Strominger Awarded 2014 Oskar Klein Medal!

November 14, 2014
Prof. Andrew Strominger

The Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture Committee has invited Prof. Andrew Strominger to deliver the Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture and receive the Oskar Klein medal, to honor his "key contributions to string theory and quantum gravity. Some of his best known work includes elucidating the connection between string theory and elementary particle physics through the compactification of extra spacetime dimensions; exploring higher dimensional analogues of black holes that appear as soliton solutions in string theory; explaining the thermodynamic entropy of black holes in terms of microphysical quantum states in string theory; and, more recently, uncovering a tantalizing correspondence between quantum field theory and geometric properties of rapidly rotating black holes."

The 2014 Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture will be given by Prof. Strominger on Thursday, November 19, 2014, in the Oskar Klein Auditorium at the AlbaNova University Centre in Stockholm. The Lecture is sponsored by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Committee for Physics and by Stockholm University.