Building One Molecule from a Reservoir of Two Atoms

April 13, 2018

A single molecule has been produced in an optical tweezer by a controlled reaction between a single sodium and single cesium atom. Inside a glass cell vacuum apparatus, a laser-cooled cloud of sodium atoms is suspended, allowing a microscope to view the fluorescence from individual atoms trapped side-by-side. Credit: Lee Liu and Yu Liu.

In terms of size, it may be the smallest scientific breakthrough ever made at Harvard.


Topological Order in the Pseudogap Metal

April 5, 2018

Figure 1*.

The copper oxide-based high-temperature superconductors display a mysterious "pseudogap" metal phase at temperatures just above the critical temperature in a regime of low hole density. Extensive experimental and numerical studies have yielded much information on the nature of the electron corrections, but a fundamental theoretical understanding has been lacking.


Prof. Dvorkin Named Scientist of the Year 2018 by the Harvard Foundation

March 7, 2018
Prof. Cora Dvorkin

The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations has named Prof. Cora Dvorkin the 2018 Harvard Scientist of the Year. The students of the Harvard Foundation nominate a scientist to recognize that individual’s outstanding work in science, engineering, and mathematics yearly. Dvorking was nominated for her "siginificant contributions to the field of physics and cosmology and for [...] engagement with students on Harvard College’s campus."