"I Am A Scientist" Campaign

May 12, 2017
portraits of diverse scientists

Nabiha Saklayen, who is a 2017 graduating PhD in Physics, is a Program Director for the new campaign "I Am A Scientist." The campaign is a collaboration between artists, educators, and researchers in the Boston area. It is being organized by The People’s Science, a non-profit dedicated to improving the relationship between science and society.

"The 'I Am A Scientist' Campaign is focused on increasing and embracing diversity in STEM," says Saklayen. "To do so, we believe it is crucial to start with changing the image that students (and teachers) have of what it means to be a scientist. We believe diversifying this image both includes and extends beyond categories such as race, gender, sexuality, physical ability, and religion. The campaign aims to also share the person behind the science - pet passions, unexpected hobbies, challenges, interesting trivia - so that middle and high school students can see themselves in the stories. We are sharing the science and stories of real world AMAZING scientists, and delivering them to classrooms nationwide. Because every student deserves the chance to see themselves in science. We are excited to work with educators on this exciting campaign."