Harvard PhD Theses in Physics: 2000 to Present

A.M. degree is listed after undergraduate degree. Before 2008, If no Harvard A.M. was awarded, only undergraduate degree is listed. Thesis advisor follows title.

 PhDs 1873-1953
 PhDs 1954-1970
 PhDs 1971-1999
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ARNOLD, CRAIG BRIAN, B.S. (Haverford) 1994, (Harvard) 1996.
Solute Redistribution in Far from Equilibrium Liquid and Vapor Phase Growth. (Aziz)

Dissipation in Deforming Chaotic Billiards. [GZipped Postscript: ~2.57MB; full size: ~11.9MB] (Heller)

BEAR, DAVID CHAIYARAT. A.B. (Harvard) 1992. (Harvard) 1995.
Fundamental Symmetry Tests Using a 129Xe/3He Dual Noble Gas Maser. (Papaliolios/Walsworth)

BETTERTON, MEREDITH DIANE, A.B. (Princeton) 1994, (Harvard) 1996.
Things Fall Apart: Topics in Biophysics and Pattern Formation. (Fisher)

BIES, WILLIAM EDWARD, A.B. (Princeton) 1990. (Harvard) 1993.
Topics in Quantum Chaos and Thermoelectricity. [GZipped Postscript: ~1.87 MB; full size: ~6.75MB] (Heller)

BROME, CLINTON REED, A.B. (Harvard) 1993, (Harvard) 1997.
Magnetic Trapping of Ultracold Neutrons. (Doyle)

BUSCH, BRIAN DAVID, B.S. (Cornell) 1990, (Harvard) 1997.
Bose Einstein Condensation and Atomic Interations in a Sodium Gas. (Golovchenko)

CALLAN, JOHN PAUL, B.A. (Trinity) 1993, (Harvard) 1997.
Ultrafast Dynamics and Phase Changes in Solids Excited by Femtosecond Laser Pulses. (Mazur)

DANIELS, DAVID CLARK, B.S. (Wheaton) 1993, (Harvard) 1996.
A Search for nm ® nt Neutrino Oscillations in the t ® r Decay Channel Using the NOMAD Detector. (Feldman)

DAW, ADRIAN NIGEL, B.S.(Yale) 1989, (Harvard) 1994.
Measurement of the radiative lifetime of the 2s2 2p4 1So metastable level of Ne2+; a study of forbidden transitions of astrophysical interest. ( Parkinson &. Smith).

DEKKER, NYNKE HESTER, B.S. (Yale) 1993, (Harvard) 1996.
Guiding Atoms on a Chip. (Prentiss)

DRNDIC, MARIJA, B.A. (Harvard) 1994, (Harvard) 1998.
Micro-Electromagnets for Particle Control. (Westervelt)

DUNCAN, DAVID SCOTT, B.A. (Duke) 1992, (Harvard) 1997.
Mesoscopic Electron Transpirt in Semiconductor Nanostructures. (Westervelt)

GOLDMAN, MARK STEVEN, B.S. (Stanford) 1993. (Harvard) 1996.
Computational Implications of Activity-Dependent Neuronal Processes. (Abbott [Brandeis]/ Marcus)

HUNT, ALAN WOLFE, B.S. (Michigan) 1994.
Annihilation of Fast Channeled Positrons. (Golovchenko)

KAISER, DAVID ISAAC, B.A. (Dartmouth) 1992, (Harvard) 1997.
Post-Inflation Reheating in an Expanding Universe. (Guth [MIT]/Galison)

SMITH, GREGORY SAMUEL, B.A. (Amherst) 1993.
Multiscale Simulations of Indentation. (Kaxiras)

SPIROPULU, MARIA, B.S. (Aristotle) 1993. (Harvard) 1995.
A Blind Search for Supersymmetry in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at sqrt (s) = 1.8 Tev Using the Missing Energy Plus Multijet. (Huth)

ZHUKOV, VYACHESLAV V., B.A., M.S. (Moscow Insti. Phy. & Tech.) 1991, (Harvard) 1995.
String Theory in Anti-deSitter Spaces and Black Holes in Five Dimensions. (Bershadsky)

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BAILEY, STEPHEN JOHN, B.S. (Washington) 1995.
A Study of B → J/y K(*)0 X Decays. (Huth)

CHEN, LESTER HAO-LIN, B.S. (Duke) 1995. (Harvard) 1999.
Charge-Iimaging Field-Effect Transistors for Scanned Probe Microscopy. (Westervelt)

CHOU, YI, B.S. (National Tsing Hua University) 1988. (National Tsing Hua University) 1990.
Developments of EXITE2 and Timing Analysis of Ultra-Compact X-ray Binaries. (Papaliolios/Grindlay)

ERSHOV, ALEXEY, B.S. (Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology) 1996.
Beauty Meson Decays to Charmonium. (Feldman)

FOX, DAVID CHARLES, A.B. (Princeton) 1991. (Harvard) 1994.
The Structure of Clusters of Galaxies. (Loeb)

FUKUTO, MASAFUMI, B.S. (Oregon) 1994. (Harvard) 1997).
Two-Dimensional Structures and Order of Nano-Objects on the Surface of Water: Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Studies. (Pershan)

HILL, MARC, B.S. (Illinois) 1994.
Experimental Studies of W-band Accelerator Structures at High Field. (Huth)

KANNAPPAN, SHEILA, A.B. (Harvard) 1991. (Harvard, History of Science) 2001.
Kinematic Clues to the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies. (Horowitz)

LAU, CHUN-NING, B.A. (Chicago) 1994. (Harvard) 1997.
Quantum Phase Slips in Superconducting Nanowires. (Tinkham)

OSWALD, JOSEPH ANTON, B.S. (Duke) 1992. (Harvard) 1995.
Metallo-dielectric Photonic Crystal Filters for Infrared Applications. (Verghese/Tinkham)

Interaction of Femtosecond Laser Pulses with Transparent Materials. (Mazur)

SPRADLIN, MARCUS BENJAMIN, B.A. (Princeton) 1996. (Harvard) 1999.
AdS2 Black Holes and Soliton Moduli Spaces. (Strominger)

WU, CLAUDIA, Diplom (Hannover) 1991. (Harvard) 1995.
Femtosecond Laser-Gas-Solid Interactions. (Mazur)

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BOZOVIC, DOLORES, B.S. ( Stanford University ) 1995. (Harvard) 1997.
Defect Formation and Electron Transport in Carbon Nanotubes. (Tinkham)

BRITTO-PACUMIO, RUTH ALEXANDRA, B.S. (MIT) 1996. (Harvard) 1998.
Bound States of Supersymmetric Black Holes. (Strominger)

CACHAZO, FREDDY ALEXANDER, B.S. (Simon Bolivar University) 1996.
Dualities in Field Theory from Geometric Transitions in String Theory. (Vafa)

CHOU, YI, B.S. ( National Tsing Hua University ) 1988. ( National Tsing Hua University ) 1990.
Developments of EXITE2 and Timing Analysis of Ultra-Compact X-ray Binaries. (Papaliolios/Grindlay)

A Search for Interstellar Communications at Optical Wavelengths. (Horowitz)

DUTTON, ZACHARY JOHN, B.A. (University of California Berkeley) 1996. (Harvard) 2002.
Ultra-slow Stopped, and Compressed Light in Bose-Einstein Condensates. (Hau)

FOX, DAVID CHARLES, A.B. ( Princeton ) 1991. (Harvard) 1994.
The Structure of Clusters of Galaxies. (Shapiro)

GOEL, ANITA, B.S. (Stanford) 1995.
Single Molecule Dynamics of Motor Enzymes Along DNA. (Herschbach/ Wilson)

HALL, CARTER, B.S. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ.) 1996.
Measurement of the isolated direct photon cross section with conversions in proton-antiproton collisions at sqrt (s) = 1.8 TeV. (Franklin)

JANZEN, PAUL HENRY, B. Sc., (University of Windsor) 1992. (Harvard) 1994.
An Experiment to Measure Electron Impact Excitation of Ions that have Metastable States. (Horowitz/Kohl)

KIM, Daniel Young-Joon, AB/AM (Harvard) 1995.
Properties of Inclusive B → psi Production. (Wilson/Brandenburg)

LANDHUIS, DAVID PAUL, B.S. (Stanford) 1994. (Harvard) 1997.
Studies with Ultracold Metastable Hydrogen. (Gabrielse/Kleppner)  

LAU, CHUN-NING, B.A. ( Chicago ) 1994. (Harvard) 1997.
Quantum Phase Slips in Superconducting Nanowires. (Tinkham)

LEE, CHUNGSOK, B.A. ( University of California , Berkeley ) 1995. ( Harvard University ) 2002.
Control and Manipulation of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Cold Atoms Using Micro-electromagnets. (Westervelt)

 LUBENSKY, DAVID KOSLAN, A.B. ( Princeton University ) 1994. (Harvard) 1997.
Theoretical Studies of Polynucleotide Biophysics. (Nelson)

MATTONI, CARLO EGON HEINRICH, A.B. ( Harvard College ) 1995. (Harvard University ) 1998.
Magnetic Trapping of Ultracold Neutrons Produced Using a Monochromatic Cold Neutron Beam. (Doyle)

MCKINSEY, DANIEL NICHOLAS, B.S. (University of Michigan) 1995. (Harvard) 1998.
Detecting Magnetically Trapped Neutrons: Liquid Helium As a Scintillator. (Doyle)

OZEL, FERYAL, B.S. (Columbia University) 1996.
The Effects of Strong Magnetic and Gravitational Fields on Emission Properties of Neutron Stars. (Narayan)

PAUTOT, SOPHIE, B.S. (University of Bordeaux I and II) 1995. (University of Bordeaux I and II) 1996.
Lipids behavior at dodecane-water interface. (Weitz)  

PRASAD, VIKRAM, B. Tech. (Indian Institute of Technology) 1996. ( University of Pennsylvania ) 1999.
Weakly interacting colloid-polymer mixtures. (Weitz)

SALWEN, NATHAN KALMAN, A.B. (Harvard) 1994.
Non-perturbative Methods in Modal Field Theory. (Coleman)

SCHWARZ, JENNIFER MARIE, B.S., B.A. (University of Maryland) 1994.
Depinning with Elastic Waves: Criticality, Hysteresis, and Even Pseudo-Hysteresis. (Fisher)

SHAW, SCOT ELMER JAMES, B.A. (Lawrence University) 1998.
Propagation in Smooth Random Potentials. [PDF: ~7.44MB] (Heller)

Hydrodynamics and Electrokinetics in Colloidal and Microfluidic Systems. (Fisher/Brenner)

VOLOVICH, ANASTASIA, A.M. (Moscow State) 1998.
Holography for Coset Spaces and Noncommutative Solitions. (Strominger)

WEINSTEIN, JONATHAN DAVID, B.S. (Caltech) 1995. (Harvard) 1998.
Magnetic Trapping of Atomic Chromium and Molecular Calcium Monohydride. (Doyle)  

 WONG, GLENN PATRICK, B.S. (Stanford) 1993. (Harvard) 1995.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments Using Laser-Polarized Noble Gas. (Shapiro)

The Road to Antihydrogen. (Gabrielse)

 *YOUNKIN, REBECCA JANE, A.B. ( Mt. Holyoke ) 1993. (Harvard) 1996.
Surface Studies and Microstructure Fabrication Using Femtosecond. (Mazur)

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ASHCOM, JONATHAN BENJAMIN, B.S. (Brown University) 1996. (Harvard) 2000.
The role of focusing in the interaction of femtosecond laser pulses with transparent materials. (Mazur)

CHAN, IAN HIN-YUN , B.S. ( Sanford University ) 1994.
Quantum dot circuits: single-electron switch and few-electron quantum dots. (Westervelt)

CREMERS, JACOB NICO HENDRIK JAN, B.S. (MIT) 1994. (Harvard) 2002.
Pumping and Spin-Orbit Coupling in Quantum Dots. (Halperin)

deCARVALHO, ROBERT, B.S. (University of Arizona) 1996. (Harvard) 1999.
Inelastic Scattering of Magnetically Trapped Atomic Chromium. (Doyle)

D’URSO, BRIAN RICHARD, B.S. (California Institute of Technology) 1998.
Cooling and Self-Excitation of a One-Electron Oscillator. (Gabrielse)

FIETE, GREGORY ALAN, B.S. (Purdue University) 1997. (Harvard) 1999.
Theory of Kondo Effect in Nanoscale Systems and Studies of III-V Diluated Magnetic Semiconductors. (Heller)

GABEL, CHRISTOPHER VAUGHN, A.B. (Princeton University) 1996.
The speed of the flagellar rotary motor of Escherichia coli varies linearly with protonmotive force. (Berg)

GORDON, VERNITA DIANE, B.S. (Vanderbilt University) 1996. (Harvard) 2001.
Measuring and Engineering Microscale Mechanical Responses and Properties of Bio-Relevant Materials. (Weitz)

HAILU, GIRMA, B.S. (Addis Ababa University). (Addis Ababa University) 1992. (Harvard) 1999.
Chiral orbifold Construction of Field Theories with Extra Dimensions. (Georgi)

HEADRICK, MATTHEW PETER, B.A. (Princeton University) 1994. (Harvard) 1998.
Noncummutative Solitons and Closed String Tachyons. (Minwalla)

HUMPHREY, MARC ANDREW, B.S. (Western Michigan University). 1997 (Harvard) 2000.
Precision measurements with atomic hydrogen masers. (Walsworth)

LEPORE, NATASHA, B.S. (University of Montreal)
Diffraction and Localization in Quantum Billiards. [Postscript: ~5.8MB] (Heller)

Imaging Coherent Electron Flow Through Semiconductor Nanostructures. [PDF: ~10.17MB] (Westervelt)

Spontaneously symmetry-broken states in the quantum Hall regime. (Halperin/Wen)

MADRAK, ROBYN LEIGH, B.A. (Cornell University) 1995
Measurement of the LambdaB Lifetime in the Decay Mode LambdaB-> Jpsi Lambda. (Franklin)

Time-Dependent Backgrounds of String Theory. [PDF: ~6.73MB] (Strominger)

MAOZ, LIAT, B.S. (Hebrew University) 1995.
Supersymmetric Configurations in the Rotating D1-D5 System and PP-Waves. [PDF: ~7.16 MB] (Maldacena/ Strominger)

MARINELLI, LUCA, Laurea ( University of Genova ) 1995. ( Harvard University ) 1997.
Analysis of quasiparticles in the mixed state of a d-wave superconductor and NMR in pores with surface relaxation. (Halperin)

REFAEL, GIL, B.S. (Tel Aviv University) 1997. (Harvard) 2001.
Randomness, Dissipation, and Quantum Fluctuations in Spin Chains and Mesoscopic Superconductor Arrays. (Fisher/Demler)

SHEN, NAN, B.A. (Rhode Island College) 1996.
Photodisruption in biological tissues using femtosecond laser pulses. (Mazur)

TSERKOVNYAK, YAROSLAV, (University of British Columbia) 1999. (Harvard) 2001.
Spin and Charge Transfer in Selected Nanostructures. [PDF: ~6.96MB] (Halperin)

VALENTINE, MEGAN THERESA, B.S. (Leigh University) 1997. (University of Pennsylvania) 1999.
Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Biological Materials. [PDF: ~3.5 MB] (Weitz)

VANICEK, JIRI JOSEPH LADISLAV, A.B. (Harvard College). (Harvard) 2000.
Uniform semiclassical approximations and their applications. [PDF: 936 KB] (Heller)

WIJNHOLT, MARTIJN PAUL, B.S. (University of Warwick) 1996.
Investigations in the physics of solitons in string theory. (Vafa)

ZABOW, GARY, B.S. (University of Cape Town) 1994.
Charged-particle optics for neutral particles. (Prentiss)

ZIELINSKI, LUKASZ JOZEF, B.S. (Stanford University) 1997.
Restriction and inhomogeneous magnetic fields in the nuclear magnetic resonance study of diffusion. (Halperin/Sen)

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ABRAHAM, MATHEW CHEERAN, B.S. (Haverford College) 1997 (Harvard University) 2000.
Hot Electron Transpoort and Current Sensing. (Westervelt)

BOWDEN, NATHANIEL SEAN, B.S., M.S. (University of Auckland) 1996.
Production of Cold Antihydrogen During the Positron Cooling of Antiprotons. (Gabrielse)

CHANG, SPENCER, B.S. (Stanford University) 1999. (Harvard) 2001.
Topics in Little Higgs Physics. [PDF: 467 KB] (Georgi)

DZHOSYUK, SERGEI N., B.S.(Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)1995.(Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)1997.
Magnetic trapping of neutrons for measurement of the neutron lifetime. (Doyle)

EGOROV, DMITRO MIKHAILOVICH, B.S. (Moscow Institute of Physics and
Technology) 1998.
Buffer-Gas Cooling of Diatomic Molecules. [PDF: ~4.1 MB] (Doyle)

FIETE, ILA RANI, B.S. (University of Michigan) 1997. (Harvard University) 2000.
Learning and coding in biological neural networks. (Fisher/Seung)

GARDEL, MARGARET LISE, B.A. (Brown University) 1998. (Harvard University) 2003.
Elasticity of F-actin Networks. (Weitz)

HSU, MING F., A.B. ( Princeton University) 1999.
Charged Colloidal Particles in Non-polar Solvents and Self-assembled Colloidal Model Systems. (Weitz)

KING, GAVIN MCLEAN, B.S. (Bates College) 1997 (Dartmouth college) 2001.
Probing the Longitudinal Resolution of a Solid State nanopore Microscope with Nanotubes. (Golovchenko)

MANLEY, SULIANA, B.A.(Rice University) 1997. (Harvard University) 2001.
Mechanical stability of fractal colloid gels. (Weitz)

MICHNIAK,JR.,ROBERT ALLEN, B.S. (University of Michigan) 1997. (Harvard University) 2001.
Enhanced Buffer Gas Loading: Cooling and Trapping of Atoms with Low Effective Magnetic Moments. (Doyle)

MODY, AREEZ MINOO, B.S. (Caltech) 1994.
Thermodynamics of ultracold singly charged particles. (Heller)

ODOM, BRIAN CARL, B.S. (Stanford University) 1995. (Harvard University) 1999.
Measurement of the Electron g-Factor in a Sub-Kelvin Cylindrical Cavity. (Gabrielse)

OXLEY, PAUL KEVIN, B.A. (Oxford University) 1994.
Production of Slow Antihydrogen from Cold Antimatter Plasmas. [PDF: ~5.9 MB](Gabrielse)

ROESER, CHRISTOPHER ALLAN DEWALD, B.A. (University of Chicago) 1998.
Ultrafast Dynamics and Optical Control of Coherent Phonons in Tellurium. (Mazur)

SHPYRKO, OLEG GRIGORY, B.S. (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) 1995.
Experimental X-Ray Studies of Liquid Surfaces. (Pershan)

SON, JOHN SANG WON, B.A. (Columbia University) 1996.
Superstring Theory in AdS_3 and Plane Waves. [PDF: ~450 KB](Minwalla)

ZELEVINSKY, TANYA, S.B. (MIT) 1999. (Harvard University) 2001.
Helium 2^3 P Fine Structure Measurement in a Discharge Cell. (Gabrielse)

ZUMBÜHL, DOMINIK MAX, Diploma, M.S. (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), 1998.
Coherence and Spin in GaAs Quantum Dots. [PDF: ~2.7 MB] (Marcus)

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ANDRÉ, AXEL PHILIPPE, M.S. (Imperial College) 1997. (HarvardUniversity) 1999.
Nonclassical States of Light and Atomic Ensembles: Generation and New Applications.(Lukin)

Local Gate Control in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Devices. (Marcus)

CHEN, HAOYU HENRY, (University Maryland) 1998. (Harvard University) 2000.
Surfaces in Solid Dynamics and Fluid Statics. [PDF: ~2.5 MB] (Brenner)

CONRAD, JACINTA CARMEL, S.B. (University of Chicago) 1999. ( Harvard University) 2002.
Mechanical Response and Dynamic Arrest in Colloidal Glasses and Gels. (Weitz)

DASGUPTA, BIVASH R., B.S.C. (Presidency College) 1995. (Indian Institute of Technology) 1997.
Microrheology and Dynamic Light Scattering Studies of Polymer Solutions. (Weitz)

HANCOX, CINDY IRENE, B.A. (University of California, Berkeley) 1997. ( Harvard University) 2002.
Magnetic trapping of transition-metal and rare-earth atoms using buffer-gas loading. (Doyle)

HOUCK, ANDREW A., B.S.E. (Princeton University) 2000.
Novel Techniques Towards Nuclear Spin Detection. (Marcus/Chuang)

LEE, HAK-HO, B.S. (Seoul National University) 1998.
Microelectronic/Microfluidic Hybrid System for the Manipulation of Biological Cells. (Westervelt).

NEITZKE, ANDREW M., A.B. (Princeton University) 1998.
Toward a Nonperturbative Topological String. (Vafa)

PODOLSKY, DANIEL, B.S. ( Stanford University) 1998. (Harvard University) 2000.
Interplay of Magnetism and Superconductivity in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems. (Demler)  

RAPPOCCIO, SALVATORE ROCCO, B.A. (Boston University ) 2000.
Measurement of the ttbar Production Cross Section in ppbar Collisions at sqrt (s) = 1.96 TeV. (Foland)

SPECK, ANDREW J., (Williams College) 2000. (Harvard) 2002.
Two Techniques Produce Slow Antihydrogen. [PDF: ~9.2 MB] (Gabrielse)

TEE, SHANG YOU, B.S. ( Columbia University) 1995. (Stevens Institute of Technology) 1997.
Velocity Fluctuations in Sedimentation and Fluidized Beds. (Weitz)

Holography and Related Topics in String Theory. [PDF: ~440 KB] (Strominger)

ZHU, CHENG, B.S. ( Tsinghua University) 1996. (Chinese Science and Technology University) 1997.
Gas phase atomic and molecular process. (Lukin/Dalgarno)

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BABICH, DANIEL MICHAEL, A.B. ( Princeton University) 2002. ( Harvard University) 2005.
Cosmological Non-Gaussianity and Reionization. (Loeb)

BARNETT, RYAN LEE, B.S. ( Ohio State University) 2000. ( Harvard University) 2002.
Studies of Strongly correlated Systems: From First Principles Computations to Effective Hamiltonians and Novel Quantum Phases. (Demler)

BOWLES, ANITA MARIE, B.S. ( University of Colorado) 1996. ( Harvard University) 1998.
Stress Evolution in Thin Films of a Polymer. (Weitz/Spaepen)

CHIJIOKE, AKOBUIJE DOUGLAS EZIANI, B.S.E. ( Duke University) 1996. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 1998.
Infrared absorption of compressed hydrogen deuteride and calibration of the ruby pressure gauge. [PDF: ~2.6 MB](Silvera)  

CYRIER, MICHELLE CHRISTINE, B.S. ( University of California , Berkeley) 2000.
Physics From Geometry: Non-Kahler Compactifications, Black Rings and dS/CFT. (Strominger)

DESAI, MICHAEL MANISH, B.A. ( Princeton University ) 1999. ( University of Cambridge ) 2000.
Evolution in Large Asexual Populations. (Murray/Fisher)

EISAMAN, MATTHEW D, A.B. (Princeton) 2000. (Harvard University) 2004.
Generation, Storage and Retrieval of Nonclassical States of Light Using Atomic Ensembles. [PDF: ~7 MB] (Lukin)

HOLLOWAY, AYANA TAMU, A.B. ( Princeton University) 1998.
The First Direct Limit on the t Quark Lifetime. ( Franklin)

HOWARD, ANDREW WILLIAM, S.B. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 1998. (Harvard University) 2001.
Astronomical Searches for Nanosecond Optical Pulses. (Horowitz)

HUANG, JIAN, BS (Jilin University, P.R.China)1998.
Theories of Imaging Electrons in Nanostructures. [PDF: ~8.4 MB] (Heller)

JONES, GREGORY CHAPMAN, B.S. (University of Missouri, Columbia) 2001.
Time-dependent solutions in gravity. (Strominger)

KILIC, CAN, B.S. ( Bogazici University) 2000.
Naturalness of Unknown Physics: Theoretical Models and Experimental Signatures. (Arkani-Hamed)  

 *LAKADAMYALI, MELIKE, B.S. ( University of Texas , Austin ) 2001.
Real-Time Imaging of Viral Infection and Intracellular Transport in Live Cells. (Zhuang)

MAHBUBANI, RAKHI, MSci (University of Bristol) 2000.
Beyond the Standard Model: The Pragmatic Approach to the Gauge Hierarchy Problem. [PDF: ~1.5 MB] (Arkani-Hamed)

MARSANO, JOSEPH DANIEL, B.S. (University of Michigan) 2001. (Harvard University) 2004.
The Phase Structure of Yang-Mills Theories and their Gravity Duals. (Minwalla)

NGUYEN, SCOTT VINH, B.S. (University of Texan, Austin) 2000.
Buffer gas loading and evaporative cooling in the multi-partial-wave regeime. (Doyle)  

PAPADODIMAS, KYRIAKOS, B.A. ( University of Athens ) 2000.
Phase Transitions in Large N Gauge Theories and String Theory Duals. (Minwalla)

PARROTT, ROBERT ELLIS, B.A. (Dartmouth College) 1997. (Dartmouth College) 1999.
Topics in Electron Dynamics in Moderate Magnetic Fields. (Heller)  

POTOK, RONALD MICHAEL, B.S. ( University of Texas Austin) 2000.
Probing Many Body Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures. (Goldhaber-Gordon/Marcus)

RUST, MICHAEL JOSEPH, B.S. ( Harvey Mudd College ).
Fluorescence Techniques for Single Virus Particle Tracking and Sub-Diffraction Limit Imaging. (Zhuang)

SAGE, JENNIFER NICOLE FUES, B.A. ( Washington University ) 1997. ( Harvard University ) 2000.
Measurements of Lateral Boron Diffusion in Silicon and Stress Effects on Epitaxial Growth. (Aziz/Kaxiras)

TAYLOR, JACOB MASON, A.B. ( Harvard College ) 2000.
Hyperfine Interactions and Quantum Information Processing in Quantum Dots. (Lukin)

THALER, JESSE KEMPNER, S.B. (Brown University). ( Harvard University) 2004.
Symmetry Breaking at the Energy Frontier. (Arkani-Hamed)

Brane Worlds and Deconstruction. (Randall)

VAISHNAV, JAY Y., B.S. (University of Maryland) 2000. ( Harvard University) 2002.
Topics in Low Energy Quantum Scattering Theory. [PDF:  ~3.8 MB] (Heller)

VITELLI, VINCENZO, B.S. (Imperial College) 2000.
Crystals , Liquid Crystals and Superfluid Helium on Curved Surfaces. (Nelson)  

WALKER, DEVIN GEORGE EDWARD, B.S. (Hampton University) 1998. ( Harvard University ) 2001.
Theories on the Origin of Mass and Dark Matter. (Arkani-Hamed)

WHITE, OLIVIA LAWRENCE, B.S. ( Stanford University ) 1997.
Towards Real Spin Glasses: Ground States and Dynamics. (Fisher)

YIN, XI, B.S. (University of Science and Technology of China) 2001.
Black Holes, Anti de Sitter Space, and Topological Strings. (Strominger)

YANG, LIANG, B.S. (Yale University) 1999. ( Harvard University) 2002.
Towards Precision Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime using Magnetically Trapped Neutrons. (Doyle)

YAVIN, ITAY, B. Sc. (York University, Ontario) 2002.
Spin Determination at the Large Hadron Collider. [PDF: ~662 KB] (Arkani-Hamed)

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CHILDRESS, LILIAN ISABEL, B.A. (Harvard College) 2001.
Coherent manipulation of single quantum systems in the solid state. (Lukin)

Biophysical Analysis of Thermostatic Behavior in C. elegans. (Samuel) 

ERNEBJERG, MORTEN, MPhys (University of Oxford) 2002.
Field Theory Methods in Two-Dimensional and Heterotic String Theories. (Strominger)

FARKAS, DANIEL MARTIN, B.S. (Yale University) 2000.
An Optical Reference and Frequency Comb for Improved Spectroscopy of Helium. (Gabrielse)

GINSBERG, NAOMI SHAUNA, B.A. (University of Toronto) 2000. (Harvard University) 2002.
Manipulations with spatially compressed slow light pulses in Bose-Einstein condensates. (Hau)

HOFFMAN, LAUREN K., B.S. (California Institute of Technology) 2002.
Orbital Dynamics in Galaxy Mergers. (Loeb)

Black Hole Attractors and Gauge Theories. (Strominger)

HUNT, THOMAS PETER, B.S. (Stanford University) 2000.
Integrated Circuit / Microfluidic Chips for Dielectric Manipulation. (Westervelt)

IMAMBEKOV, ADILET, B.S. (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) 2002.
Strongly Correlated Phenomena with Ultracold Atomic Gases. (Demler)

Topological String Theory from D-Brane Bound States. (Vafa)

JENKS, ROBERT A., B.A. (Williams College) 1998.
Mechanical and neural representations of tactile information in the awake behaving rat somatosensory system. (Stanley/Weitz)

LEBEDEV, ANDRE, B.S. (University of Virginia) 1999.
Ratio of Pion Kaon Production in Proton Carbon Interactions. (Feldman) 

LIU, JIAYU, B.S. (Nanjing University of China) 2002. (Harvard) 2004.
Microscopic origin of the elasticity of F-actin networks. (Weitz)

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Topics on Hadron Collider Physics. (Randall)

New Phenomena in Non-Equilibrium Quantum Physics. (Demler)

Microscopic Properties of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. (Halperin)

Dynamics of Charged Colloids in Nonpolar Solvents. (Weitz)

Discrete Differential Geometry and Physics of Elastic Curves. (Mahadevan)

Medford Spin Qubits in Double and Triple Quantum Dots. (Marcus/Yacoby)

Light Curves of Type Ia Supernovae and Preliminary Cosmological Constraints from the ESSENCE Survey. (Stubbs)

Properties of Unusually Luminous Supernovae. (Loeb)

Brane Constructions and BPS Spectra. (Vafa)

Optical Spectroscopy and Velocity Dispersions of SZ-selected Galaxy Clusters. (Stubbs)

Intermediate Band Properties of Femtosecond-Laser Hyperdoped Silicon. (Mazur)

Choe Modulated Nanowire Structures for Exploring New Nanoprocessor Architectures and Approaches to Biosensing. (Lieber/Cohen)

Chirality of Light and Its Interaction with Chiral Matter. (Cohen)

From Hopping to Ballistic Transport in Graphene-Based Electronic Devices. (Jarillo-Herrero/Yacoby)

Future Probes of Cosmology and the High-Redshift Universe. (Loeb)

Visualizing the Interplay of Structural and Electronic Disorders in High-Temperature Superconductors using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. (Hoffman)

Measurement of the Cross-Section for W Boson Production in Association With B-Jets in Proton-Proton Collisions at √S = 7 Tev at the LHC Using the ATLAS Detector. (Franklin)

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LinkInelastic collisions of atomic thorium and molecular thorium monoxide with cold helium-3. (Doyle)

Coherent Scattering in Two Dimensions: Graphene and Quantum Corrals. (Heller)

Higher Spin Holography. (Yin)

Quantum optics with atom-like systems in diamond. (Lukin)

Data-Driven Analysis of Mitotic Spindles. (Needleman/Kaxiras)

Nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic sensing using atomic defects in diamond. (Yacoby)

Elasticity of Compressed Emulsions. (Weitz)

LinkLow Dimensional Carbon Electronics. (Jarillo-Herrero/Yacoby)

LinkImproving the Limit on the Electron EDM: Data Acquisition and Systematics Studies in the ACME Experiment. (Gabrielse)

Dynamics in Biological Soft Materials. (Cohen)

Site-Resolved Imaging with the Fermi Gas Microscope. (Greiner)

A New Limit on the Electron Electric Dipole Moment. (Doyle)

Light-Shell Theory Foundations. (Georgi)

From Petrov-Einstein to Navier-Stokes. (Strominger)

Engineered Potentials and Dynamics of Ultracold Quantum Gases under the Microscope. (Greiner)

Coherent control of diamond defects for quantum information science and quantum sensing. (Lukin)

Aspects of Symmetry in de Sitter Space. (Strominger)

Distortions in Genealogies due to Purifying Selection. (Desai)

A Study of the Radial and Azimuthal Gas Distribution in Massive Galaxy Clusters. (Stubbs)

Properties of Dark Matter Halos and Novel Signatures of Baryons in Them. (Loeb)

Structure and Properties of Charged Colloidal Systems. (Weitz)

Diamond Platforms for Nanoscale Photonics and Metrology. (Lukin)

A Ten-Fold Improvement to the Limit of the Electron Electric Dipole Moment. (Gabrielse)

Topology, Localization, and Quantum Information in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Systems. (Lukin)

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Topological Insulators and Cuprate Superconductors. (Hoffman)

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Impurity Physics in Resonant X-Ray Scattering and Ultracold Atomic Gases. (Demler)

Theoretical Considerations for Experiments to Create and Detect Localised Majorana Modes in Electronic Systems. (Halperin/Yacoby)

Superconducting Proximity Effect in InAs Nanowires. (Marcus/Yacoby)

Exploring Black Hole Dynamics. (Randall)

Nanoscale Magnetic Materials for Energy-Efficient Spin Based Transistors. (Westervelt)

Factorization and Precision Calculations in Particle Physics. (Schwartz)

Terahertz Electrodynamics of Dirac Fermions in Graphene. (Hoffman)

Novel Trapping and Scattering of Light in Resonant Nanophotonic Structures. (Cohen)

Integrated nanoscale tools for interrogating living cells. (Park)

An Improved Antihydrogen Trap. (Gabrielse)

Nanoscale Sensing with Individual Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond. (Lukin)

Diffusion, Absorbing States, and Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Range Expansions and Evolution. (Nelson)

Selected Topics in Scattering Theory: From Chaos to Resonance. (Heller)

Self-Dual Strings of Six-Dimensional SCFTs. (Vafa)

Structural Color from Colloidal Glasses. (Manoharan)

Nonlinear Optical and Optoelectronic Studies of Topological Insulator Surfaces. (Hoffman)

Full-sky, High-resolution Maps of Interstellar Dust. (Finkbeiner)

A Search for the Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a Vector Boson Using the ATLAS Detector at the LHC. (Huth)

Pathogen Avoidance by Caenorhabditis Elegans is a Pheromone-Mediated Collective Behavior. (Levine)

Cooling, Collisions and non-Sticking of Polyatomic Molecules in a Cryogenic Buffer Gas Cell. (Doyle)

An Effective Theory on the Light Shell. (Georgi)

Self-Assembly of Plasmonic Nanoclusters for Optical Metafluids. (Manoharan)

Entanglement and Metrology with Singlet-Triplet Qubits. (Yacoby)

Measurement of the Mass and Width of the Higgs Boson in the H to ZZ to 4l Decay Channel Using Per-Event Response Information. (Guimaraes da Costa)

A Quantum Interface Between Single Atoms and Nanophotonic Structures. (Lukin)

Small Diatomic Alkali Molecules at Ultracold Temperatures. (Doyle)

Beam Characterization and Systematics of the Bicep2 and Keck Array Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Experiments. (Kovac)

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