Golovchenko Wins Fannie Cox Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching

October 20, 2015
Prof. Jene Golovchenko

Prof. Jene Golovchenko is a co-recipient of the Fannie Cox Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching. The prize is awarded annually in recognition of exceptional teaching in introductory science classes. Winners are nominated by faculty at large and selected by a committee composed of past award recipients. The committee makes selections based on the candidate’s ability to inspire students, instill in them a passion for science, and effectively communicate complex ideas.

Jene Golovchenko is described by his students as “inspiring,” “disciplined,” and “transformative.” His development of the Freshman Seminar: The Physics and Applied Physics Freshman Research Laboratory, with the specific purpose of putting freshmen into a research setting early on in their careers, has inspired generations of students to pursue a career in the sciences. Students rave about his interactive and hands-on approach to teaching and enthusiasm for the material.  [from Dean Bloxham's letter]

For more information, see the Gazette article by Stephanie Kacoyanis, December 23, 2015.