Philip Kim

Philip Kim

Professor of Physics and of Applied Physics
Philip Kim

Philip Kim is an experimental condensed matter physicist. The focus of Kim group’s research is the mesoscopic investigation of various physical phenomena in low dimensional and nanostructured materials. In a nanoscaled material, effectively reduced dimensionality of the electron system yields enhanced quantum effects and increased correlation effects due to the reduction of available phase space. The low dimensional materials the Kim group is working on include 2-dimensional mesoscopic crystals, 1-dimensional nanowires and nanotubes, and single organic and inorganic molecular crystals. The use of modern state-of-the-art device fabrication techniques and the development of novel material synthesis/manipulation methods are essential parts of our research. 

The current research topics are: quantum transport in graphene and its heterostructures; developing heterostructured van der Waals material interfaces; mesoscale investigation physics of correlated materials; and quantum engineered thermoelectric/ thermal transport.

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Faculty Assistant: Crystal Stillman

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