Sachdev Awarded 2018 Dirac Medal

August 9, 2018
photos of three winners

Prof. Subir Sachdev, together with Dam Thanh Son (U. Chicago) and Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT), awarded the 2018 Dirac Medal by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics "for their independent contributions toward understanding novel phases in strongly interacting many-body systems, introducing original cross-disciplinary techniques."

Prof. Sachdev, according to the ICTP citatio,"has made pioneering contributions to many areas of theoretical condensed matter physics. Of particular importance were the development of the theory of quantum critical phenomena in insulators, superconductors and metals; the theory of spin-liquid states of quantum antiferromagnets and the theory of fractionalized phases of matter; the study of novel deconfinement phase transitions; the theory of quantum matter without quasiparticles; and the application of many of these ideas to a priori unrelated problems in black hole physics, including a concrete model of non-Fermi liquids."