Electrons and quasiparticles in solids could be trapped and moved using surface acoustic waves: see Katherine Wright, "Creating Electron Lattices with Sound Waves," Physics Oct 24, 2017.
example of Quon language
An article in the Nov-Dec 2017 issue of American Scientist on pictorial mathematical languages features the Quon Language created by Harvard mathematicians Zhengwei Liu, Alex Wozniakowski, and Arthur Jaffe: Read D. Silver, "The New Language of Mathematics".
Nature has a way of making complex shapes from a set of simple growth rules. The curve of a petal, the swoop of a branch, even the contours of our face are shaped by these processes. What if we could unlock those rules...
photos of Prof. Markus Greiner and Dr. Susanne Yelin
Congratulations to Prof. Markus Greiner and Dr. Susanne Yelin for becoming 2017 Fellows of the American Physical Society!