Designing a Pop-Up Future

January 28, 2016

Various shapes made from Miura-ori pattern (Image courtesy of Mahadevan Lab)

Origami describes rules for creating folded structures from patterns on a flat sheet, but does not prescribe how patterns can be designed to fit target shapes. In an article in Nature Materials*, Prof. L. Mahadevan and colleagues from SEAS and University of Tokyo describe their use of origami folds, or tessellations, to program curvature for creating various pop-up objects.


Biomimetic 4D Printing

January 26, 2016

Simple flowers composed of 90°/0° bilayers oriented with respect to the long axis of each petal, with time-lapse sequences of the flowers during the swelling process (bottom panel). [Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature Materials ©2016]