How Termites Ventilate

September 11, 2015

Fig. 3: Thermal images of a termite mound

As builders go, termites don’t have many tools at their disposal — just their bodies, soil, and saliva. For guidance they have nothing to go on save variations in wind speed and direction and fluctuations in temperature as the sun rises and sets.

Despite such limitations, the insects have managed to develop structures that are efficiently ventilated, a challenge that’s still a struggle for human builders.


Quenching of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization by Spin–Orbit Coupling in GaAs Quantum Dots

July 21, 2015
Figure 3: Correlations and power spectrum of PLZ(t)

Fig. 3: Correlations and power spectrum of PLZ(t). [Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature Communications ©2015*]

The central-spin problem is a widely studied model of quantum decoherence. Dynamic nuclear polarization occurs in central-spin systems when electronic angular momentum is transferred to nuclear spins and is exploited in quantum information processing for coherent spin manipulation. However, the mechanisms limiting this process remain only partially understood.