The Morris Loeb & David M. Lee Lectures in Physics

 About the Lectureships

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2014-2015 Loeb Lecturer:
Brian P. Schmidt, The Australian National University
Lecture I: "Surveying the Southern Skies with the SkyMapper Telescope" (04/28/15)
Colloquium: "The Accelerating Universe" (04/29/15)
Lecture II: "After the Dark Ages: The First Stars" (04/30/15)
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Steven Weinberg, University of Texas
"Glimpses of a World Within" (12/01/14)
2013-2014 Loeb Lecturer:
Marc Mézard, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
Colloquium: "The Spin Glass Cornucopia" (14/28/2014)
Lecture I: "Phase Transitions in Hard Computer Science Problems" (04/29/2014)
Lecture II: "Occam’s Razor in Massive Data Acquisition: a Statistical Physics Approach" (04/30/2014)
Lee Historical Lecturer:
François Englert, Université Libre de Bruxelles
"The Brout-Englert-Higgs Mechanism and Its Scalar Bosons" (04/17/2014)
2012-2013 Lee Historical Lecturer:
Roy J. Glauber, Harvard
"Recollections of Los Alamos and the Nuclear Era" (04/30/2013)
Loeb Lecturer:
Fabiola Gianotti, CERN
Colloquium: "Challenges and Accomplishments
of the Large Hadron Collider
" (04/22/2013)
Lecture I: "Higgs Boson: aVery Special Discovery" (04/24/2013)
Loeb Lecturer:
Philip Kim, Columbia University
Lecture I: "Spin and Pseudospin in Graphene" (9/21/2012)
Colloquium: "Bloch, Landau, and Dirac: Hofstadter's Butterfly in Graphene" (09/24/2012)
Lecture II: "Materials in 2-Dimension and Beyond" (9/25/2012)
2011-2012 Lee Historical Lecturer:
David Gross, KITP, UCSB
"A Century of Nuclear Physics: From Rutherford to QCD and to String Theory" (4/17/2012)
Loeb Lecturer:
John Clarke, UC Berkeley
Colloquium: "The Ubiquitous SQUID: Then and Now" (3/19/2012)
Lecture I: "Magnetic Flux 1/f Noise: A 30-Year Saga" (3/20/2012)
Lecture II: "Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Microtesla Fields: A New Clinical Modality?" (3/22/2012)
Loeb Lecturer:
Theodor W. Hänsch
(University of Munich, Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics)
Colloquium: "Laser Spectroscopy of Hydrogen" (3/5/2012)
Lecture I: "The Proton Size Puzzle" (3/6/2012)
Lecture II: "Lazer Frequency Combs" (3/8/2012)
2010-2011 Loeb Lecturer:
Dam Thanh Son, University of Washington
Colloquium: "Viscosity, Quark Gluon Plasma, and String Theory" (4/18/11)
Lecture I: "Deconstructing Holographic Liquids"(4/19/11)
Lecture II: "Field Theoretical Methods for Non-relativistic Systems" (4/21/11)
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Dudley Herschbach, CCB, Harvard
"Molecular Beams in Chemical Physics" (3/9/11)
Loeb Lecturer:
Boris Shraiman, KITP, UCSB
Colloquium: "Unexpected Physics in Biology" (1/31/11)
Lecture I: "Genetic 'Ensembles': Alleles versus Genotypes (2/1/11)
Lecture II: "Sex, Survival and Adaptation" (2/3/11)
2009-2010 Lee Historical Lecturer:
M. Dresselhaus, MIT
"Historical Threads of Nanoscience."
Loeb Lecturer:
Matthew P.A. Fisher, California Institute of Technology
Colloquium: "Quantum Crystals, Quantum Choreography and Quantum Computing" (3/1/10)
Lecture I: "Exotic Spin Liquids in Weak Mott Insulators" (3/2/10)
Lecture II: "Critical Quantum Fluids with d-wave Pair Correlations" (3/4/10)
Loeb Lecturer:
Daniel Eisenstein, University of Arizona
Colloquium: "A New Decade of Cosmic Structure" (10/5/09)
Lecture I: "Baryon Acoustic Oscillations: A Robust and Precise Route to the Cosmological Distance Scale" (10/6/09)
Lecture II: "Observational probes of dark energy" (10/8/09)
2008-2009 Loeb Lecturer:
David Kaplan, University of Washington
Colloquium: "Nuclear Physics from Effective Field Theory" (4/20/09)*
Lecture I: "Conformality Lost" (4/21/09)*
Lecture II: "Peering Beyond the Horizon with Axions" (4/23/09)*
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Michael Tinkham, Harvard
"The Discovery of the Superconducting Energy Gap" (4/16/09)
Loeb Lecturer:
Ann Nelson, University of Washington
Colloquium: "Beyond the Standard Model in the LHC Era" (3/30/09)
Lecture I: "SUSY Conformal Hidden Valley & Dark Matter" (3/31/09)
Loeb Lecturer:
J.C. Séamus Davis,
Cornell University & Brookhaven National Laboratory
Exploring Complex Condensed Quantum Matter:
Lecture I: "Atomic Scale Visualization of Electronic Structure in Cuprates: From Mottness to Superconductivity" (12/4/08)
Colloquium: "Complex Quantum Matter in Bosonic Crystals: A 'Superglass' State in Solid 4 He" (12/8/08)
Lecture II: "Imaging the 'Fano Lattice'’ Signature of Heavy Fermion Formation via f-d Hybridization" (12/10/08)
Lecture III: "Identification of the Cuprate Pseudogap State using Quasiparticle Interference Imaging" (12/11/08)
Loeb Lecturer:
Rashid Sunyaev, Max Planck Institute
Colloquium: "Clusters of Galaxies, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and Cosmology" (11/10/08)
Lecture I: "CMB Spectral Distortions Due to Energy Release in the Early Universe" (11/11/08)
Lecture II: "Interaction of CMB Photons with Hot Gas in the Clusters of Galaxies and Observational Consequences" (11/13/08)
2007-2008 Lee Historical Lecturer:
Daniel Kleppner, MIT
"How Physics Became Precise" (4/16/08)
Loeb Lecturer:
Marlan O. Scully, Texas A&M University and Princeton University
Colloquium: "The Photon Sheds Light on the Quantum: Fluctuations and Correlations Tell the Story" (3/31/08)
Lecture I: "Using Quantum Mechanics to Detect Anthrax" (4/2/08)
Lecture II: "The Laser-Bec Analogy" (4/8/08)
Loeb Lecturer:
Steven M. Block, Stanford University
Colloquium: "Single Molecule Biophysics: Reading the Genetic Code" (2/25/08)
Lecture I: "Single Molecule Biophysics: How Nucleic Acids Fold" (2/26/08)
Lecture II: "Single Molecule Biophysics: How Kinesin Motors Move" (2/28/08)
Loeb Lecturer:
Don Eigler, IBM
Colloquium: "There’s Plenty of Room in the Middle: A View from the Bottom"
Lecture I: "Computation in Nanometer-Scale Structures: Molecule Cascades"
Lecture II: "Classical Computation in Quantum Nanostructures: A Long Road to an Uncertain Future"
2006-2007 Lee Historical Lecturers:
David M. Lee, Cornell
Douglas D. Osheroff, Stanford
"Probing the World Near Absolute Zero:  The Discovery of Superfluidity in Helium Three"
Loeb Lecturer:
Rocky Kolb,
University of Chicago
Colloquium: "Taking Sides on the Dark Energy Issue"
Lecture I: "Inflation and the Origin of Structure"
Lecture II: "Dark Matters"
Loeb Lecturer:
Eric Adelberger,
University of Washington
Colloquium: "Testing the Gravitational Inverse-Square Law below the Dark-Energy Length Scale"
Lecture I: "Modern Tests of Einstein's Equivalence Principle"
Lecture II: "Probes of Lorentz-Symmetry Violation and other Exotica using a Spin Pendulum"
2005-2006 Lee Historical Lecturer:
Charles Slichter
"The Flowering of Magnetic Resonance & Condensed Matter Physics--Some History, Ancient & in the Making"
Loeb Lecturer:
Persis Drell, SLAC
Colloquium: "Quantum Universe"
Lecture I: "GLAST: The Gamma Ray Large Area Telescope"
Lecture II: "The Future of High Energy Physics: A Personal Perspective"
Loeb Lecturer:
John Preskill, Caltech
Colloquium: "Putting Wierdness to Work: Quantum Information Science"
Lecture I: "Battling Decoherence: The Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computer"
Lecture II: "Topological Quantum Computation"
Loeb Lecturer:
John Hopfield, Princeton
Colloquium: "A Physics View of Brain Computation"
Lecture I: " The Dynamics of Spike-Timing Computation: Olfaction"
Lecture II: "A Neural Approach to Recognizing Brief Dynamical Patterns: Speech"
2004-2005 Lee Historical Lecturer:
P. James E. Peebles, Princeton
Loeb Lecturer:
Eli Yablonovitch,
Colloquium: "The End of the Semiconductor Roadmap: The Collision of Physics, Economics, and Sociology"
Lecture I: "What Specific Physics will the End-of-Roadmap Technology Consist Of?"
Lecture II: "What New Roadmap Concept Might Emerge Afterward?"
Loeb Lecturer:
Marvin Cohen,
University of California, Berkeley
Colloquium: "A Standard Model for Solids"
Lecture I: "Nanoscience: Small is Sometimes Different"
Lecture II: "Mostly Superconductivity"
2003-2004 Loeb Lecturer:
Georg Maret,
University of Konstanz
Colloquium: "The Physics of Light Transport"
Lecture I: "Multiple Light Scattering in Anisotropic Media: Principles and Applications"
Lecture II: "Melting and Glass Transition in 2D Model Colloids"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Freeman Dyson,
Institute for Advanced Study
"How We Might Have Gone to Mars in 1965: History of Project Orion"
Loeb Lecturer:
Brian Greene,
Columbia University
Colloquium: "Searching for the Unified Theory"
Lecture I: "String Theory and Geometry"
Lecture II: "String Theory and Cosmology"
2002-2003 Loeb Lecturer:
James P. Eisenstein,
California Institute of Technology
Colloquium: "Surprises in Two Dimensions: From the Quantized Hall Effect to Exciton Condensation"
Lecture I: "Liquid Crystals of Electrons?"
Lecture II: "Evidence for a New Kind of Superfluid"
Loeb Lecturer:
H. Jeff Kimble,
California Institute of Technology
Colloquium: "The new science of quantum information"
Lecture I: "An overview of cavity quantum electrodynamics from Purcell and Casimir to the Era of strong coupling"
Lecture II: "Quantum teleportation fact and fantasy"
Lecture III: "Cavity QED the plumbing"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Richard L. Garwin,
IBM Fellow Emeritus, Thomas J. Watson Research Center
"Fun with Muons, GPS, Radar, etc."
Loeb Lecturer:
David DiVincenzo,
IBM Watson Research Center
Colloquium: "Prospects for Quantum Computation.
Lecture I: "Exchange Gates for Spin Qubits"
Lecture II: "The New Quantum Cryptography"
2001-2002 Loeb Lecturer:
John Carlstrom,
University of Chicago
Colloquium: "Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background and the South Pole DASI Experiment"
Lecture I: "CMB Polarization and Future Directions"
Lecture II: "Cosmology with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect"
Lecture III: "Probing the Dark Energy Equation of State with New SZE Surveys"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Walter Kohn, University of California, Santa Barbara
"The Birth and Early Decades of Solid State Physics Remembered"
Loeb Lecturer:
Steven Weinberg, University of Texas, Austin; Morris Loeb Visiting Professor of Physics
Colloquium: "Anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background: The Short Course"
Lecture I: "Cosmological Fluctuations: From Inflation through the Era of Radiation Dominance"
Lecture II: "Cosmological Fluctuations: From the Era of Matter Dominance to Now"
2000-2001 Loeb Lecturer:
Joseph Polchinski, University of California, Santa Barbara
Colloquium: "String Duality and D-Branes."
Lectures I: "Gage/Gravity Duality"
Lecture II: "N = 1 Gauge/Gravity Duals, Part I"
Lecture III: "N = 1 Gauge/Gravity Duals, Part II"-Lecture IV. "N = 1 Gauge/Gravity Duals, Part III"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Sheldon Glashow, Higgins Professor of Physics, Emeritus, and Boston University
"Half a Century of Particle Physics at Harvard"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
I.M. Khalatnikov, Honorary Director of Landau Institute, Academician, and Foreign Member Royal Society
"The Landau School and the Landau Institute"
Loeb Lecturer:
Margaret Murnane,
University of Colorado
Colloquium: "Control of Atoms and Molecules Using Shaped Pulses"
Lecture I: "Direct Observation of Surface Chemistry Using Ultrafast Soft-X-Ray Pulses"
Lecture II: "Nonlinear Optics at Short Wavelengths"
Loeb Lecturer:
Lisa Randall, M. I. T.
Colloquium: "New Dimensions to Einstein's Gravity"
Lecture I: "Localizing Gravity"
Lecture II: "Localized Gravity and the Weak Scale"
Lecture III: "Locally Localized Gravity, Holography, and String Theory"
Lecture IV: "Holography, Phenomenology, and Model Building"
1999-2000 Loeb Lecturer:
Stephen Hawking, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, University of Cambridge
Colloquium: "The Shape of Time"
Lecture I: "Nuts, Bolts and Branes"
Lecture II: "Finite But Unbounded"
Loeb Lecturer:
Sidney Nagel,
University of Chicago
Colloquium: "Physics at the Breakfast Table"
Lecture I: "Exciting Granular Materials"
Lecture II: "Jamming: From Glasses to Granular Matter"
Lecture III: "Singularities and Cascades in Droplet Fission"
Lecture IV: "Breaking Away, Selective Withdrawal, and Islets in the Stream"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Charles Townes, University of California, Berkeley
"The Sociology of Science Illustrated by Laser History"
Loeb Lecturer:
Ashoke Sen,
Mehta Research Institute
Colloquium: "Duality and Supersymmetry"
Lecture I-IV: "Non-Supersymmetric Configurations in Supersymmetric String Theories"
Loeb Long-Term Lecturer:
Sebastien Balibar, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure
Colloquium: "Crystal Surfaces: From Facets to Crystallization Waves"
Lecture I: "Crystal Steps: Experimental Checks of a Renormalization Theory"
Lecture II: "Nucleation: Bubbles, Crystals and Superfluids"
1998-1999 Loeb Lecturer:
Leonard Susskind, Stanford University
Colloquium: "The Holographic Principle: A New Paradigm for the Foundations of Physics"
Lecture I: "String Theory and M-Theory"
Lecture II: "M(atrix) Theory as a Holographic Theory"
Lecture III: "Black Holes in Matrix Theory"
Lecture IV: "Holography and Maldacena's Conjecture"
Loeb Lecturer:
Roger Angel,
University of California
Colloquium: "Searching for Spectroscopic Signs of Primitive Life on Extra-Solar Planets: A Realistic Goal for NASA"
Lecture I: "Building Big Mirrors for Telescopes on the Ground and in Space"
Lecture II: "Adaptive Optics: A Tool to Remove Atmospheric Blurring"
Loeb Lecturer:
Albert J. Libchaber, Rockefeller University
Colloquium: "Biology and the Flow of Molecular Information"
Lecture I: "DNA Mode d'Emploi: Reading, Editing, Translating"
Lecture II: "The One Molecule Approach: Optical Tweezer and Fluorescence Marker"
Lecture III: "Evolution: Ribosome Display and In-Vitro Protein Evolution"
Lecture IV: "Gene Expression and Molecular Computing"
Loeb Lecturer:s
H. Günter Dosch & Hans J. Specht,
University of Heidelberg
Colloquium: "Musical Harmony: Physics, Physiology and Psychology"
Lecture I: "Musical Pitch: Temporal vs. Spectral Perception"
Lecture II: "Physics of Musical Instruments and Pitch Perception"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Murray Gell-Mann,
The Santa Fe Institute
"Some Adventures Among the Elementary Particles"
1997-98 Lee Historical Lecturer:
Philip Anderson,
Princeton University
"Mott, Slater, and the Magnetic State"
Loeb Lecturer:
Mark Wise,
California Institute of Technology
Colloquium: "The Uses of Heavy Quark Symmetry"
Lectures I & II: "Recent Developments in Heavy Quark Theory"
Lectures III & IV: "A New Approach to Effective Field Theory for Nuclear Physics"
Loeb Lecturer:
David Stephenson, California Institute of Technology
Colloquium: "The Interior of Jupiter Illuminated by Galileo and Condensed Matter Physics"
Lecture I: "History of Earth's Core"
Lecture II: "Lunar Structure and Evolution: Clues to Origin?"
Lecture III: "Why Do Some Planets Have Large Magnetic Fields (and What About Others)?"
Lecture IV: "What's Going on Inside the Galilean Satellites?"
Loeb Lecturer:
Prof. J.E. Mooij,
Delft University of Technology
Colloquium: "Quantum Transport of Electrons in Fabricated Nanostructures"
Lecture I: "Semiconductor Quantum Dots"
Lecture II: "Vortices in Josephson Junction Arrays as Quantum Particles"
Lecture III: "Electron Transport in Single Carbon Nanotubes"
Lecture IV: "Quantum Computation with Superconducting Tunnel Junction Circuits"
1996-97 Loeb Lecturer:
Yuri Kagan, Kurchatov Institute
Colloquium: "Formation of a Bose-Einstein Condensate and Macroscopic Quantum Properties"
Lecture I: "Evolution of Bose Condensate in a Time-Dependent External Field"
Lecture II: "Light Induced Change of Scattering Length and Optical Manipulation of a Bose-Condensed Gas"
Lecture III: "Bose Condensation and Collapse in the Case of a Negative Scattering Length"
Lecture IV: "Kinetics of Bose-Einstein Condensation in Highly Nonequilibrium Gas"
Loeb Lecturer: (Special)
The Hon. Vernon J. Ehlers, Member, United States Congress (R-Michigan)
"A Physicist in Congress: The Clash of Two Cultures"
Loeb Lecturer:
Paul Chaikin, Princeton University
Colloquium: "Hard Spheres in Space: Colloidal Crystals in Microgravity"
Lecture I: "Dynamic Light Scattering from Jello and Yogurt and Other Nonergodic Stuff"
Lecture II: "Sedimentation and Fluidization: Turbulent Flow Through Liquids and Crystals"
Lecture III: "A Frustrating Game of Chinese Checkers: Order from Disorder on a Superconducting Kagome Lattice"
Lecture IV: "The Umklapp Painter and Other Problems with Periodic Electrons and Magnetic Fields in Organic Superconductors"
Loeb Lecturer:
Nathan Seiberg, Rutgers University
Colloquium: "The Superworld"
Lectures: "Supersymmetric Dynamics I, II, III and IV"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Chen-Ning Yang,
State University of New York
"Vector Potential, Gauge Field and Connection on a Fiber Bundle"
1995-96 Loeb Lecturer:
Ad Lagendijk, University of Amsterdam
Colloquium: "Can Light be Localized?"
Lecture I: "Propagation of Diffuse Light"
Lecture II: "Weak Localization"
Lecture III: "Strong Localization"-Lecture IV. "Quantum Optics"
Loeb Lecturer:
Edward Witten,
Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University
Colloquium: "Duality, Space-Time, and Quantum Mechanics"
Lecture I-IV: "Duality in Field Theory and String Theory"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Nicolaas Bloembergen,
Gerhard Gade University Professor Emeritus
"Nonlinear Optics: A Historical Perspective"
Loeb Lecturer:
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji,
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure
Colloquium: "Atoms in Electromagnetic Fields"
Lecture I-IV: "Laser Manipulation of Atoms-Methods, Problems and Perspectives"
Loeb Lecturer:
Steven Weinberg,
Josey Regental Professor of Science, University of Texas at Austin
Colloquium: "Changing Views of Renormalization"
Lectures I & II: "Antibrackets, Symmetries, and Renormalization"
1994-1995 Loeb Lecturer:
Alex Pines,
Department of Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley
Colloquium: "Some Magnetic Moments"
Lecture I: "NMR with and without Magnets"
Lecture II: "Gauge Kinematics of Spins and Cats"
Lecture III: "NMR with Lots of Quanta"
Lecture IV: "Iterative Control of Spins and Vehicles"
Loeb Lecturer:
Bohdan Paczynski, Princeton University
Colloquium: "Gamma Ray Bursts: Facts and Speculations"
Lecture I:. "Theory of Gravitational Lensing and Microlensing"
Lecture II: "Gravitational Lensing and the Search for Dark Matter"
Lecture III: ."Results and Interpretation of the Searches for MACHOs"
Lecture IV:"Diverse Astrophysics from Massive Photometric Projects"
Loeb Lecturer:
Linn F. Mollenauer,
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Colloquium: "Long-Distance Transmission for the Information Age: Solitons in Optical Fibers"
Lecture I: "The Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation and Solitons"
Lecture II: "The Rate-Limiting Effects of Amplifier Spontaneous Emission, and Amelioration with 'Guiding' Filters"
Lecture III: "Soliton-Soliton Interactions: Nearest Neighbor Effects, and Collisions in Wavelength-Division Multiplexing"
Lecture IV:"Fiber Birefringence and Polarization in Soliton Transmission"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Hans Bethe,
John Wendell Anderson Professor of Physics Emeritus, Cornell University
"Energy in the Stars"
1993-1994 Lee Historical Lecturer:
Maurice Goldhaber,
Brookhaven National Laboratory
"Reminiscences of the Cavendish Laboratory in the 1930's"
Lee Historical Lecturer:
Gerald Holton,
Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Professor of the History of Sciences, Emeritus
"The Place of Science in our Culture at the End of the Modern Era"
Loeb Lecturer:
Elliott H. Lieb,
Princeton University
Colloquium: "The Stability of Matter: From Atoms to Stars"
Lecture I: "The Structure of Large Atoms"
Lecture II: "Why the Fine Structure Constant Must be Small"
Lecture III: "Topics in the Theory of Magnetism"
Lecture IV: "The Hubbard Model of Interacting Electrons"
Loeb Lecturer:
Stephen Shenker,
Rutgers University
Colloquium: "Random Matrices and Random Surfaces"
Lectures: "Matrix Models, I, II, III & IV"
Loeb Lecturer:
Giorgio Frossati,
Leiden University.
Colloquium: "GRAIL: A Fourth Generation Gravitation Wave Antenna"
Lecture I: "Dilution Refrigeration-1"
Lecture II: "Dilution Refrigeration-2"
Lecture III: "Pomeranchuk Cooling"
Lecture IV: "Nuclear Demagnetization"
1992-1993 Loeb Lecturer:
Peter Goldreich,
California Institute of Technology
Colloquium: "Solar Phonons"
Lecture I: "Neutron Star Magnetic Fields"
Lecture II: "Scale Invariant Spectra in Nature"
Loeb Lecturer:
Douglas Gough,
University of Cambridge
Colloquium: "Helioseismology: Measuring the Inside of the Sun"
Lecture I: "The Techniques of Helioseismic Inference"
Lecture II: "The Hydrostatic Structure of the Sun"
Lecture III: "The Internal Solar Rotation"
Lecture IV: "On the Solar Neutrino Problem"
Loeb Lecturer:
Stanislas Leibler,
Princeton University
Colloquium: "Membranes, Molecular Motors, Microtubules, Mitosis: Mytacism or More?"
Lecture I: "Membranes: Self-Assembly of Fluctuating Surfaces"
Lecture II: "Molecular Motors as Stochastic Machines"
Lecture III: "Regulated Assembly of Microtubules, Cell Cycle and Mitosis"
Loeb Lecturer:
Steven Weinberg,
Josey Regental Professor of Science, University of Texas at Austin
Colloquium: "Effective Field Theories"
Lecture I: "Effective Field Theories of Superconductivity"
Lecture II: "Effective Field Theories of Strong Interactions"
Lecture III: "Effective Field Theories of Everything"
1991-1992 Lee Historical Lecturer:
Robert Pound, Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics, Emeritus
"Weighing Photons-The Story of an Experiment"
Loeb Lecturer:
Nathan Isgur, CEBAF
Colloquium: "Where's the Glue?: Comments on a Puzzle in Strong Interaction Spectroscopy"
Lecture I: "A Rationalization of the Quark Model (with Strings Attached)"
Lecture II: "The Quark Model Beyond the 'Quenched' Approximation"
Lecture III: "The Heavy Quark Symmetry of QCD (Introduction and Some Applications)"
Lecture IV: "The Heavy Quark Symmetry of QCD (Some Implications for Light Quark Spectroscopy)"
Loeb Lecturer:
Alain Aspect,
Director, Institut d'Optique Théorique et Appliquée
Colloquium: "Experimental Tests of Quantum Mechanics with Bell's Inequalities"
Lecture I: "Wave-Particle Duality for a Single Photon
Lecture II: "Laser Cooling of Atoms: Below the Limits"
Lecture III: "Laser Manipulation of Metastable Helium: Limits of the Classical Description"
Lecture IV: "Magneto-Optical Trapping of Metastable Helium: The (Good and Bad) Role of Collisions"
Loeb Lecturer:
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
Director, ESPCI, Collège de France
Colloquium: "Physics of Soft Interfaces"
Lecture I: "Polymer Surfaces and the Welding Problem"
Lecture II: "Dynamics of Wetting and Drying"
1990-1991 Loeb Lecturer:
Paul Steinhardt,
University of Pennsylvania
Colloquium: "Cosmology at the Boiling Point"
Lecture I: "Inflation: Cosmology's Dorian Gray?"
Lecture II: "Extended Inflation: Restoring the Original Picture"
Lecture III: "Is the Gravitational Constant Oscillating?"
Loeb Lecturer:
Carl Wieman,
University of Colorado at Boulder
Colloquium: "TeV Physics on an eV Budget; Measurement of Parity Nonconservation in Atomic Cesium"
Lecture I: "The Technical Challenges and Innovations in the Colorado Cesium Parity Nonconservation Experiment"
Lecture II: "Laser Trapping and Cooling I: The Curious Behavior of Optically Trapped Neutral Atoms"
Lecture III: "Laser Trapping and Cooling II: Laser Trapping as an Exciting New Tool"
Loeb Lecturer:
Jerry Gollub,
Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania
Colloquium: "Nonlinear Dynamics of Waves on Fluid Interfaces"
Lecture I: "Pattern Formation in Non-equilibrium Growth Processes"
Lecture II: "The Physics of Thermal Convection: From Order to Chaos and Turbulence"

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