Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics

Prof. Heller   Mallinckrodt M-107
12 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 496-7537

 Research Group

Administrative Assistant: Roel Torres
Mallinckrodt 108 • (617) 495-8733 • rtorres@chemistry.harvard.edu

Eric Heller's research group focuses on few body quantum mechanics, scattering theory and quantum chaos. Recurrent but not universal themes are semiclassical approximations, classical nonlinear dynamics and time-dependent quantum mechanics. Recent progress in semiclassical methods has allowed a wide range of new quantum problems to be understood in terms of classical mechanics, greatly aiding physical insight. At the other end of the spectrum, the extreme quantum limit (e.g. ultracold collisions) have come to the forefront and are also group interests.

Current investigations include condensed matter light scattering and absorption including graphene and related reduced dimensionality systems, band structure theory, Born-Oppenheimer theory and corrections for solids, localization theory of eigenstates, semiclassical theory of tunneling and diffraction, semiclassical approaches to many body systems, ocean wave physics, and quantum correspondence to classical chaos (scars, spectra, wavefunctions, dynamics).

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