2016 Goldhaber Prize Winners

April 22, 2016

Michael Coughlin (left) and Christopher Frye

Graduate students Michael Coughlin and Christopher Frye won the 2016 Maurice and Gertrude Goldhaber Prize (for experimental and theoretical physics, respectively).

The prize is awarded annually by the department to its most outstanding current PhD students after they pass their qualifying exams, based on their accomplishments, creativity, and innovative approaches to research, as determined by a vote of the faculty.


F-Theory and the Classification of Little Strings

April 14, 2016

Depiction of how to construct the base of an F-theory model for a LST. All LST bases are obtained by adding one additional curve to the base for a 6D SCFT. This additional curve can intersect either one or two curves of the SCFT base. Much as in the study of Lie algebras, LSTs should be viewed as an “affine extension” of SCFTs. [Reprinted by permission from APS.]


New Book by David Morin

April 7, 2016
image of book cover

The new book by David Morin, Probability: For the Enthusiastic Beginner, is written for high school and college students learning about probability for the first time. It will appeal to the reader who has a healthy level of enthusiasm for understanding how and why the various results of probability come about.


Enhanced Thermoelectric Power in Graphene: Violation of the Mott Relation by Inelastic Scattering

March 30, 2016

Figure 1: (a) The measured conductivity σ (a) and (b) TEP S as functions of temperature T and gate voltage Vg in the sample with lowest disorder in this experiment (sample D3). At T=20, 130, and 250 K (horizontal dash cuts), σ(Vg) and S(Vg) (solid curves) are shown in the overlaid graphs where the temperature cuts indicate σ or S=0. The upper inset shows a typical device image where the scale bar corresponds to 2  μm. [Reprinted with permission from APS ©2016.]