How to Make (Almost) Anything

October 19, 2014

The Harvard Physics Teaching Lab is hosting a section of a course taught by Neil Gershenfeld (MIT) and offered jointly at MIT and Harvard, "How to Make (Almost) Anything." The Harvard section is comprised of five women and eleven men from across the campus, including students and staff from Physics, SEAS, GSD, and other departments. The students work together in the Science Center teaching labs to complete each week's assignment in fabrication, with mentoring from Rob Hart, TFs, and course alums, but most of the teaching is done by the class members themselves as they figure out each week's assignments. The topics include electronics design, microcontroller programming for sensing and control, molding and casting, laser cutting and 3D printing, and use of design software. The pace is challenging, and the learning is collaborative, hands-on, and cross-disciplinary. Many students are able to apply the processes in creative ways to their areas of interest, from physics to visual arts and design.