Soft Hair on Black Holes

January 12, 2016
Artist's rendering of a black hole

Image Credit: MASA/JPL-Caltech

In the mid 1970s, Stephen Hawking made a string of unnerving discoveries about black holes—that they could evaporate, even explode, and destroy all information about what had fallen in. Physicists spent the next 40 years sorting through the wreckage. Then last year, at a conference in Stockholm, Hawking said that he and his collaborators were close to a solution to the so-called black-hole information paradox.

Read the interview with Prof. Andrew Strominger in Scientific American in which he explains some of the concepts and findings related to the team's research. Also read the long-awated paper: S.W. Hawking, M.J. Perry, A. Strominger, "Soft Hair on Black Holes," arXiv:1601.00921 [hep-th].