About the Loeb and Lee Lectureships

The Morris Loeb Lectureship

The Morris Loeb Lectureship was established in 1953 by the Department of Physics under the terms of the bequest of Morris Loeb, A.B., 1883. Appointments of two kinds have been made as Morris Loeb Lecturer. One of these is a two-week short-term appointment. Under this appointment the lecturer presents a series of four lectures, most often on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, dealing with a research topic of the lecturer. The audience for these lectures is derived from graduate students, research groups, and academic faculties in physics in the Boston area. In addition, the lecturer usually presents a talk at the appropriate weekly Physics Department colloquium where the audience is less specialized. Occasionally a Loeb Lecturer will present a talk of wider interest beyond physics or even science.

The other form of appointment as Morris Loeb Lecturer is for a full academic term. Under such an appointment the Loeb Lecturer usually presents a course of lectures constituting one of the formal, catalogued, course offerings of the Physics Department for that term. He or she usually also presents some lectures on a special topic and participates in the research and teaching activities of the department.

The David M. Lee Historical Lectures in Physics

The Marvin and Annette Lee Fund was created in 2000 for the purpose of supporting a series of historical lectures at Harvard by distinguished outside speakers on topics of interest to the physics community, including undergraduates. These annual lectures are known as the David M. Lee Historical Lectures in Physics.

The Harvard community has enjoyed wide benefits from the visits of the Morris Loeb and David M. Lee Lecturers over the years. The lectures are advertised on special announcements distributed widely in the area when the schedules are firmly set. During his or her visit, the Loeb and Lee Lecturer also shares informally in activities of the department. The following are the Lecturers since the founding of the series.