Physics Newsletter Fall 2015

November 5, 2015

Announcement from the Chair:

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the Department's second magazine format newsletter is now available online.  This was again a great, concerted effort from many corners of the Department and I would like to thank all the contributing authors, in addition to the Newsletter Committee of Professors Horowitz, Jafferis, Kim, and Dr. Logan McCarty and along with Mary McCarthy, Anne Trubia, and Marina Werbeloff for their efforts.  With each issue we learn more about ways to improve and streamline our production processes.  I look forward to your feedback and to getting started on our next issue very soon.

The newsletter has been sent to all our domestic alumni and should be arriving in most mailboxes by November 14.  We will be sending an announcement pointing our international constituents to the web-based version. For all faculty in Lyman and Jefferson, you should have received a hardcopy of the newsletter in your office last Thursday.  For our dually appointed faculty and those whose offices are not in Jefferson/Lyman your newsletter will come to you via campus mail.  If you require additional copies or would like to confirm if any of your special contacts have received the newsletter, please contact Mary McCarthy at


Masahiro Morii
Chair and Professor of Physics
Harvard University