Harvard PhD Theses in Physics: 1971-2000

A.M. degree is listed after undergraduate degree. If no Harvard A.M. was awarded, only undergraduate degree is listed. No other postgraduate degree is listed if not from Harvard. Thesis advisor follows title.

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ALLEGRA, JOHN RAYMOND, B.S. (Stevens Inst./Tech.) 1964, (Harvard) 1965.
Ultrasonic Propagation in Emulsions and Suspensions. (Holton)

ANDREWS, HUGH ROBERT, B.S. (U. of New Brunswick) 1962, (Harvard) 1963.
Positron Asymmetry from Oriented58 Co. (Pipkin)

BROWN, ROBERT ALAN, A.B. (Princeton) 1965, (Harvard) 1968.
A Measurement of the Fine Structure in Hydrogen n < 4. (Pipkin)

CAVRAK, JR., STEPHEN JAMES, A.B. (U. Calif. - Berkely) 1964, (Harvard) 1965.
The Production of Atmospheric g Rays with Eg > 10 MeV. (Purcell)

CODE, RICHARD FRASER, B.S. (U. of Toronto) 1965, (Harvard) 1966.
Molecular Beam Magnetic Deflection and Resonance Experiments. (Ramsey)

DE RAAD, LESTER LEROY, B.A. (U. of Minnesota) 1963, (Harvard) 1964.
Some Aspects of Higher Order Source Theory. (Schwinger)

EISNER, ALAN MARK, A.B. (Harvard) 1964, (Harvard) 1965.
Angular Distributions in the Coincidence Electroproduction of Single Mesons. (Pipkin)

FABJAN, CHRISTIAN WOLFGANG, Dip. Ing. (Vienna Inst./Tech.) 1965.
Resonance Narrowed Lamb Shift Measurement in Hydrogen, n = 3. (Pipkin)

FANG, TA-MING, B.S. (Nat'l. Taiwan U.) 1964, (Harvard) 1966.
Wave Propagation in a Partially Ionized Gas. (Baum)

FELDMAN, GARY JAY, S.B. (U. of Chicago) 1964, (Harvard) 1965.
A Determination of the Pion Form Factor by Measurements of Single p+ Electroproduction. (Pipkin)

GALLAGHER, JR., THOMAS FRANCIS, B.A. (Williams) 1966, (Harvard) 1968.
The Hyperfine Spectrum of Lithium Chloride. (Ramsey)

GIBBONS, PATRICK CHANDLER, B.S. (Georgetown) 1965.
Differential Stark Shifts in a Multiple Region Hydrogen Maser. (Ramsey)

GOLLUB, JERRY PAUL, B.A. (Oberlin) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Diamagnetism Due to Fluctuations in Superconductors. (Tinkham)

HANSON, KENNETH MERRILL, B. Eng. Phys. (Cornell) 1963, (Harvard) 1967.
Quasi-Elastic Electron-Deutron Scattering. (Wilson)

HICKS, NANCY ELLEN, B.A. (Mt. St. Vincent) 1961, (Radcliffe) 1962.
Photoproduction Search for High-Mass Dipion Resonances. (Pipkin)

HILBORN, ROBERT CLARENCE, B.A. (Lehigh) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
The Hyperfine Structure of Lithium Bromide by Molecular Beam Electric Resonance. (Ramsey)

LADD, LARRY ALLEN, B.A. (Reed) 1962, (Harvard) 1964.
Electrical and Optical Properties of High-Quality Crystalline V2O2 Near the Semiconductor - Metal Transition Temperature. (Paul)

LARSON, DANIEL JOHN, B.A. (St. Olaf) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Measurements of Atomic Magnetic Moment Ratios of the Hydrogen Isotopes. (Ramsey)

LIEBERMANN LEVIN, KATHRYN JOANN, B.A. (U. of California) 1966, (Harvard) 1971.
Topics in Transport and Electronic Properties of Alloys. (Ehrenreich)

LITT, LAWRENCE, A.B. (Columbia) 1963, (Harvard) 1964.
p+ Electroproduction Along the Virtual Photon at Fixed k2. (Pipkin)

LOWDERMILK, WARREN HOWARD, B.S. (Case Inst./ Tech.) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Stimulated Light Scattering in Binery Gas Mixtures. (Bloembergen)

MAC ADAM, KEITH BRADFORD, B.A. (Swarthmore) 1965, (Harvard) 1967.
The Anisotropy of the Electric Polarizability of H2 and D2. (Ramsey)

MILTON, KIMBALL ALAN, B.S. (U. of Washington) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
Unitary and Vertex Functions: Some Analysis in Source Theory. (Schwinger)

MOORE, FERGUS ETHAN, B.A. (U. of Colorado) 1963, (Harvard) 1966.
Dynamic Nuclear Orientation of 76As and 122Sb. (Pipkin)

PETERSEN, DANIEL CARL, B.A. (St. Olaf) 1964, (Harvard) 1966.
Small Angle Proton Compton Scattering at 2.5 to 4.3 GeV. (Brenner)

PRICE, LAWRENCE EDWARD, B.A. (Pomona) 1965, (Harvard) 1966.
Elastic Electron Proton Scattering at Backward Angles. (Wilson)

SCHWARTZ, LAWRENCE MURRAY, B.S. (City Coll./ New York) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Electronic Structure in Disordered Systems. (Ehrenreich)

STEPHENS, TIMOTHY LEE, B.S. (Calif. Inst./ Tech.) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Quantum Mechanical Studies of Molecular Hydrogen. (Dalgarno)

THEBAUD, LAWRENCE ROBERT, B.S. (U. of Illinois) 1965, (Harvard) 1966.
A Modified Algebra of Currents in Broken Chiral Symmetry. (Coleman)

TSAI, WU-YANG, B.S. (Nat'l. Taiwan U.) 1965, (Harvard) 1967.
Some Aspects in Source Theory and Higher Spin Theory. (Coleman)

WALLACE, JON MARQUES, A.B. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1966, (Harvard) 1969.
High Energy Scattering of Hadrons by Bound Nucleons. (Glauber)

WINELAND, DAVID JEFFREY, A.B. (U. Calif. - Berkely) 1965, (Harvard) 1966.
The Atomic Deuterium Maser. (Ramsey)

WORCESTER, DAVID LEE, A.B. (Harvard) 1966.
Proton Compton Scattering at High Energies and Small Momentum Transfer. (Pipkin)

WU, SAU-LAN, A.B. (Vassar) 1963, (Harvard) 1965.
Proton Compton Scattering at High Energies Near the Forward Direction. (Strauch)

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CANIZARES, CLAUDE ROGER, A.B. (Harvard) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
A Measurement of Charged Pion Electroproduction from Hydrogen and Deuterium. (Pipkin)

CECCHI, JOSEPH LEONARD, A.B. (Knox) 1968, (Harvard) 1969.
The Molecular Zeeman Spectrum of Lithium Bromide. (Ramsey)

COHEN, ERI JAY, B.S. (Brooklyn) 1965, (Harvard) 1967.
Beta- and Gamma-Ray Asymmetry from Oriented 122Sb and 124Sb. (Pipkin)

DIMOCK, JONATHAN DOUGLAS, B.A. (Dartmouth) 1966.
Topics in the Yukawa2 Field Theory. (Jaffe)

FELDMAN, BERNARD JOSEPH, B.A. (U. of California) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
Electrical and Optical Properties of High Purity Semiconducting CdF2. (Pershan)

GLADDING, GARY EARLE, B.S. (U. of Illinois) 1965, (Harvard) 1968.
A Search for Neutral Mesons Using a Tagged Photon Beam and the Missing Mass Technique. (M. Tannenbaum/Strauch)

HIVELY, RAY MICHAEL, B.S. (U. of Oklahoma) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Cosmology of a Cold Universe. (Layzer)

KELLY, HENRY CHARLES, B.A. (Cornell) 1967, (Harvard) 1969.
Photon Correlation Spectroscopy. (Holton)

LEVINE, RANDOLPH HERBERT, A.B. (U. of California) 1968, (Harvard) 1969.
Heating of the Corona by Magnetic Acceleration of Thermal Particles. (Layzer)

LOCKERETZ, WILLIAM PAUL, B.S. (City Coll./ New York) 1963, (Harvard) 1964.
Coincidence Measurement of Inelastic Electroproduction in the Background Direction. (Pipkin)

MONTANA, VICTOR GARY BUSCEMI, B.S. (PolyTech.Inst./Brooklyn) 1964, (Harvard) 1965.
A Coincidence Measurement of Backward po Electroproduction. (Pipkin)

ROSENZWEIG, CARL, B.S. (PolyTech.Inst./Brooklyn) 1967.
Excited Vertices in Dual Resonance Models. (S. Fubine/Glashow)

SALZBERG, BRIAN MATHEW, B.S. (Yale) 1963, (Harvard) 1965.
The Reaction p p → p p+ p p at 13 and 20 GeV/c. (Strauch)

SIGGIA, ERIC DEAN, A.B. (Harvard) 1971, (Harvard) 1971.
Theory of Hydrodynamic Turbulence. (Martin)

Nuclear Magnetism of Solid Hydrogen at Low Temperatures. (Pound)

THOMSON, GORDON BENNETT, B.S. (Ill. Inst. Tech.) 1965, (Harvard) 1968.
A Study of Reactions g + P → P + anything and g + P → p+ + anything. (Pipkin)

TUCKER, JOHN ROBINSON, B.S. (Calif. Inst./ Tech.) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
The Resistive Transition in One-Dimensional Superconductors. (Martin)

WARBURTON, WILLIAM KURTZ, B. Eng. P. (Cornell) 1964, (Harvard) 1965.
Diffusion by Interstitial-Vacancy Pairs and the Diffusivity of Mercury in Lead and Tin. (Turnbull)

WEARN, JR., RICHARD BENJAMIN, A.B. (Dartmouth) 1964, (Harvard) 1965.
Proton Compton Scattering Near the Forward Direction at 2.5 - 4.3 GeV. (Strauch)

WEISS, JEFFREY MARTIN, A.B. (Princeton) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Photoproduction of ro and w Mesons by 2.9 - 4.7 GeV Tagged Photons. (Strauch)

YAO, ANDREW CHI-CHIH, B.S. (Nat'l. Taiwan U.) 1967, (Harvard) 1969.
Internal Symmetries and Positivity. (Glashow)

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CHENG, JULIAN CHU-JEN, B.S. (M.I.T.) 1967, (Harvard) 1969.
Pretransitional Phenomena in the Isotropic Phase of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals. (Meyer)

CHODROW, DON, B.S. (City Coll./ New York) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Applications of Source Theory to Chiral Dynamics and the Electrodynmics of Vector Mesons. (Ivanetich)

FREEMAN, RICHARD REILING, B.S. (U. of Washington) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
The Hyperfine Spectrum of LiH and Molecular Zeeman Spectrum of LiH and LiC1. (Ramsey)

GOLDMAN, TERRENCE JACK, B.S. (U. of Manitoba) 1968, (Harvard) 1969.
Renormalization and Higher Order Effects in Spontaneously Broken Gauge Theories. (Appelquist)

HAYES, CECIL EDWARD, B. Eng. Phys. (Cornell) 1964, (Harvard) 1967.
Studies of Nuclear Magnetism in Zinc Chalcogenides. (Pound)

HOLT, RICHARD ARNOLD, B.A. (Harvard) 1964, (Harvard) 1966.
Atomic Cascade Experiments. (Pipkin)

JOHNSON, JR., WALTER HUDSON, B.A. (Rice) 1965, (Harvard) 1967.
Inelastic Processes in K-p Interactions from 0 to 300 MeV/c. (Strauch)

KHOSLA, ASHOK, B.S. (Cambridge U.) 1961, (Harvard) 1968.
Molecular Beam Magnetic Resonance Experiments with Jet Sources. (Ramsey)

MADARAS, RONALD JOHN, B.Eng.Phys. (Cornell) 1965.
A Measurement of e+ + e- → e+ + e- at Ecm = 4 GeV. (Wilson)

MCBRYAN, OLIVER ANDREW, B.S. (University College) 1966.
Vector Currents in the Yukawa2 Model. (Jaffe)

NICOLI, DAVID FRANK, S.B. (M.I.T.) 1966, (Harvard) 1967.
Far Infrared Laser Spectroscopy of Spin-Clusters in the Linear Ising System CoCl2 - 2H2O. (Tinkham)

PHARES, ALAIN JOSEPH, B.S. (Harvard) 1964, (Harvard) 1968.
Schwinger's Modified Propagation Function and Restrictions on the 3- and 4-Point Vertex Functions. (Schwinger)

WEINBERG, ERICK JAMES, B.S. (Manhattan) 1968, (Harvard) 1969.
Radiative Corrections as the Origin of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking. (Coleman)

YILDIZ, ASIM, Dip.Ing. (Istanbul Tech. Inst.) 1958.
Charged Particles in an External Electromagnetic Field. (Schwinger)

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BUTLER, JAMES PRESTON, B.A. (Pomona) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
Oxygen Transport in the Human Lung. (Coleman)

CARLSTEN, JOHN LENNART, B.S. (U. of Minnesota) 1969, (Harvard) 1971.
Measurement of the Photoionization Cross-Section from the Laser-Populated 3D Metastable Levels in Barium. (Pipkin)

ECKART, MARK JOSEPH, A.B. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1969.
The Shape of the Sodium D Lines in a High Temperature Helium Atomosphere. (Pipkin)

EDELSTEIN, WILLIAM ALAN, B.S. (U. of Illinois) 1965, (Harvard) 1967.
Time-Dependent Directional Correlation in 199mHg. (Pound)

FELDMAN, JOEL SHALOM, B.S. (U. of Toronto) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
The lf43 Field Theory in a Finite Volume. (Jaffe)

GELATT, JR., CHARLES DANIEL, B.A. (U. of Wisconsin) 1969.
Aspects of Theoretical Metal Physics. (Ehrenreich)

GITTLESON, HOWARD MARTIN, B.S. (McGill) 1967, (Harvard) 1969.
Search For an Excited Muon. (Wilson)

GRINSTEIN, GEOFFREY MARK, B.S. (McGill) 1970, (Harvard) 1974.
Magnetic Phase Transitions in Alloys: a Renormalization Group Approach. (Luther)

HOWELL, JOHN ARTHUR, A.B. (Harvard) 1966, (Harvard) 1970.
Scanning X-Ray Microscopy Using Synchrotion Radiation. (Horowitz)

JACOBSON, ABRAM ROBERT, B.A. (Amherst) 1970.
Radiofrequency Spectra of Lithium7 Iodide, Lithium7 Bromide79, Lithium7 Chloride35. (Larson)

KLEMM, RICHARD ANDREW, B.S. (Stanford) 1969, (Harvard) 1972.
Theory of Layered Superconductors. (Luther)

MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN BASIL, B.S. (M.I.T.) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
The Transition to Turbulence in a Statically Stressed Fluid System. (Martin)

MURTAGH, MICHAEL JOHN, B.S. (St. Patrick College) 1965.
Hadron Angular Distributions in Inelastic Muon-Proton Scattering. (Wilson)

NG, YEE JACK, A.B. (U. of California) 1968, (Harvard) 1969.
Electron-Electron Scattering and Hyperfine Structure of Positranium. (Schwinger)

POLITZER, HUGH DAVID, B.S. (U. of Michigan) 1969, (Harvard) 1971.
Asymptotic Freedom: An Approach to Strong Interactions. (Coleman)

REINHARDT, VICTOR STANLEY, B.A. (New York U.) 1967, (Harvard) 1969.
The Flexible Bulb Large-Storage Box Hydrogen Maser. (Ramsey)

SKOCPOL, WILLIAM JOHN, B.A. (Michigan State U.) 1968, (Harvard) 1971.
Electrical Behavior of Superconducting Microbridges. (Tinkham)

TAI, PATRICK C. L., A.B. (Brandeis) 1967, (Harvard) 1969.
The Anisotropy in the Penetration Depth in Superconducting Tin. (Tinkham)

WILSON, WARREN JOHN, A.B. (Princeton) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
Topics in Deep-Inelastic Weak Interactions. (Glashow)

YAMANI, HASHIM A., A.B. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1969, (Harvard) 1971.
L2-Approach to Quantum Scattering Theory. (Reinhardt)

YUNG, YUK LING, B.S. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1969.
Aeronomy of Io's Atmosphere. (McElroy)

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BIENIEK, RONALD JAMES, B.S. (U. California) 1970, (Harvard) 1973.
Theoretical Studies of Thermal Atomic Collisions Involving Electronic Transitions. (Dalgarno)

BORENSTEIN, JEFFREY MARK, A.B. (Harvard) 1968, (Harvard) 1970.
Topics in Hadron Physics. (Appelquist)

CALLERAME, JOSEPH ANTHONY, A.B. (Columbia) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
Total Cross Section of Slow Neutrons on Parahydrogen and Orthodeuterium. (Larson)

CARAZZONE, JAMES JOSEPH, B.S. (Stevens Inst./Tech.) 1969, (Harvard) 1970.
Aspects of Infrared Behavior in Yang-Mills Field Theory. (Appelquist)

COHEN, CARL MARTIN, B.A. (Boston U.) 1968, (Harvard) 1971.
Calcium Binding by the Human Erythrocyte Membrane. (Solomon)

COOPER, WILLIAM EDWARD, B.A. (Oberlin) 1964, (Harvard) 1966.
Electroproduction of p+ Do(1236) from Hydrogen. (Pipkin)

EILBERT, RICHARD FRANKLIN, B.S. (City U./ New York) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
Bone Calcium Determination in Vivo by Proton Activation Analysis. (Wilson)

FLIERL, GLENN RICHARD, A.B. (Oberlin) 1970.
Gulf-tream Meandering, Ring Formation and Ring Propagation. (Robinson)

GILDENER, ELDAD, A.B. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1967, (Harvard) 1970.
Radiatively Induced Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking for Asymptotically Free Gauge Theories. (Coleman)

HARRINGTON, BARRY JAMES, B.S. (Providence) 1970, (Harvard) 1973.
Temperature and Field Effects on Spontaneus Symmetry Breaking. (Martin)

HERZLINGER, MARTIN STEPHEN, B.S. (Stevens Inst./ Tech.) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
A Measurement of Inclusive Electro-Production of Hadrons from Hydrogen and Deuterium. (Pipkin)

HIRSCH, JOHN MICHELE, B.S. (M.I.T.) 1969, (Harvard) 1972.
The Measurement of the g-Factor and Hyperfine Structure of Atomic Nitrogen. (Ramsey)

JOHNSON, DAVID WAYNE, B.A. (St. Olaf) 1970.
High Resolution RF Spectra of HBr and DCl. (Ramsey)

KRAMER, PETER BART, B.S. (M.I.T.) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
Measurement of the Fine Structure in Helium 33P. (Pipkin)

LUNDEEN, STEPHEN ROLF, B.S. (Trinity) 1969, (Harvard) 1970.
Separated Oscillatory Field Measurement of the Lambshift in H,n=2. (Pipkin)

MITCHELL, RALPH MARTIN, B.S. (Stanford) 1967, (Harvard) 1968.
The Application of Probabilistic Techniques to the Study of Some Aspects of Conformational Transitions in Large Molecules. (Hawley)

OZKAYNAK, HALÛK AHMET, B.S. (Middle East Tech. U.) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
Euclidean Fields for Arbitrary Spin Particles. (Jaffe)

PROBER, DANIEL ETHAN, A.B. (Brandeis) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
Magnetic Properties of Superconducting Layered Compounds. (Tinkham)

ROSE, HARVEY ARNOLD, B.S. (City Coll./ New York) 1968, (Harvard) 1969.
Aspects of the Statistical Dynamics of Classical Systems. (Martin)

TILLEY, JAMES ARTHUR, B.S. (McGill) 1971, (Harvard) 1972.
The Effects of Spin-Orbit Interactions in Itinerant Ferromagnets. (Luther)

WEISS, JACQUELYN ANN, A.B. (Brandeis) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
Electron Theory of Transition Metal Hydrides. (Ehrenreich)

WEISS, JOEL ALEXANDER, B.E.S. (Johns Hopkins) 1969, (Harvard) 1970.
Infrared Laser Studies of Parametric Oscillation in CdSe and of Dispersion in the Nonlinear Susceptibility in Zinc-Blende Crystals. (Bloembergen)

WHITMARSH, CLIFFORD JOHN, A.B. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1968, (Harvard) 1969.
Excitation Energy Transfer in Photosynthesis. (Levine)

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ALBERI, JAMES LOUIS, Sc.B. (Brown) 1966, (Harvard) 1968.
Parity Violation in Neutron Capture Gamma Rays in 113Cd(h,g)114Cd. (Wilson)

BEBEK, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, B.A. (Pomona) 1971, (Harvard) 1976.
Electroproduction of Hadrons at Large Q2 and Small e. (Pipkin)

BERNARD, CLAUDE WILLIAM, A.B. (Harvard), 1972, (Harvard), 1973.
Functional Integral Techniques in Quantum Field Theory. (Weinberg)

BURNAP, CHARLES ALAN, B.S. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
The Particle Structure of Boson Quantum Field Theory Models. (Jaffe)

COWIE, LENNOX LAUCHLAN, B.S. (U. of Edinburgh) 1970.
The Role of Cloud Evaporation in Interstellar Gas Dynamics. (Martin)

COX, PAUL HARVEY, B.S. (U. of Illinois) 1967, (Harvard) 1969.
Vertex Functions in Quantum Electrodynamics: Source Models and Infra-red Problems. (Weinberg)

GRIESINGER, DAVID HADLEY, A.B. (Harvard) 1966, (Harvard) 1971.
Mössbauer Effect in Zinc 67. (Pound)

HEYDA, DONALD WILLIAM, B.S. (U. of Illinois) 1968, (Harvard) 1970.
The K-p Interaction from 200 MeV/c to 380 MeV/c. (Law)

HOLMES, STEPHEN DOCKLER, B.S. (Duke) 1972, (Harvard) 1974.
Electro-Production of Hadrons with Large Transverse Momenta. (Pipkin)

JEENICKE, EDMOND, DipEE (E.T.H. Zurich) 1963,
Search for Weak Interactions in Low-Energy Neutron-Proton Scattering. (Wilson)

KRAMER, STEVEN DAVID, A.B. (Cornell) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy of the Z3 Exiton in CuCl. (Bloembergen)

LOSECCO, JOHN M., B.S. (Cooper Union) 1972, (Harvard) 1973.
Topics in Weak Interaction Phenomenology. (Weinberg)

PARK, SOO-YONG, B.S. (Seoul National U.) 1967, (Harvard) 1976.
Heavy Particles in e+e- Annihilation. (Glashow)

PORDES, STEPHEN HENRY, B.A. (Balliol Coll., Oxford) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
Inelastic Muon-Scattering from Hydrogen 147 GeV/c. (Wilson)

ROIG, RANDY ALLEN, B.S. (U. of Maryland) 1971, (Harvard) 1972.
The Photoionization Spectra of Al I, B I, and Ba II. (Purcell)

ROSNER, ROBERT, B.A. (Brandeis) 1969.
Some Aspects of Magnetic Field Dynamics in Astrophysical Plasmas. (Layzer)

VETTERLING, WILLIAM THOMAS, B.A. (Amherst) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
Techniques for Improved Gravitational Red-Shift Measurements. (Pound)

VINEGAR, HAROLD J., B.A. (Columbia) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
Nuclear Magnetism of Hydrogen and Methane at Low Temperatures. (Pound)

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CELMASTER, WILLIAM NOÉ, B.S. (U. British Columbia) 1971, (Harvard) 1972.
Quarkbound States in a Color-Confined Theory. (Weinberg)

CLARK, BRIAN OLIVER, B.S. (Ohio State ) 1970, (Harvard) 1971.
Double Quantum Measurement of the 32S1/2-32D5/2 Interval in Hydrogen. (Pipkin)

ECONOMOU, NICHOLAS PHILIP, A.B. (Dartmouth) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
Measurement of a Diamagnetic Shift in Atomic Hyperfine Structure. (Larson)

GOLD, GEOFFREY HARLAN, B.S. (Ohio State U.) 1971, (Harvard) 1973.
The Electrical Basis of Photoreceptor Coupling in the Toad Retina. (Purcell)

GREENE, GEOFFREY LLOYD, B.A. (Swarthmore) 1971, (Harvard) 1974.
A Measurement of the Magnetic Moment of the Neutron. (Ramsey)

POLLAK, GREGORY DANIEL, B.S. (Pennsylvania State U.) 1971.
Aspects of the Asymptotic Structure of Yang-Mills Field Theories. (Quinn)

SALOUR, MICHAEL M., B.S. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1971, (Harvard) 1973.
Ultra-High Resolution Two Photon Spectroscopy in Atomic and Molecular Vapors. (Bloembergen)

SCHELL SOROKIN, ANITA JANE, B.A. (U. Calif. - Santa Barbara) 1969.
Linear and Second Harmonic Conical Refraction. (Bloembergen)

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COHEN, LARRY ARCHER, B.S. (Yale) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
Signs of Rotational g-Factors. (Ramsey)

FABRICANT, DANIEL GRENCI, B.S. (M.I.T.) 1974, (Harvard) 1978.
Soft X-Ray Studies of the Coma Perseus and Virgo Clusters of Galaxies with an Imaging Telescope. (Pound)

FARHI, EDWARD HENRY, A.B. (Brandeis) 1973.
Calculations in Quark Models. (Georgi)

GORDON, BRUCE ARMSTRONG, B.S. (M.I.T.) 1972, (Harvard) 1974.
Deep Inelastic Muon-Proton Scattering. (Wilson)

JESSOP, PAUL EDWARD, B.S. (U. of Waterloo) 1973, (Harvard) 1975.
Lifetime of the 5d6p F3 Level of Barium. (Pipkin/Lundeen)

KOZANECKI, WITOLD, A.M. (Harvard) 1975.
Observation of Elastic Neutrino-Proton Scattering. (Rubbia)

MARCUS, MATTHEW ARNOLD, B.S. (U. of New York) 1972.
Characterization and Properties of Rapidly-Quenched Pd-Si-Sb Alloys. (Turnbull)

MURCRAY, FRANK JAMES, B.S. (U. of Denver) 1972, (Harvard) 1973.
Observation of Io's Sodium Cloud. (Goody)

PELCOVITS, ROBERT ALAN, B.A. (U. of Pennsylvania) 1974.
Phase Transitions in Two-Dimensional Systems and Disordered Magnets. (Halperin)

PENNYPACKER, CARLTON REESE, B.A. (U. Calif. - Berkeley) 1972, (Harvard) 1974.
Infrared Studies of Pulsars. (Papaliolios)

STEINHARDT, PAUL JOSEPH, B.S. (Calif. Inst./ Tech.) 1974, (Harvard) 1975.
Lattice Theory of SU(N) Flavor Quantum Electrodynamics in (1+1)-Dimensions. (Coleman)

STRAIT, JAMES BENJAMIN, B.S. (U. of Wisconsin) 1973, (Harvard) 1975.
Antineutrino-Proton Elastic Scattering. (Rubbia)

STUART, JAMES GILKYSON, A.B. (Princeton) 1970, (Harvard) 1972.
Stark Shift in the Hydrogen Maser. (Larson)

WAGNER, ROBERT LUCAS. B.S. (Eastern Michigan U.) 1972.
A Measurement of the Inclusive Electroproduction of Lambda Hyperons. (Pipkin)

WASSERMAN, IRA M., S.B. (M.I.T.) 1974.
Cosmic Turbulance, Magnetic Fields and the Formation of Galaxies. (Field)

WEITZ, DAVID ALLAN, B.S. (U. of Waterloo) 1973), (Harvard) 1975.
A Far-Infrared Laser Study of Josephson Point Contacts. (Tinkham)

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AFFLECK, IAN KEITH, B.S. (Trent University) 1975, (Harvard) 1976.
Some Results on Vacuum Decay. (Coleman)

ALVAREZ, ORLANDO, A.B. (Princeton) 1974, (Harvard) 1975.
Conformal Invariance in Quantum Field Theory. (Weinberg)

BICERANO, JOZEF, B.A. (Northwestern) 1974.
Theoretical Studies of Molecular Electronic Structure with Particular Emphasis on Boron Hydrides. (Lipscomb)

BLUMBERG, WILLIAM ALLAN MITCHELL, A.B. (Harvard) 1968, (Harvard) 1973.
Laser Photodetachment Spectroscopy of Negative Ions in a Magnetic Field. (Larson)

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