New Department Chair: Professor Masahiro Morii

June 18, 2014
Prof. M. Morii

The Department of Physics would like to congratulate Professor Masahiro Morii on his appointment as Department Chair.

Prof. Morii, an experimental particle physicist, received his PhD from University of Tokyo in 1994 and, after a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, joined Harvard in 2000. He had worked on OPAL, BABAR, and LUX experiment in the past. His current research focuses on searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model using the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider: as part of the ATLAS team, he was responsible for the discovery of a particle consistent with the Higgs Boson at 126 GeV. [For more on Higgs discovery and the Harvard physicists who took part in it, please read the Gazette story.]