Mohammad Hamidian Wins the 2016 Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prize

March 17, 2016

Harvard Physics Research Associate Mohammad Hamidian is the winner of the 2016 Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prize for North and South America.

Dr. Hamidian’s contributions to condensed matter physics have focused on strongly correlated electronic materials and atomic-scale visualization methods of electronic structure using scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM). He has pioneered the use of milliKelvin STM technology and, from heavy fermions to cuprate high temperature superconductors, has used it identify new states of electronic matter, and to expose mechanisms of phase competition, broken symmetries, and topological transitions. His culminating accomplishment was the first discovery of a spatially modulated electronic superfluid in the cuprates, and in fact in any condensed matter system.

For further information, see the LOR announcement.

The objective of the Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prize is to promote and recognize the novel work of young scientists working in the fields of low temperatures, high magnetic fields or surface science in North and South America.