Colloquium (Apr 28): "The spin glass cornucopia"
Lecture I (Apr 29): "Phase transitions in hard computer science problems"
Lecture II (Apr 30): "Occam’s razor in massive data acquisition: a statistical physics approach"

On Friday, April 4, 2014, Harvard celebrated the venerable history of one of the country’s great physics programs.


The hole-doped cuprate high-temperature superconductors enter the pseudogap regime as their superconducting critical temperature, Tc, falls with decreasing hole density...

Graduate students Prahar Mitra, Elliot Schneider, Elizabeth Petrik, Nicholas Schade, Alexandru Lupsasca, Chi-Ming Chang, and Timothy Koby have been awarded the Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching for the Fall 2013 term by the Derek Bok Center.

The BICEP2 Collaboration, led by Professor John Kovac, has announced the discovery of first direct evidence of cosmic inflation, the expansion of space first proposed in 1981 by Alan Guth of MIT. Watch the VIDEO.


Harvard has been chosen one of the six receipients of Gordon and Betty Mooore Foundation's Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EPiQS) grants...