Morris Kahn Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Physics

Prof. Ni   Mallinckrodt 306G
12 Oxford St
Cambridge MA 02138
(617) 496-3199

 Research group

Kang-Kuen Ni works in the area of cold atoms and molecules. Modern techniques of laser cooling and trapping allow quantum control of all degrees of freedom of an atom (neutral and ionic species). Research in the Ni group focuses on applying and developing similar techniques for molecules, where the rich internal structure and the larger electric dipole moment opens new research opportunities for the study of ultra-cold chemical reactions, quantum phase transitions, and quantum information science.

Kang-Kuen joins Harvard as an assistant professor in 2013. She obtained her PhD in physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2009. Her doctoral dissertation, completed under the supervision of Prof. Deborah Jin and Prof. Jun Ye, describes the first experimental realization of an ultra-cold, near-quantum-degenerate gas of polar molecules. 

Selected Publications:

  • K.-K. Ni, R. Norte, D. J.Wilson, J. D. Hood, D. E. Chang, O. Painter, and H. J. Kimble, "Enhancement
    of Mechanical Q Factors by Optical Trapping," PRL 108(21):214302, 2012.
  • K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, D. Wang, G. Quéméner, B. Neyenhuis, M. H. G. de Miranda, J. L. Bohn, J. Ye,
    and D. S. Jin, "Dipolar collisions of polar molecules in the quantum regime," Nature 464:1324–1328, 2010.
  • S. Ospelkaus, K.-K. Ni , D. Wang, M. H. G. de Miranda, B. Neyenhuis, G. Quéméne, P. S. Julienne,
    J. L. Bohn, D. S. Jin, and J. Ye, "Quantum-State Controlled Chemical Reactions of Ultracold Potassium-
    Rubidium Molecules," Science 327:853, 2010.
  • S. Ospelkaus, K.-K. Ni , G. Qu´em´ener, B. Neyenhuis, D. Wang, M. H. G. de Miranda, J. L. Bohn,
    J. Ye, and D. S. Jin, "Controlling the Hyperfine State of Rovibronic Ground-State Polar Molecules,"
    PRL 104(3):030402, 2010.
  • K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, M. H. G. de Miranda, A. Pe’er, B. Neyenhuis, J. J. Zirbel, S. Kotochigova,
    P. S. Julienne, D. S. Jin, and J. Ye, "A High Phase-Space-Density Gas of Polar Molecules," Science
    322:231, 2008.