George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics, Emeritus

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Gerald Gabrielse is the Leverett Professor of Physics at Harvard and a member of the NAS. His ideas and demonstrations launched and guide the low energy antiproton and antihydrogen physics being pursued by hundreds at a storage ring built for this purpose. His demonstration (with the TRAP collaboration he led) that the antiproton and proton have charge-to-mass ratios that are opposite to 9 parts in 1011 is the most stringent baryon test of the CPT symmetry that is intrinsic to the standard model of particle physics. His proposal to form and trap cold antihydrogen has been realize by the ATRAP team he leads and others. The electron magnetic moment that he measured to 3 parts in 1013 is the most precisely measured property of an elementary particle. This made possible the most precise confrontation of theory and experiment, with his measurement confirming what is the standard model's most precise prediction. His electron electric dipole measurement advanced the state of the art by a factor of 12, constraining proposed extensions to the standard model at the TeV energy scales being investigated at the LHC.

Gabrielse chaired the Harvard Physics Department and the DAMOP division of the APS. His many awards include both Harvard’s Levenson prize for exceptional teaching and its Ledlie prize for exceptional research. The APS awarded him both its Davisson-Germer Prize and its Lilienfeld Prize. Germany awarded the Humboldt Research Award and Italy the Tomassoni and Chisesi Prize. He is widely sought after for lectures on his physics research, for science lectures to high school students, teachers and the general public, and for lectures on science and religion. For the latter he received the Trotter Prize.

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