Photon-Mediated Interactions Between Quantum Emitters in a Diamond Nanocavity

September 26, 2018

Fig. 4. from Evans, et al.* Reprinted by permission of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, ©2018.

Photon-mediated interactions between quantum systems are essential for realizing quantum networks and scalable quantum information processing. Prof. Mikhail Lukin and colleagues report on such interactions between pairs of silicon-vacancy (SiV) color centers coupled to a diamond nanophotonic cavity in the latest issue of Science. When the optical transitions of the two color centers are tuned into resonance, the coupling to the common cavity mode results in a coherent interaction between them, leading to spectrally-resolved superradiant and subradiant states. The researchers use the electronic spin degrees of freedom of the SiV centers to control these optically-mediated interactions. Such controlled interactions will be crucial in developing cavity-mediated quantum gates between spin qubits and for realizing scalable quantum network nodes.

*R.E. Evans, M.K. Bhaskar, D.D. Sukachev, C.T. Nguyen, A. Sipahigil, M.J. Burek, B. Machielse, G.H. Zhang, A.S. Zibrov, E. Bielejec, H. Park, M. Lončar, M.D. Lukin, "Photon-mediated interactions between quantum emitters in a diamond nanocavity," Science  20 Sep 2018: eaau4691. DOI: 10.1126/science.aau4691.