Tenure-Track Professor In Physics
The Department of Physics at Harvard University seeks to appoint a tenure-track professor in experimental / theoretical physics. For more information and to apply, see  the ARIeS portal.
Physics GRE scores and General GRE scores will again be optional for the upcoming admissions cycle with application deadline of December 15, 2022. The admission committee looks for indications that an applicant will be successful. No single factor will either lead to our accepting an applicant or deciding against offering admission.  The admissions review considers the applicant’s academic performance to date, potential for contribution to research, and persistence in and commitment to educational success.  In most cases the Physics GRE, if provided, will be given little weight in the process.  However, the Physics GRE may contain information that is complementary to what is found elsewhere in the application; in these cases it can help in the admissions process.  We recommend that international students and students who believe that their transcripts do not accurately reflect their underlying academic strengths give serious consideration to submitting a Physics GRE score.