Paul Horowitz

Paul Horowitz

Professor of Physics and of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus
Paul Horowitz

Since transitioning to emeritus status in 2012, I've been devoting most of my effort to completion of the 3rd edition of our weighty tome The Art of Electronics (Cambridge University Press, co-author Winfield Hill) and its follow-ons. 2015 saw its publication, and it has now sold some 100 tons of legitimate hardcover copies, plus many impressive counterfeits. We're now hard at work on its advanced-topic sequel.

In the research arena, following on our group's microwave and optical SETIs at Oak Ridge Observatory, we are building a new and mighty all-sky optical SETI with colleagues at UCSD and UCB; it exploits the new technology of silicon photomultipliers, mounting some 200 thousand of them behind a few hundred Fresnel lenses, at a pair of widely separated domes in California.

My laboratory home is in the Electronic Instrument Design Lab, which enjoys excellent health and high activity nearly two decades after its founding. In addition to devising new circuits at my corner bench, I kibitz with students and faculty on their circuit problems; I think of it as "Electronics RAGU" (research and generally useful).

I've continued my involvement with technical aspects of national security. And finally, after too many patent cases, I've sworn off forever involvement in "intellectual property" litigations.

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