Emanuele Dalla Torre Awarded the Alon Fellowship

May 13, 2014
Dr. Dalla Torre

Dr. Dalla Torre was awarded the Alon Fellowship for young faculty members by the Israeli Council for Higher Education. He is currently a post-doctorate fellow at the Department of Physics, in the group of Prof. Eugene Demler, and an ITAMP fellow. Next year Dr. Dalla Torre is heading to Bar Ilan University. His research focuses on the non-equilibrium dynamics of many-body systems; more details can be obtained from his (future) group's website at http://www.nonequilibrium.org


Gamma-Ray Emissions from Dark Matter?

April 10, 2014

Past studies have identifed a spatially extended excess of 1-3 GeV gamma rays from the region surrounding the Galactic Center, consistent with the emission expected from annihilating dark matter.  Harvard Physics grad student Tansu Daylan, Prof. Douglas Finkbeiner, and researchers from Fermilab, University of Chicago,  MIT, and Princeton revisited and scrutinized this signal with the intention of further constraining its characteristics and origin.


Topological Excitations and the Dynamic Structure Factor of Spin Liquids on the Kagome Lattice

April 1, 2014
ac, Plots of S(k,ω) at zero temperature for different spinon–vison interaction strengths as a function of frequency and momentum along the high-symmetry directions between the Γ, M and K points of the extended Brillouin zone, indicated by the blue arrows in e. a, Non-interacting spinons. Note that in the Q1=Q2 state two of the three spinon bands are degenerate, whereas the third, highest energy spinon band is flat.

EPiQS Funding to Boost Quantum Materials Theory Research

March 10, 2014

Harvard has been chosen one of the six recipients of Gordon and Betty Mooore Foundation's Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EPiQS) grants.

A major objective of EPiQS is to provide funding that enables a community of top experimentalists and theorists to maximize their potential to explore, discover and understand emergent behavior of complex quantum matter. EPiQS support for theoretical research in quantum materials focuses on establishing Moore Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars programs, in the hope of: