Gauge Theory for the Cuprates Near Optimal Doping

February 25, 2019

Figure 1: Schematic phase diagram of SU(2) gauge theory with adjoint Higgs fields for the hole-doped cuprates.*
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Recent experiments have revealed remarkable new features of the optimal doping state of cuprate superconductors, namely, a peak in the specific heat for the hole-doped case and a state with Fermi pockets but only fluctuating antiferromagnetic order for the electron-doped case.

A new paper by Prof. Subir Sachdev and postdocs Harley Scammell, Mathias Scheurer, and Grigory Tarnopolsky propose a unified SU(2) gauge theory with a Higgs field and demonstrate how it can explain these disparate phenomena by way of topological phase transitions and crossovers.

*S. Sachdev, H.D. Scammell, M.S. Scheurer, and G. Tarnopolsky, "Gauge theory for the cuprates near optimal doping,"Phys. Rev. B 99, 054516 (2019).