Gary J. Feldman

Gary J. Feldman

Frank B. Baird, Jr., Research Professor of Science
Gary Feldman

Gary Feldman's research interests are in the experimental study of neutrino oscillations. Currently his group is working on the MINOS Experiment at Fermilab. MINOS is a two-detector experiment, which compares the signals observed in a near detector on the Fermilab site with those observed in a far detector in the lowest level of the Sudan mine in northern Minnesota. The goal of the experiment is to verify the results seen in the observation of atmospheric neutrinos and to make more precise measurements of the oscillation parameters.

The Harvard group designed and, in collaboration with Oxford University, built the front-end electronics for the MINOS far detector. Its main analysis interest is in the detection and study of the rare process of a muon-type neutrino oscillating into an electron-type neutrino. The detection of this process is the key to the future studies of the mass-ordering of neutrino states and CP violation in the leptonic sector.

The study of muon-type to electron-type neutrino oscillations will be furthered by the construction of the 30 kT NOvA detector in northern Minnesota. Professor Feldman is the co-spokesperson of the NOvA Experiment.

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