to quantum field theory, quantum gravity, string theory and geometry. Their joint statistical derivation of the Bekenstein-Hawking area-entropy relation unified the laws of thermodynamics with the laws of black hole dynamics and revealed the holographic nature of quantum spacetime".

The prize, established in 2012 by a venture capitalist and theoretical physicist Yuri Milner, recognizes "transformative achievements in the field of fundamental physics and aims to provide recipients with more freedom and opportunity to pursue future accomplishments". The selection committee for the prize consists of prior winners and several other preeminent physicists.

"I am delighted that this recognition comes from such a distinguished group of colleagues", remarked Professor Vafa.  "We do physics because we enjoy it.  Nevertheless such awards help reinforce the notion that society can view a scientific career as glamorous as any other.  This may make it easier for future scientists to choose science as a career."