Researchers Combine Quantum Expertise to Advance Research in Ultracold Molecules

July 15, 2019

A computer image of the dissociation process of an ultracold molecule (credit: Columbia University).

Leaders in the field of ultracold molecule research from Columbia and Harvard universities are teaming up to propel understanding of the quantum mechanics of chemical reactions.

The partnership will result in the development of new, more precise techniques that will expand the field of ultracold chemistry to a currently unattainable array of molecular species and reactions, enabling new generations of experiments in fundamental physics.[...]

Principal Investigator Zelevinsky and co-researcher John Doyle, at Harvard, have received a $1 million grant over the course of three years to take their work to the next level by developing an experimental facility that will open up the field of ultracold chemistry to a much wider array of atomic and molecular species and reactions.

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