Vincent Coljee Headed for Mars Desert Research Station

October 28, 2014
FMARS station

Image: Mars Society

Harvard Physics Research Scientist Vincent Coljee is one of finalists in the international group of 21 volunteers selected for possible participation in Mars Arctic 365 mission by the Mars Society, dedicated to furthering the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet.

Vincent is a member of the first seven-member crew (Crew 142) which was sent to the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah on November 1, 2014, for a 16-day period, with two crews to follow. The group's mission is to obtain further training and to gain data for the remaining selection process that will lead to the choice of the final six-person crew for a one-year simulated human Mars exploration mission in the Canadian high Arctic. Its goals are to serve as a Mars analog environment for field operations, science, and research in preparation for human missions to Mars and for generating public support and interest for sending humans to the Red Planet.

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